Is Foxtel Go Free

Foxtel is one of the biggest names in Australian TV. To keep customers happy, they have both the regular Foxtel plans and the Foxtel Now standalone service, where you can watch Foxtel to go and access many available channels.

Now, there is another addition in the form of Foxtel Go. Both Foxtel and Foxtel Now subscribers can access the Foxtel Go app at no extra charge; this offers another convenient way to watch Foxtel on the Go.

It allows families to login using up to 5 devices, yet you can only stream to two of these at once.

The Foxtel Go app allows you to access anything from live sports, exciting drama, and something special for the kids. Whatever you can access with your Foxtel account, you can access using the Foxtel Go app.

Here you can learn more about the app; and how you can access it before and after the free trial.

Foxtel Go

How Much is Foxtel Go Per Month?

Foxtel and Foxtel Now come with different monthly subscriptions. Foxtel Now being the cheaper alternative.

You may find the cheapest Foxtel plan at around $55 AUD per month for Foxtel Plus & Netflix. If you want sports, then you are looking at approximately $59 AUD per month.

Foxtel Now, which is the standalone streaming platform, comes in much cheaper at $25 per month for the entry pack.

With this comes a 10-day free trial, which includes all the packs. After the free trial, then you only pay for the packages you select. You will also find you can watch the countless channels on more devices such as Apple TV.

Foxtel Go is free to use for existing Foxtel and Foxtel Now, customers. New customers will find, there is no standalone Foxtel Go, and all you can use it for is to access any content you currently see from your existing plan.

Is Foxtel Go the Same as Foxtel Now?

If you want to check out the difference between the two services, they are very similar, but there are a few differences between them.

Foxtel Go:

You can stream live sports and TV shows from your current subscription. In addition, you also get access to a range of shows, movies, and sport, which you wish to watch anywhere and at any time. Foxtel Go is included as part of your Foxtel subscription.

Foxtel Go lets users carry on watching where they left off automatically. It does, however, need the same Foxtel ID or log in details you used to do this.

Foxtel Go also knows when to switch to low data mode when you change, and there is no Wi-Fi available, and you begin using data.

Foxtel Now:

You can stream over the internet to a compatible device. It allows you to watch live or stream any content from your package. Foxtel Now is a standalone service and lets you watch Foxtel on laptop or take part in Foxtel streaming to any compatible device.

Both deliver HD, on-demand, Foxtel live TV. You can register 5 devices, and stream to 2 at once.
Both run on iOS, Android, and Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. One big difference is Foxtel Go on TV does not run, such as on Smart TV, game consoles Telstra TV and Foxtel Now boxes.

If you check the small print, you will find they require the internet & compatible device. Besides this, data charges may apply depending on the source of your internet connection.

Can You Get Foxtel Go By Itself?

No, it is not possible to get the Foxtel Go app as a standalone offering. You’ll need a subscription to either of the other services, be it Foxtel, or Foxtel Now.

With this, it means new customers cannot obtain a Foxtel ID unless they take out one of the more expensive subscriptions.

How Do I Get Foxtel Go?

If you subscribe to the appropriate Foxtel packages, you can get Foxtel Go by the following:

Head to the App Store if you have an Apple device or the Play Store if you have an Android device.

If you are using either Chrome or Safari on a PC or Mac, you can head to

Users with Foxtel TV subscriptions, you can log into Foxtel Go using your Foxtel login ID.

Users with Foxtel Now subscriptions, you can log into Foxtel Go using your Foxtel app username and your password as your Foxtel ID.

Watching Foxtel Go Outside Australia

One of the most asked questions regarding Foxtel Go is the possibility to watch overseas. Because there is no equipment, and it is all data across the internet, then it ought to be possible.

Unfortunately, if you check the Foxtel webpage, they state you are not supposed to use a VPN to access the content because they cannot check if there are any rights to view the movies or TV shows overseas.

Although they do state this, there is no way they can check if you are using a premium VPN to access the app or not. One of the most significant issues being the choice of VPN, as not all is suitable for delivering the best streaming experience to Australia.

This aside, you can quickly find the best streaming VPN that will access all the lifestyle, comedy channels in the highest quality.

Aside from this, your connections will be encrypted, and there is no way your ISP will throttle your connection for extended streaming sessions to watching live sport at home, on the road, or when overseas.

VPN’s offer much more than the ability to stream geo-restricted content. Keeping your online activities safe and secure, being right up there among many others.

Is Foxtel Go Free