How To Change Reddit Username

Reddit is a hugely popular place that people gather to share thoughts and have some interactions.

On occasions, users can be penalised by the admin for saying or doing something wrong, or even you create a username you wish was something different.

How to change Reddit username often crosses people’s minds. However, changing your username isn’t as clear cut as diving into the related settings and editing the username you have given yourself.

In this quick guide, you can learn all you need about if you can change your username and how doing so could affect your karma and other possible things on the Reddit platform.

By the end, you may find out it looks like you may need to start afresh and create another account like many other people have found out.

Change Reddit Username

How Do You Come Up with a Reddit Username?

Many users begin to fill up their profile and don’t consider their username until they reach that section.

The name they choose is often something that comes to them off the top of their head. They decide they don’t like the Reddit usernames they have given themselves and wish to change it in many cases.

To come up with a good current username needs to be something that is easy for you to remember.

However, many people use a random name generator to come up with something. You can use this link to find a quick Reddit account username when you create a new account. (Read Delete Reddit Account)

Can You Change Your Wiki Username?

Wikipedia is a massive website and has many contributors to its pages. Again, there many people who would like to change usernames on their profile page for various reasons.

Wiki points out rights reserved reasons when it would be appropriate to get a new username.

  • Present name is a policy violation
  • Reasons for Privacy
  • Eliminating SUL Conflicts
  • Personal Preference
  • Trivial Usernames

Why Can’t I Change My Reddit Username?

A user can make a post or posts on Reddit and then react to the comments they receive and wish they had deleted or changed the way they posted their comments.

It is at this point they wish they could change username on Reddit. However, they quickly find no instructions to go to the top right corner and click here or click there to answer questions, change user settings, and get a new one.

You can quickly find there is no way to change a username on a Reddit account. The main reasons for this are your account is tied to all your verified data, such as your email address

The main course of action here is that many people delete Reddit account to hide what they wanted hidden, and then create a new account and forfeit all their related account karma.

How Do I Change My Username?

As we have just seen, there is no way to save your Reddit data or posts and change your Reddit username.

You need to get a new account, although you can use the same email address you signed up for originally.

It would help when you want to make a new name after you deleted your old account to come up with a username beforehand.

The most significant downside to creating another Reddit account is you lose all your posts, and friends may not know your new name.

However, if you are at this stage, you may find one reason to forget your Reddit name and want to ditch the platform altogether.

Reddit has seen its fair share of scandal, and they are not the most secure platform. Thus, if you decide to carry on, make sure to use a VPN to hide your Reddit activity. It was a few years ago Reddit was embroiled in a US election scandal, and the time is coming around again.

With a VPN, you can take back your online privacy and know you are safe from anyone finding your location from your IP address. Reddit may not like some of your posts, yet you will know there won’t be any backlash aside from your account being deleted.

How To Change Reddit Username