How to Install Kodi on Firestick

One of the most popular streaming devices there is, is the Amazon FireStick. It packs in many features and is very affordable.

However, after a while, you may see that there is a premium attached to most of the content on offer. You may try to find Kodi in the Amazon store, and see Kodi installations are not listed.

Alternatively, your searches on the internet are in vain when you face an error, “we have been detecting a large volume of requests from…”

Install Kodi on Firestick

It is enough to make you give up.

By default, it isn’t possible to install Kodi, FireStick and Amazon do not allow the listing of the world’s best media player in their store.

This guide shows how to download Kodi to FireStick, and how to choose and download the best VPN to keep you secure when you use the best Kodi add-ons for all your streaming.

Installing Kodi on FireStick

Because you can’t directly install Kodi from the Amazon store, you are Jailbreaking your device. For the nervous, this is merely a term for sideloading applications, which are downloaded from another source.

There are three phases to install the downloaded Kodi app installer, but the entire process can be completed in a few minutes.
We break the steps into three segments, so it is easier to follow.

Guide in Installing Kodi on Firestick

1. Readying FireStick for Kodi Installation

There are a couple of things; you have to do before installing Kodi. These enable you to install third-party apps (Kodi), and a couple of steps to prevent anyone from seeing what you are doing.

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ on your FireStick/ TV
  2. Select ‘My FireTV/ Device” and select ‘Developer Options’
  3. Toggle the ‘ADB Debugging’ switch to ‘On’
  4. Toggle ‘Enable Apps from Unknown Sources’ to ‘ON’
  5. Head to ‘Settings’ and open ‘Preferences’ and then ‘Privacy Settings’
  6. Disable ‘Device Usage Data’ and ‘Collect App Usage Data’

2. Getting the Downloader App

You can find several options to download Kodi, although this method is the easiest. One other way was to use ES File Explorer; however, they now charge, and the downloader app is free of charge.

  1. On the main screen of your FireStick, select the ‘Search’ option and head to the Amazon Store
  2. In the search bar, type ‘Downloader’ and select the first app in the results
  3. Click the ‘Open’ button or go back to the main screen and scroll down until you come across the app’s icon

3. Installing Kodi on Amazon Firestick

These are the last steps of how to install Kodi on a FireStick and are for the latest stable version of Kodi, 18.5 Leia.

  1. Open the ‘Downloader’ application
  2. Click in the URL box (you will see http:// at the beginning) and wait for the on-screen keyboard
  3. Type the following URL exactly ‘’ and click ‘Go’ (you can use as an alternative)
  4. Wait while the app downloads and then click ‘install’ on the Kodi setup page
  5. Wait until the installation finishes and click ‘Done’ on completion
  6. To save space on your FireTV or Fire Stick device, you can click ‘Delete’ to wipe the Kodi Leia installation file from your device
  7. Click ‘Delete’ a second time
  8. Navigate to the FireStick home screen and scroll sideways.
  9. Under Apps & Channels, select ‘See All’
  10. Highlight the shortcut for Kodi and select ‘options’ on your remote
  11. Move the shortcut for Kodi on your Fire device where you want it and select ‘OK’

These steps are easy to do, and you can’t break anything by following them. Now, we will look at how you use Kodi with a VPN, and why you need to do so.

Using Kodi on a FireStick

Once you install the Kodi app on your FireStick, you will want to make use of it to find the massive range of content Kodi addons deliver.

The problem here is finding the best ones, protecting yourself when using them, and bypassing any geo-restrictions, which may result in dead streams.

Every Kodi user should install a VPN before downloading and installing any add-ons.

Not every Kodi VPN is suitable for use in Australia; nevertheless, the download procedure is standard.

Here is a quick guide on how to install a VPN before you begin using Kodi and installing add-ons. In this example, we will use ExpressVPN because it is the premium streaming VPN.

  1. Head to the VPN provider and complete the sign-up procedure
  2. Turn on your FireStick/ TV and click the magnifying glass to open the search box.
  3. Enter the name of the VPN (ExpressVPN in the example) and select the appropriate icon when it shows up in the search results
  4. Click on the ‘Get’ button to download, and to install the VPN
  5. Once installation finishes, open the VPN app and use the details from your confirmation email to log in.
  6. By default, the VPN will select the best server based on your location. You can leave as is, or you can choose the three small dots and choose from recommended servers in certain countries, or select from ‘All Locations’
  7. Click the large ‘Power Button’ icon and wait until it turns green and you connect.

You can now browse for the best working add-ons. Here are the samples:

  • Exodus Redux – Takes content from the Lambda Scraper
  • The Magic Dragon – Live Sports, Kids, Movies and TV shows
  • Venom – Movies and TV Shows in HD
  • The Crew – Movies, TV shows and IPTV
  • Tempest – Movies and Live TV

Best VPN for Kodi

Which Kodi VPN to Use in Australia?

A useful Kodi VPN is needed because a lot of content may be copyright protected. Because ISP’s retain user data, they can see what anyone is doing while online. A VPN will encrypt your IP address, and hide this from view from anyone.

ISP’s, copyright trolls, or any governing agency will be unaware of what you do online. Besides, if any of the streams from these add-ons sit behind geo-restrictions, then a VPN can bypass these once you set the outgoing VPN server to one in that country.

With that, here are three of the best VPN’s to use with Kodi.

1. ExpressVPN

You can see anywhere; this VPN provider is the number one streaming VPN. The VPN network comprises of over 3,000 servers, which span 94 countries. It is placed well to cater for streaming from any country, no matter if it is on-demand or Live TV.

With the fastest download speeds, you can stream in 4K video without buffering. Adding to this, it is one of the most secure VPN providers on the market. Using the best encryption and protocols, there are no DNS leaks. If you lose your connection, a Kill switch kicks in automatically.

ExpressVPN Device support is better than most other VPN’s, and you have 5 simultaneous connections for each account. (Find out more about ExpressVPN)

2. IPVanish

IPVanish is seen, as one of the better VPN’s to use alongside Kodi. It does fall behind in network size because it has 1,300 plus servers in 75 countries. While it lacks here, it still comes with great security features and encryption.

With 10 simultaneous connections, anyone in the home can use Kodi while others carry on with their activities.

Unlike other market leaders, there is only 7-day money-back guarantee, so you will need to time this right to test all the features. (Check out IPVanish VPN features here)

3. Surfshark

Out of the three VPN’s here, this is a relative newcomer. It uses the same protocols as the previous two and can keep your identity private, and out of the eyes of copyright trolls and ISP’s.

It has seen an increase in network size, but this is still small and covers 61 countries with a little over 1040 servers.

On the feature front, it delivers more than many second-tier VPN services and is very affordable if you choose a long tie-in period. Like the others, it can prevent any Australian ISP from seeing what you are doing, and throttling your connection when using Kodi.

With a 30-day refund window, it is a growing VPN, which can be worth testing before selecting the number one streaming VPN. (See our Surfshark VPN Review)


Using Kodi is not legal in any way, although, using the third party add-ons does attract lots of attention.

Many institutions wish to see these add-ons shutdown. They will also at some point, target anyone they think deserves a copyright notice.

These VPN services here will keep you protected, and selecting the one in the number one position; you will see how well it performs for streaming in Australia. You can test this for one month using the best 30-day money-back guarantee. Do this and you may find, you don’t need another VPN service.