Exodus Redux No Stream Available – What to Do

Exodus Redux is a Kodi addon that allows you to watch movies and television series on demand. While this addon works well most of the time, it occasionally encounters the Exodus Redux No Streams available error.

The No Stream Available error in Kodi Exodus Redux is a common problem that affects all Kodi users. This error can happen for a variety of reasons and can affect any device.

In our guide, you can find all you need about how to deal with Exodus Redux addon when your computer all the way to Xbox One won’t load anything. By the end, you’ll know how to fix the issues when your video stops playing after a few seconds, Android with Kodi, or on another device such as Windows, Mac. (Learn How to Install Kodi on Xbox One)

Ways to Fix Exodus Redux No Stream

How to Fix Exodus Redux No Stream

Here, you can find the major ways to fix the Exodus no stream available error and get your internet connection and Kodi working as it should.

Update Exodus

When you have the Exodus Redux no stream available error, you’ll find it a 2-step process to fix the problem. To start to fix Kodi no stream, get rid of Exodus and start again.

Uninstall Exodus

  1. Start Kodi and select Add-ons from the left menu
  2. Select the package icon in the upper left corner
  3. Click on My add-ons, and then select Video Add-ons.
  4. Click Exodus
  5. Select Uninstall in the bottom right. Click OK to confirm
  6. Exodus will now uninstall from your device. Once the uninstall completes, you need to reinstall to the most current version.

Install Newest Exodus on Windows

Exodus can now be reinstalled on Kodi after it has been uninstalled.

Exodus and its repositories are occasionally unavailable because of broken links. Exodus Redux
is an alternative to Exodus and the reason why we have these step-by-step instructions.

  1. Download the Kodi Bae Repository Zip File. You can locate this on the GitHub page.
  2. Open Kodi
  3. Select Add-ons, and click on the Package icon to the upper left corner
  4. Select Install from zip file
  5. Select the .zip file that you downloaded by browsing the location you saved the .zip file
  6. Once you click on install, wait until you see the Kodi Bae Repository Add-on installed notification successfully to the upper right corner
  7. Select Install from repository
  8. Click Kodi Bae Repository
  9. Click Video add-ons
  10. Select Exodus
  11. Click the Install button toward the bottom.
  12. Wait for the download to finish until you see Exodus Add-on installed notification appear on the upper right corner.

Clear the cache and providers Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux Clear Providers & Cache

When Exodus Redux not working properly on Kodi, it’s usually due to cached data and a list of providers for specific titles. (Read Top 10 Kodi Addons)

This is likely if you get the “No stream available” error or your movie or TV show is buffering. You can often fix this Exodus Redux no stream issue when you clear the cache and providers:

  1. Click Add-ons – My add-ons – Video add-ons – Exodus
  2. Scroll down and Click Tools
  3. On the screen, click Clear Providers, and click Yes to confirm
  4. Click Exodus redux Clear Cache, and click Yes to confirm
  5. Restart Kodi and try streaming again. If you can stream videos, you found the answer to fix no stream available on your movie or TV show.

If you still see the Exodus redux no stream available error, you can try the following to fix Kodi no stream problems.

Set Providers Timeout Modification

  1. Open the Exodus Kodi add-on
  2. Click “Tools” from the menu
  3. On the first option of “Settings: General,” Click this option and wait for the pop-up to appear.
  4. Select “General” from the pop-up menu.
  5. Change the pre-defined “Provider timeout” to 25-30.

That is the process complete for changing your providers’ timeout. It can help fix the Kodi no stream available, yet it isn’t a major fix like other methods.

Many Kodi users overlook when they see a Kodi no stream available, especially in Australia, the streams are blocked geographically or by the ISP.

The next method can resolve your Kodi no stream available problem without changing settings. What a VPN does is stop your ISP from seeing your connection and what you are doing.

Not only do you fix Exodus issues, but you also increase your privacy and stop your internet service provider (ISP) from retaining your personal data. Using such a VPN is able to fix any issues with your Xanax build or even problems with Placenta no stream available.

Once you use a VPN, you can find you no longer have a slow internet connection because of throttling. Once you have a decent internet speed again, you should be able to stream TV shows without seeing the Exodus no stream available on Kodi error message. (Learn How to Add Netflix To Kodi)

Reasons for Exodus Not Working in Kodi

When using Exodus or Exodus Redux on Kodi, some users have a “no stream available” problem, which causes the video to pause. Let’s go over the basics before looking at alternative approaches to fix the Kodi no stream error.

Because Kodi is an open-source entertainment hub, it supports many add-ons. Exodus and Exodus Redux are two of the most popular Kodi add-ons for watching videos on the internet. These add-ons are simple to set up on Kodi and may watch many movies and television shows.

  1. The Exodus no stream error may appear while streaming a video in Kodi. This shows that the video content is unavailable or unable to be loaded onto your device. You won’t be able to continue watching the video since the streaming has been interrupted.
  2. There could be an issue with the device’s network.
  3. It’s possible that Exodus is being blocked by a component in your network or system.
  4. In Kodi, you may use an old or outdated version of Exodus.
  5. The video you’re trying to watch may be no longer available.
  6. An unstable connection may experience a timeout if the video is huge or ultra-high-quality.
  7. Kodi’s no stream error can be caused by any other security, firmware, or network issue.

Exodus Kodi No Stream Available

The Exodus Kodi no stream available error can arise for various reasons, as you can see. To fix this, the recommendation is to use simple yet effective Kodi fix Exodus tips.

Check Network Connection and Video Source

Make sure the video you’re trying to watch is available before you take any drastic measures. It would also assist if you did not live in a nation where access to certain types of content is banned.

Aside from that, to load the video, your device must be linked to a steady network. It allows you to check your network connection and even troubleshoot your router. The router’s reset button is located on the back or bottom of the device. You can try relaunching Kodi Exodus after pressing it for 10 seconds to reset the connection.

resolve Exodus no stream available by updating

Update Kodi Exodus Addons

We can now easily resolve Exodus no stream available once we are aware of the most common causes. We have various solutions because individuals experience different reasons for issues in Kodi Exodus while others face a different one with this Kodi addon.

In addition, if you use a VPN and clear your Exodus cache, you might not clear cache or temp files on Kodi. It is for this reason you need to check all options when you have errors with Kodi addons.

The first reason for Exodus Redux not working could be that developers have discontinued and updated the prior version, leaving you with a dead link.

As a result, checking for updates is an excellent idea, and many individuals find this one
Also, if you mistakenly disabled auto-update, you can check for updates with these steps below:

  1. Launch Kodi on Firestick and select the Addons section from the left-panel
  2. Click on the Package Installer or Box icon on the Settings menu
  3. Select the My Add-ons section.
  4. Scroll down to Video Add-ons.
  5. In the list, please search and find Exodus Redux and then select it.
  6. You’ll see information about the add-on, and under the name of Exodus Redux, check the version.
  7. Note the version and from the option underneath, click the Update button.
  8. Here you will see a pop-up window with all versions; check the version listed above and compare it to the one you have installed. This is the most recent version in my case, but if you notice a different number, click it, and Addon will start downloading the update.
  9. When Exodus Redux is successfully updated, you will see a notification in the top right corner that says “Addon Updated.”

Trying to play now should have you streaming as normal. It is advisable to use a VPN still regardless of your Kodi problems.

VPNs hide your location and keep your identity private when streaming or downloading TV shows.

Using a VPN can enhance your internet experience besides fixing a no-stream available issue on your computer, mobile devices, or Android TV.

It can stop your ISP and government from seeing which Kodi addons you use to watch free movies by hiding your IP address while you are streaming.

Exodus Redux No Stream Available - What to Do