Best Kodi Build For Android

Kodi Builds make installing Kodi add-ons, skins, and tweaks easier as they are an all-in-one solution. In the end, you have the best working addons and skins and a build that is made to match your device.

Installing a single Kodi build lets you watch Live IPTV, Movies, TV Shows, Kids content, and all other media in one place and one installation routine.

However, you should note: Before installing the best Kodi builds, make sure you have a VPN connection to keep your IP anonymous.

While it may not matter so much on larger devices, when you get to Android, installing the best Kodi builds can be crucial because of space constrictions and power limits. (Read Best Repositories for Kodi)

To choose the best addons Kodi for Android, box much more accessible, we have some of the best Kodi builds here to install that all deliver the best working Kodi addons 2020.

Xanax Kodi Build

Xanax Kodi Build

Xanax Kodi builds evolved from one of the best Kodi builds in the popular Durex Kodi build, which recently shut its doors.

Xanax features a popular layout, interface, and lots of updated working add-ons. It categorizes these in different sections like movies, TV shows, Music, APK, Family and comes with the currently best working add-ons.

It has many updated Kodi addons in its library, just like the Durex Kodi Build. It has an integrated live TV guide as well as fantastic sports add-ons. (Read The Complete Kodi App Guide)

Xanax provides users with the chance to install both an APK of the Kodi build and the Kodi build itself.

No Limits Magic Build

No Limits Kodi Build is among the most attractive and best Kodi builds for FireStick and Fire TV because of the size. From the interface to addons, it is almost perfect.

You have live streaming IPTV and up to 100 popular add-ons with this Kodi build, making it one of the best Kodi builds you can install.

With all this, No Limits Kodi build still offers a simple to use interface and is full of working Kodi Add-ons.

  • AdryanList, Bob Unleashed, cCloud TV, Champion Sports,
  • Covenant, DC Sports, Elysium, GoodFellas 2.0,
  • Maverick TV, Pro Sport, SportsDevil,
  • UK Turk Playlists, Ultimate Whitecream, and more.

They frequently revise No Limits Magic with working add-ons and features to keep the builds up to date.

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Click the Settings icon
  3. Click System
  4. Hover over Add-ons and enable Unknown Sources if you haven’t done so
  5. Navigate back to the system screen and select File Manager
  6. Click Add source
  7. Click

IMPORTANT: Use the correct URL for your Kodi version

  1. Enter the URL exactly: and click OK (Version 17 above)
  2. Highlight the box underneath and name the source nolimitswiz
  3. Tap the back button on your remote or keyboard to go to System Page. Select Add-Ons
  4. Click Install from the zip file
  5. If using Kodi 18, click
  6. Wait till you see the No Limits Magic Wizard Add-on message
  7. Click Continue
  8. Click Build Menu
  9. Select the preferred build
  10. Select Standard Install
  11. Select Yes, Install
  12. Wait for the download to finish
  13. When asked, click Force Close
  14. Installation is complete

Titanium Build

Titanium Build

Titanium Kodi Build has held its popularity for many years and is one of Kodi’s great choices available from Supreme Wizard.

The Skin is based on the Xonfluence skin, which is known for being very fast and easy to use.

It has sections for live tv, movies, TV shows, Sports, Kids, Fitness, favourites, and much more. (Read Kodi No Limits Not Working)

Program and video add-ons comprise Gaia, 13Clowns, Supremacy, Maverick TV, Yoda, Rising Tides, and many more.

Under the Main Menu are copious amounts of options to edit and update the best Kodi build to your liking.

It is small in size yet packs so much and performs well on space limited devices. It makes it one of the best Kodi builds for FireStick and Android TV devices for you to install.

Misfit Mods Lite Build

This Lite version of the Misfit Mods Kodi build is one of the best hugely popular builds with FireStick and Android users.

The lightweight Kodi builds also offers multiple addons and has created a lot of excitement with the addons it delivers. Covenant, Made in Canada IPTV, Cartoons8, DeathStar, The Crew, TempTV, Scrubs, Rising Tides, Magic Dragon, and lots more besides.

Installing the Misfit Mods Lite, you can stream all of your favourite content with just one quick installation routine.

While it has Lite in the title, this belies its power, making it a fantastic, awesome Kodi build that is certain to meet your streaming needs.

Blue Magic Build

Blue Magic Build


Install Size: 260 MB

Compatibility Kodi 18 & 17.6

Blue Magic Kodi Build is not very large (ideal for Android TV) yet keeps regularly updating, removing bugs, and adding all the latest best add-ons to its library.

Blue Magic Kodi has an organized interface, works pretty well, and doesn’t have any installation or streaming errors.

The sections include Movies, TV shows, Live Sports, Kids, Live TV sports, systems, Music, and lots more. (Read Tvb Kodi)

It features some of the best add-ons available like Limitless, SportsDevil, At the Flix, Supremacy, Seren, Magic Dragon, and many more.

To get the best of Kodi builds such as this, incorporate a real-Debrid account into the Kodi build, and with this, you have high-quality links with no buffering.

BK Nox

BK Nox is available for Kodi 18 in two versions, the classic and the modern version.

The Kodi build has sections for Movies, TV shows, Sports, Live TV, Real Debrid, Kids, Music, Documentaries, Wizard, The Lounge, and System.

It comes packed with many Kodi add-ons like Magic Dragon, The Crew, TempTV, Torque, Numbers, and lots more.


The Grind Kodi build with user-friendly interface users can easily customise according to their tastes and needs. Grind Kodi Build is lightweight and ideal in size for Fire TV, Firestick, and other Android devices.

Although small, it offers all the famous and latest add-ons to watch Movies, Sports, TV shows, and much more.

Grind Kodi was built by Fire TV Guru’s makers, which itself was a hugely popular Kodi build.

A peek at the addons include Exodus Redux, Genesis, SportsDevil, IT, Rising Tides, and more.

Kryptikz Kodi Build


The Kryptikz Kodi-Build is a lightweight, fast working build with vast amounts of content.

It is loaded with working add-ons and an easy-to-use interface with very few categories available to choose from. Therefore, the use of the build is straightforward.

Users have access to popular add-ons like 7 of 9, Magic Dragon, Venom, Rising Tides, and many more besides. (Read How To Install Skins On Kodi)

To get the very best out of these add-ons and the Kryptikz build itself, you are recommended to integrate with real-Debrid to get high-quality links.

Use Kodi Builds with a VPN

Just because you use an Android device and Kodi builds doesn’t mean you are more protected than a PC.

ISPs can still see what you are doing and know your location based on your router IP address.

Here’s why you should use a VPN with Kodi.

  • Free streaming apps, add-ons, and paid IPTV services tend to be hosted on insecure servers.
  • Without using a VPN, your IP address can be logged and points to your location. As soon as you start your VPN client, you get a new IP address, and even your ISP won’t know where you are located.
  • A VPN offers anonymous connections to the Internet.
  • A VPN can stream large HD movies, TV shows and will prevent connection throttling.

While a VPN allows you to bypass any geo-restrictions any of these addons may have, it is the security where they really excel.

You can stream as many movies you like with these best Kodi builds, and your identity will be kept private, and no one can see what you are accessing.

A premium Kodi VPN is easy to install and use, and it can be the best investment you ever make for your Kodi addons enjoyment.

No matter what your Android device or any other device for on the go or at home streaming. You can’t find anything better than a VPN service.

Best Kodi Build for Android

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