The Top 10 Best Movies Addon for Kodi

So, you have set up Kodi on your device. But to find those excellent movies and TV shows you wanted to watch, you must install addons. Kodi is a media player, and addons are used to add extra features to its primary use.

Best Movies Addon for KodiLet’s see in brief how to install Kodi addons:

1. Go to the Addon manager.
2. Select “Install from Repository.”
3. Next, choose the repository from the list.
4. After selection, you get a list of addons the built-in Kodi repository has.
5. Choose the one you want and select “Install.”
6. Wait for the confirmation, and it’s done.

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Kodi is open-source software, and anyone can develop addons for Kodi. Repositories are placeholders for developers to add their addons. The official repository comes built-in with the software, but the 3rd party Kodi repository list is long. The popular ones are Ares, Smash, SuperRepo, Colossus, to name a few. To install a repository:

1. Go to the Addon manager.
2. Select “Install zip.” You, first, need to download the repository zip file on a PC/mobile to make this process easy.
3. Select the location of the zip file and install.

Before installing from a zip file, you need to enable “Unknown Sources” from Settings.

Now you know how to install addons and the respective repositories, here goes the list of best addons for Kodi movie streaming:

1. Elysium

Elysium Kodi AddonsIn the mid of addons disappearing and even the repositories getting offline, Elysium is offering its services for quite some time now. It has movies and TV shows on offer and also numerous TV channels to stream. It is available in the Noobs and Nerds repository and is a great addon.

2. Bennu

Bennu is the revamped Phoenix with more content. The library is varied with some movies and TV shows. It also has a dedicated sports category to let you stream live sports events. You can download it from the Colossus repository.

3. Covenant

Use Covenant to get some amazing streaming experience. It’s a replacement for Exodus, developed by the same team. Users can view content from streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix. It also has TV channels and live streams. Along with movies, the catalogue contains popular TV shows and is regularly updated. You won’t be lost in the bowl as the search feature is beneficial, and there are many categories. You can see the list by genre, artists, and many other filters. It’s available in the Smash repository.

4. Wolfpack

Wolf Pack Kodi Addons

The Wolfpack Kodi addon has some nice playlists to savour. It has a collection of movies, music, TV series, and some excellent standup comedies. You can pick up a show and watch any episode at any time you like to. There is this feature called Wolves Den, where you can get some curated playlists to choose from. There also are live streams for selected events. This addon is available in the Wolfpack repository.

5. BigStar Movies

This amazing add-on has a collection pulled in from the library of BigStar Movies website. It has TV shows and movies from almost every genre. And the content is organized well into categories, which makes searching for them easy. But the addon offers only the free content from the Big Star Movies website and not the premium ones. It is legal and free to download from the MetalChris repository.

6. Nemesis

It is a heaven for the streaming needs. With Nemesis, you get many addons for Sports, Movies, TV Shows, and Music. It has a dedicated 4K and a 3D section for movies, and you also get to stream many audiobooks. It accesses content from various sources, many of which have copyrighted content without a license. You can, though, download it from the Stream Army repository.

7. Bob Unleashed

Bob Unleashed Kodi Addons

Bob Unleashed (or Unrestricted) is an addon for TV and movie streaming. Some developers maintain the library and have some amazing content available. There are some good HD movies and TV shows available. But each developer has their separate sections, and it creates confusion at times. It is available in the Noobs and Nerds repository. (Read Wentworth Watch Online)

8. UK Turk’s Playlists

Although focused on media content from the UK and Turkey, the UK Turk’s Playlists Kodi addon has international movies and TV shows. It is the oldest known addon that still updates the software and the contents. The number of TV channels it has streamed live sports events from many countries. It is currently available on AddonCloud.

9. Monster Munch

Monster Munch is relatively new in the market and has categorized movie collections. It has sections for Horror Movies, Disney Movies, and various others. You can also find animations, TV shows, and 24/7 Channels here. There also are radio stations and a catalogue of documentaries. You can download it from the Steptoes Repository.

10. Rebirth

The Rebirth 2017 addon emerged after the departure of Exodus and had similar features. It is available with the Cypher Locker Repository.

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