Overplay Smart DNS Review

Overplay Smart DNS service will let you access geo-restricted content in Australia and gain access to providers like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant, among others. The best thing about using it? It will not impact your internet speed at all.

Overplay Smart DNS

How it works

Many content providers set up their programming regionally, permitting viewing certain shows only in specific countries. OverPlay Smart DNS allows you to set your location anywhere in the world, and it will change your DNS accordingly. This will allow you to watch programming which was previously restricted to you.

But some providers are getting a bit smarter now. A good example of this is Netflix, whose service in the US is vastly different from that in other countries. Since the crackdown in early 2016, a lot of users have reported the OverPlay Netflix Blocked error.

People remain crafty, and there are some ways to still access Netflix from outside of the US. One of my favourites is Unlocator, which is not only applicable without any need for additional software but also has a seven-day free trial. Try it out and leave your own Unlocator review in the comments.

The Security

The SmartDNS will allow you unlimited access to the internet, but will not protect others from obtaining your data, Overplay Smart DNS Security as your connection is not encrypted. However, if you opt for the Secure VPN package of Overplay (SmartDNS included), your data will be secure and encrypted.

With this package, your IP address and location are hidden. ISPs’ spying is prevented if you’re having difficulty choosing between the two; select SmartDNS if you want unlimited internet access and a secure VPN if you prefer your data to be more secure and restricted.

The Reliability

Overplay is simple to use in general, it maintains internet speed, and it’s very reliable. The downtime is almost non-existent, and disconnection due to a safety issue practically never happens.

Additionally, the JetSwitch feature allows you to set individual location preferences for each regional channel, simplifying your life in the process. You can also turn the service on and off at the touch of a button, making it a delight to use. (Learn How To Get Unbanned From Hypixel)

How much does OverPlay cost?

Overplay offers two packages: Secure VPN (which includes SmartDNS) and SmartDNS. The price of the Secure VPN package ranges from US$9.95 (per month) to US$99.95 (per year).

There are four subscription models for both packages, and the rates for the SmartDNS one are: monthly (US$4.95), quarterly (US$13.95), semi-annual (US$26.95), and annual (US$49.95). The payment methods are simple, and you can cancel your account at your convenience.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as OverPlay free trial. To make up for it, OverPlay offers its users a two-day money-back guarantee period. I find this to be enough time to check out their service and test everything you will be using.

Though Netflix is blocked is a sad one, OverPlay SmartDNS is an excellent choice for any user looking for a secure and reliable way to gain access to geographically restricted content. I give it my highest recommendation.