PureVPN Review – Is it the Best VPN Service for Australians?

Pure VPN has all of the basic functionality of a typical paid Australian VPN service. It fits in well with the competition, but also packs some unique additional features which make it more appealing to advanced users.

Is PureVPN the best provider for you?


With PureVPN, you’ve got plenty of payment options, starting with a $9.95 a month package, and expanding to $24.95 for four, $44.95 for six and $49.94 for twelve. The downside is that you can’t use one account for more than a couple of devices, so you’ll need to get multiple accounts, if, for instance, you’ve your primary account tied with your desktop and smartphone, and want a

Pure VPN Australia

PureVPN iPad setup. This is because it supports only two logins per account.

There’s also a corporate version which sells the service on a per-seat basis – $275 for 25 employees, $475 for 50 and $925 for 100.

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The actual installer is downloaded after you’ve chosen your region from the live downloader tool.

Firing up the tool after installation, I was prompted to read the ‘Get Started’ guide. Once completed, I entered the PureVPN interface, which is a single window with the status in the top right corner and several menu options on the left side.

The majority of the interface is dominated by a graph which tracks the amount of packets that have been transmitted to and from my computer dynamically. The installation and first launch felt a bit lengthy, overall, when compared to other similar offerings. Keeping in mind how a VPN today is supposed to be a fire-and-forget utility, this extra time was quite nagging.

The interface sports a login box on the top side of its screen, as well as a dropdown from where you can select the protocol you’ll be using to securing your VPN connection i.e. L2TP, SSTP and PPTP. The lack of OpenVPN support was came as bit of a surprise though, since it has become the staple for most mainstream VPN providers, alongside PPTP. The server dropdown lists the fastest servers spanning 21 countries.

Certain countries have more than servers to which you can connect, and you can choose the one you want through the Personalised Selection menu option. It is an appealing and interesting menu. PureVPN allows the user to choose the server manually from the Browse All Servers tab, or they can do it for you automatically by utilising ‘intelligence’.

Note that PureVPN has a novel new technology called PureVPN What is Smart DNS, which lets you bypass geo-restrictions, so if all you want is to access locked content on Netflix and other such websites, you should also give this technique a try.

While the VPN software was running, I streamed some videos on YouTube, as well as some music on Spotify, and also uploaded hi-res images to Picasa. There wasn’t any visible lag which made these tasks more difficult than usual.

In a market flooded with VPN services, PureVPN has managed to carve a place for itself by virtue of its unique features which advanced users find appealing. Its interface, though, may be a bit too complex for those looking for a simple, fire-and-go VPN solution.

The absence of OpenVPN support as well as the longer-than-normal setup can be a turnoff for some users as well. Its performance, when combined with its unique offerings, make it a strong competitor for the best VPN Australia, especially for the more tech-savvy users.

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