How to Access the Dark Web

How to get on the dark web is the thing many internet users would like to do, yet they are either scared or have no idea how to access this dark part of the internet where everything is for sale.

You may be surprised it isn’t all as dark as many make out, and in some ways, it can help you stay anonymous if your privacy is important.

While there are many things for sale, you won’t find anywhere else, and there are a host of potential risks. If you take the right precautions, you can learn how to get on the dark web for a look around to see what all the fuss is about.

By the end, you’ll learn how to get to the deep web, which sites you can expect to pay a visit to, and how you can remain safe as you do take a walk on the dark side.

Access the Dark Web

Can You Access the Dark Web from Google?

As powerful as Google is, it can’t access what sits below the ‘Surface Web,’ which is the internet we all know and love. (Read How to Delete Google Search History Forever)

Search engines like Google search and index the links of all the web pages there are, yet on the deep and dark web, the links are very different from what you know.

One example is that of a public library. If you wished to locate a specific book in a library, you wouldn’t expect Google to know if the book was on the library shelf or not.

However, you can find this is the kind of information you may find on the deep web. In the simplest form, the deep and dark web don’t have links that Google understands.

Many internet users don’t relate to it. Once they access any site and search for information there, they may be searching the deep web without knowledge.

Here’s a quick look at the sorts of information the deep web contains:

  • Contents of user personal email accounts
  • Contents of user social media accounts
  • Contents of online bank accounts
  • Company private databases
  • Scientific and academic database contents
  • Medical records and legal documents

These sit on the deep web because Google can’t access the individual files or data from these areas.

To a degree, this makes things safer for all end users as their personal information can’t be found on the regular internet. If web search engines can’t find this information easily, then hackers can’t find it either.

Is the Dark Web Safe?

With all we see and how law enforcement portrays the dark web, you could think it is unsafe. Because of the dark web’s nature, you can find illegal activities and illegal content for sale.

It is well-known for such things as Silk Road, yet when you look at the dark web, it is just a group of websites not indexed by Google’s likes, etc. Specialist browsers can only access the deep, dark web.

DuckDuckGo for Accessing Dark Web

Is DuckDuckGo Dark Web?

DuckDuckGo isn’t dark web; although it has services on the dark web, you can access.

While this search engine can help you access the hidden .onion deep web, dark web websites, they don’t collect or share user data such as Google’s likes.

Link: https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/

One thing to note is, you still need dark web browsers such as the TOR browser to search the deep web, the dark web.

Can I Access Dark Web On My Phone?

The deep web and dark web are part of a network that is built on the TOR network and uses Onion routers. Rather than companies, these are maintained by volunteers.

The browser most often used on computers is the TOR browser, which is open source and built from Firefox. The company behind the construction is the TOR project that

The dark web browser sends user information around several servers before it emerges to the destination. It is this that helps users stay safe and out of sight of Internet Service Providers and governments.

However, your IP address isn’t totally untraceable, and you often find users coupling the TOR browser with a VPN for more security when they use TOR as their chosen dark web browser.

If you are accessing the dark web from your phone, it isn’t like browsing the dark web from a computer. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you can carry out your dark web search using TOR or a browser like TOR if you find one.

The first thing to access the dark web is you need the mobile version of TOR. Before, you needed Orbot and other software, but now with TOR for mobiles, you can do away with these.

In the same way, you use TOR as deep web browsers on PC; you can use TOR on Android (no iOS). How to access dark web is as easy as knowing which web sites to search for and using a VPN to keep you safe.

There are more than enough threats on the surface web, and a VPN can secure you from these as well. No matter if you are using Onion and TOR for privacy, doubling up with a VPN can make you almost invisible when visiting websites.

Just make sure, when you go to the dark web, never use your credit card to pay for any content from hidden websites; you never know how good their security is.

Furthermore, ISPs can’t even see which websites you want to visit online. Therefore, it’s worth making full use of a VPN for any kind of online activity, be it the dark web on Onion or not.

VPN services are also easy to subscribe to, and in many cases, only need an email address and your payment method.

A VPN is the number one way to prevent anyone from seeing which sites you visit, illegal or not. They can also keep you hidden from trolls or government security agencies that want to carry out mass surveillance.

How to Access the Dark Web