How To Get Animelab Premium For Free

AnimeLab is the top anime streaming service in Australia and New Zealand. It has shows directly from Japan and includes hundreds of the best anime shows such as Dragon Ball Z and many others.

The anime laboratory service offers two tiers, one free, which is ad-supported, and the premium tier that offers much more and is ideal for any anime fan. (Learn How to Watch AnimeLab Dragon Ball Z)

You can learn more about the service from Madman Entertainment, Level 2, 289 Wellington Parade South, East Melbourne, Victoria 3002, Australia. By the end, you will find out how you can access the service free rather than find this an AnimeLab review.

Quick Guide to Watching Animelab Premium

  1. Download a fast VPNWe recommend ExpressVPN because it is fast, versatile and gets around almost all geoblocking.
  2. Connect to a US Server – All content on Animelab is available in the US
  3. Head to Animelab and Get a 30-day FREE trial!

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How Much Does AnimeLab Cost?

You have two tiers on AnimeLab; the first is the free tier and offers quite a bit of content. You can watch some Dragon Ball, yet not every episode. You also find not many episodes are dubbed, and you need to watch in the Japanese language with English subs.

You also find ads, the simulcasts are delayed by 1-week, and you have a reduced catalogue. Many of the titles are subbed only, and you can’t download them for offline viewing.

Animelab Premium For Free

How Much Does AnimeLab Premium Cost?

The Premium tier offers much more than the free level. When it comes to paying, you have a couple of options:

  • Monthly: $7.95 per month
  • Yearly: $79.50 for a full years subscription

New users also have a 30-day free premium subscription before they begin paying.

Here’s the full listing of what’s on offer when you subscribe to AnimeLab premium.

No ads are shown, and simulcasts come with no delays direct in time with Japan. You have full access to all the catalogues, including movies. You can stream in HD up to 1080p, and it uses the enhanced player.

You can select from subbed and dubs with both English and Japanese subtitles. AnimeLab download for offline playback is available for Android and iOS using the AnimeLab app.

Devices you can watch on are Xbox One, PS4, Samsung TV, Telstra TV, Apple TV, iOS and Android, Google Chromecast, PC, and more.

Does AnimeLab Have a Free Trial?

You get a 30-day free trial when you are a new subscriber. Users can watch thousands of episodes on devices ranging from Xbox to TVs and mobile devices, and more besides.

There used to be an exclusive free trial you could access online, yet this hasn’t been in effect for the past 2 years. With this, you had an extended 60-day free trial exclusive to Dramafever fans; this service offer is also no longer available for streaming episodes. (Read Install Kodi on Xbox One)

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Can You Download Anime from AnimeLab?

To save data and watch offline rather than online, users can download for offline viewing so long as they use a compatible Android and iOS device.

  1. Navigate to any episodes you like to watch.
  2. Scroll to episode list
  3. Click the top right-hand corner (arrow pointing down)

If you wish to sign up but watch from outside the country, you can sign up for a VPN, and then all you need to do is change the VPN server to one inside Australia.

The streaming service will think you are in the country and continue playing. It may also be possible to sign up for the free trial and cancel before you pay.

You can then change your VPN location and sign up under another name and obtain another month free.

How To Get Animelab Premium For Free