How to Use 1Channel Kodi Addon and Get More

There is no lack of Kodi add-ons when users want to get the latest movies and TV shows. One such add-on is the 1 Channel for Kodi devices.

Whatever machine you choose to satisfy your hunger for streaming, Kodi is available to use. And then, install the 1 Channel addon.

You will find an enormous library sourced from 1Channel movies and popular TV shows to finish off your popcorn.

What is the 1Channel Kodi addon?

Among the hoard of movie streaming addons, 1Channel is a famous movie addon for Kodi. It is a part of the website and takes its feed from there.

1Channel Kodi addonIn fact, Primewire itself operated under before it shut down. Similar to the Primewire streaming service, 1Channel categorises its library into classics, blockbusters and new releases. You can find here the entire TV series, right from the beginning.

The addon is easy to use and install and has a lot of content suitable for any streaming freak. But before adding 1Channel to Kodi and have it working, you need to have access to the Primewire site. A VPN can help.

1Channel Kodi VPN

As Primewire is known to generate its catalogue from pirated sources, our government blocked access to the site. But watching movies on 1Channel is possible again if you connect to a VPN proxy server.

VPN servers hide your online activity from your ISP by encrypting the communication line. You connect to a VPN server outside Australia and let the VPN server request the site for the content you want. And you will get the Primewire website back and thus, 1Channel.

I would recommend you to use ExpressVPN for Kodi. The servers are reliable and are available all over the world.

With ExpressVPN, you can be sure of a server in a country where Primewire is still operating. And, it also brings an excellent encryption system to your service. So, you can watch 1Channel without the fear of legal consequences.

Another VPN provider is CyberGhost. While ExpressVPN is a paid service, CyberGhost distributes its services for free.

Although using a free VPN provider is not always recommended, CyberGhost has earned its reputation as a good VPN service. Check our CyberGhost review to know more about the features.

After you can access the Primewire website, let’s check how to get 1Channel on Kodi.

Install 1Channel on Kodi

Like other Kodi addons, installing a 1Channel Kodi add-on requires first downloading and installing 1 Channel repo. But before that, turn on installation from unknown sources on the Kodi app. Here is how to –Installing 1Channel on Kodi

1. Open Kodi and go to the System menu.
2. In the Settings option, find “Unknown Sources”.
3. You will find it under Developer Options or Add-ons (in older versions).
4. Switch the toggle to ON.
5. The system displays a warning message. Accept it, and you’re ready.

You have to download and install the k313vra repo, from where you can install the 1Channel addon. Following are the steps to follow –

1. Go to the k313vra repository download page in your web browser (
2. Find the latest version of the k313vra repo zip file and download it to your device.
3. Now, open the Kodi app and go to the Add-ons manager section.
4. Click the Open Box to install new addons and select “Install from zipping”.
5. Browse your device folders to get the k313vra repo file you just downloaded.
6. Select it and wait; a popup will say that the installation is successful.
7. Now go to the Addon manager again and select “Install from repository”.
8. Find out “K313vra’s repository” from the list and select it.
9. From the next list, enter the Video add-ons folder, and you will see 1Channel in the list.
10. Select the 1Channel addon and choose “Install”.
11. When the installation is successful, a notification will pop up.

Unblock 1Channel with VPN

After the installation is successful, you need to turn on your VPN if it’s not already running. Kodi 1Channel addon uses Primewire as its source, and if Primewire is inaccessible, 1Channel is of no use.

1Channel Kodi with VPNAlso, with your connection encrypted, you can enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies online without anyone knowing about it.

Your browsing experience is private to you. Explore the category by genre or alphabet to find something you want, or use the search tool if you fear getting lost in the content.

Not all are available in high-quality, but the content variety 1Channel has, is enough to get you addicted. (Read Kodi Remove Addon)

Apart from the collection, 1Channel also has playlists curated by its registered members. So, you can find the best action movies in there or the entire Big Bang Theory TV series. Keep exploring!