Best Hard Drive Cleaner

If you find your computer coming to a crawl or you can’t save a large file to your hard drive, then you likely have space issues.

One of the only ways to rectify this is to remove junk files from your drive to free up hard disk space. While there are ways to do this manually, you can use a third-party application to carry out this task.

The issue is, which is the best cleaner for windows? In our guide, you can see the ways you can clear data from your hard drives, and which is the best computer cleaning software for Windows 10. (Learn How To Erase External Hard Drive)

Disk Cleanup inside the Windows 10

How Do I Deep Clean My Hard Drive?

Any computer user should clean their hard drive to keep it in perfect shape and running smoothly. It is best never to have to make repairs, and when it comes to cleaning your hard drive, you can find a built-in application (Disk Cleanup) inside the Windows 10 operating system.

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the built-in disk cleaner,

  1. Choose Start – All Programs – Accessories.
  2. Select System Tools then click Disk Cleanup. (Disk Cleanup dialogue box shows)
  3. In your ‘Files to Delete’ list, select file names you want cleaning from storage. (clear any boxes for files you wish to keep)
  4. Click the Clean Up System Files button
  5. The list of files you can safely remove expands, and a ‘More Options’ tab shows.
  6. Click the ‘More Options tab.’ Here you can clean programs you don’t use or remove old ‘System Restore’ files. (Only remove system Restore files and shadow copies when desperate to free up space on your hard drive. These files help repair your system if the current installation files become damaged or corrupt).
  7. Click ‘OK’ to start the cleanup process.
  8. Windows 10 asks if you want to delete the files.
  9. Click Yes.

Your hard drive will go through the cleanup process and free hard drive space.

Pros and Cons of Disk Cleanup

  • Disk Cleanup superseded by Storage Sense in Windows 10, although you can carry on using it.
  • Effectively removes junk files, can delete temporary files, temporary internet files, etc.
  • Removes older Windows installation data and can free many GBs of storage space to increase performance and free up space.
  • Removes data from Downloads folder and Recycle Bin. (Be careful).
  • No advanced tools available such as disk wiping etc.

What is the Best Way to Destroy a Hard Drive?

If you are disposing of an old computer, the ultimate way, to make sure no one can read your personal information is to destroy and wipe the magnetic disk.

  1. To do this, find your hard drive inside your computer.
  2. Remove any retaining screws and connecting cables.
  3. Remove the hard drive casing after removing all the small screws.
  4. Take a hammer and hit your hard disk repeatedly until the case opens (be sure to wear gloves and eye protection)
  5. Inside will be silver platters. Hit these or use a nail to make holes in them.

It will be impossible for data recovery software to read data when these platters are full of dents scratches and holes. This method provides the best way to wipe and completely destroy any available data.

How Do You Clean Your Hard Drive

If you are selling your computer, and you want it back in a fresh state, you can do this using these instructions without many tools to clean your drives.

Backup all your hard drive content. (You should always back up personal data on another medium, be it external or cloud service before wiping your drive completely).

Just moving files to the Recycle Bin won’t delete your data. You may not see files you deleted, yet they are there. The operating system changes file names, so they are not recognized. (Data recovery software easily finds these files).

Using a good wiping software, you can permanently delete your files from storage. Such software repeatedly writes over these spaces to destroy any data that is there.

To be sure, you can run a factory reset. A fresh installation of Windows 10 can finalize the overwriting of data, and improve performance. (Learn How To Delete Everything Off Laptop)

What is the Best Free Hard Drive Cleaner?

You can find many different Windows cleaners around, and many sell themselves on improving performance.

Any PC disk cleanup software that does its job effectively will increase the performance of a computer to a degree as it deletes temporary files. However, there are many PC optimization tools that try to install unwanted software on your computer and make performance worse than previously. (Read Kodi Streams)

Here are some of the best Windows cleaner tools options. There you can find an easy to use application, to help get rid of junk files and free up storage space.

Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup

Avast has more than just top Antivirus software, and you can get the advanced Avast Cleanup tool is another addition. Avast Cleanup may be a suitable choice for users who need reliable and easy to use PC cleanup software. It comes with a 30-day free trial. It offers to be the ultimate PC tuneup and can speed up and clean your PC. Update apps and fix problems.

Pros and Cons of Avast Cleanup

  • Good looking UI and easy to use
  • Clears junk files from supported app storage areas on hard drives
  • Sleep Mode will prevent unused apps from consuming system resources
  • Detects and suggests the removal of bloatware
  • Completely clears temporary browsing data for numerous supported browsers.
  • Provides built-in disk wiper and registry cleaning tools.
  • No free version

Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare Free

You can find a free version and a pro version of this IOBit PC cleaner. It aims to clean junk files, and privacy traces and remove threats in AI mode. Advanced SystemCare is easy-to-use computer clean up software and has all the essential features on the user interface.

Pros and Cons of Advanced SystemCare Free

  • Conducts startup optimization
  • Deletes junk files, fixes redundant shortcuts, clears browsing data, and more.
  • The PC optimizer checks outdated system drivers and optimizes RAM usage in real-time.
  • You can add functionality with add-ons such as IObit Uninstaller, Driver Booster, and Smart Defrag and more.
  • Desktop widget shows real-time data on RAM and CPU use.
  • Set the app to shut down your PC at specified times.
  • Will attempt to install additional software on the installation process.



CCleaner is the most famous Windows cleaner tool there is. It supports Windows 10 and older version of Windows and macOS also.

Among all the ones out there. Not just Windows 10 (and older versions), this utility software is also available for macOS as well.

It comes with features besides deleting useless files, it can also wipe your hard drive, and shows which apps run at startup.

It is popular, yet there is growing uncertainty over features like the Active Monitoring. Avast now owns Piriform, and the company says they are tackling such issues. However, you should be aware of this when trying the number on PC cleaner.

Pros and Cons of CCleaner Free

  • Easy to use app which quickly analyzes junk data on computers to delete it promptly.
  • You can configure the data you wish to delete or keep.
  • Intelligent cookie scans leave login information intact as it deletes other browsing data.
  • You can exclude specific folders from cleanup.
  • CCleaner comes with many features.
  • Receive regular software updates, but the free version doesn’t update automatically.
  • Intelligent cookie scan feature could raise privacy concerns among some users.
  • Very reliable removal process, and rarely causes issues
    The free version offers basic features.

Free trial of CCleaner professional available, which includes software updater, privacy protection and others.

Norton Utilities Premium

Norton Utilities Premium is a PC cleaner which speeds up and optimizes your computer.

It can repair common PC problems and speed up your PC startup time. It also supports Windows 10, 8, & Windows 7.

The software will free up hard drive space and offer faster program access.

The interface offers a 1-click optimization for your computer. You can also use it to delete files from browser downloads for enhanced digital privacy.

Pros and Cons of Norton Utilities

  1. Automatic optimization of computer processing power, memory, and hard disk.
  2. Fixes common issues to speed a PC.
  3. Identifies unwanted startup programs.
  4. Offers features to dispose of personal documents safely.
  5. Automated PC care when idle.
  6. No free version
  7. No free trial

All of the above do an excellent job with effective disk cleanup as they clean hard drive components. Even with the drive wipe features, you can use for extra security; there is something else to add to your computer.

A VPN tool isn’t a PC cleaner. Yet, once you transfer any files to online backup storage, or you carry out any online banking, all your personal data will be secure with advanced military-grade encryption.

No one, not even your ISP, can read one single file with this encryption and you are completely secure. A VPN provides the best way to get your files to another location you select. (Find the Best Australian VPN)

Best Hard Drive Cleaner