How To Speed Up Fortnite Updates

If you are a keen Fortnite player, you are most likely always keen to install the latest Fortnite update when they roll around.

However, because there are many millions of Fortnite players around the globe, you can find updates roll out later in some areas of the internet, or they take forever to download Fortnite as too many players share the same server.

The great thing is, it can be an easy fix to make sure you can download your Fortnite update faster.

Follow this guide, and you will see by the end how to make things download faster, so you can get back to gaming. (Learn What Is Port Forwarding Used For)

Speed Up Fortnite Updates

How to Download Fortnite Updates Faster

On occasion, when there are updates. Epic Games take down the servers to maintain them ready for the deluge of Fortnite season downloads.

Some updates are considerably larger than the others. Here are some of the Fortnite download sizes we have seen from previous updates.

  • Computer – 2.62 GB
  • PS4 – 9GB
  • Xbox – 8. 4 GB

The sizes can vary, and it shows why your update can have a very slow speed, and why you need to know how to download Fortnite faster.

Check out these steps to make your Fortnite downloading over the internet faster. These steps are for consoles, yet the steps are very similar on your computer.


Pause and Resume

After you begin your Fortnite download, Pause, and resume your update Fortnite download. It may sound strange, yet this can result in faster downloading speeds

Change DNS settings

  1. Changing DNS settings to Google’s public DNS can help console players. To do this, navigate to your network settings.
  2. Then ‘Set up your internet connection,’ and when asked about your DNS select manual and input these to start using your new settings: Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS: 8. 8. 4 .4

Rest Mode

One way that works for many is to switch your console to rest mode. Head to your Power Saving Settings (set the functions to rest mode)

  1. Enable auto-downloads from the menu – system (automatic downloads and updates)
  2. Next, enable rest mode and come back at a later time and you should see your Fortnite season download has finished.

Fix Slow Download Fortnite Season Updates

Xbox One

  1. Close any open games or applications: Bandwidth will take priority to open apps. To increase update download speeds, all your apps and games have to be closed.
  2. Avoid Internet peak times: One simple solution is to avoid downloading a game update during any busy time on the network.
  3. Change DNS settings: Same as the other console, changing DNS settings may increase download speeds.
  4. Head to ‘Settings – network tab – network settings – advanced settings – DNS settings’
  5. Next select manual and enter these, to use Google Public DNS: Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:

How to Fix Slow Download Speeds

Downloading any game or related Fortnite season updates can take hours depending on your connection.

Here are some things to try to fix your slow Fortnite update.

Move Your Console

It is best to use a wired connection when possible. This can increase your Fortnite download speeds and any Fortnite update you may be planning or trying to get.

Ethernet cables have a direct connection to your WiFi router through the back. Because you don’t share any bandwidth, or the connection issues caused by distance or walls, won’t affect your console or your computer.

If you don’t have an Ethernet cable, try to move your console as close as you can, and in direct sight of your WiFi router. You can see if this can increase your speeds and stop your slow download speed.

Use a VPN

A VPN can help resolve many update issues and can help you find out how to download faster.

It is worth noting, you will need a compatible router for consoles, but if you are a PC gamer, you can install a VPN in Windows. (Learn How To Fix High Packet Loss)

Using a VPN, you can select a location close to a Fortnite server. Rather than your download going through different points, it will go through an encrypted tunnel.

Because of this, your download speed is free from any interference, and you can bypass overloaded Fortnite servers in your region.

A VPN can slow your connection speed slightly, yet as there are no restrictions, you find your download speed increases.

A VPN can make a world of difference, and you can also find you can play on servers across the world rather than just increase your Fortnite download speed.

How To Speed Up Fortnite Updates