How To Watch Netflix Without A Smart TV

Netflix is available in over 190 countries around the globe, and to top this, figures show that almost 40% of internet users subscribe to stream content from the streaming service.

Smart TVs are the obvious option to watch movies and TV shows from the streaming service, yet not everyone is the owner of a Smart TV at present.

If you want to know how do I get Netflix on my TV, you can go through this guide and learn the different ways you can access services like Netflix and watch what you want to watch without having a Smart TV.

You can find many ways to watch Netflix on the big screen to watch all the movies, TV shows you desire.

Ways to Watch Netflix Without A Smart TV

Can I Watch Netflix on a Regular TV?

Two of the major concerns for many people are they have a conventional TV and wish to watch Netflix. Here are two key solutions to get Netflix. (Learn How to Watch US Netflix in Australia)

No HDMI Cable

You can easily cast Netflix to a bigger screen via media adapters such as Chromecast.

You can find this feature is available on many devices such as gaming consoles, Chromecast, and others. It is also possible to mirror a laptop or smartphone screen directly to devices connected to your TV.

The way to do this is to connect all devices to the same WiFi network and select the Netflix content you want to watch on a larger screen. Download the Netflix app, and once you connect, you can watch Netflix via this method.

  1. Tap the Cast icon in the upper right corner. You should see a list.
  2. Select a device, and your content should automatically appear.
  3. If you can’t see any cast icon, it’s probably because you haven’t connected to your WiFi.

No Internet Connection

It is possible you don’t have internet, or you are in a location you don’t have access to a connection.

Here are the simple steps on how to get around this:

You need an HDMI output cable connection. This will connect to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet and your TV.

You need Wi Fi access at some stage.

With a Netflix account, you can download your content ahead of time. Select your movie or TV show and choose the option to download. It can take a while, depending on the connection you have access to.

Once you have your content, open the Netflix app on your device and head to the ‘Downloads’ section. You can then begin streaming Netflix on TV via the HDMI port.

Can I Turn My TV Into a Smart TV?

Here are three ways how to get Netflix on TV without a Smart TV.

Apple TV

  1. Find the TV HDMI port. Will have an input channel number at the side of the port. if the TV doesn’t have HDMI, you can buy an HDMI-to-RCA adapter
  2. Place your Apple TV (4k) box close to your TV – keep everything as close as you can, in sight of the remote and uncovered.
  3. Connect one end of your HDMI cable into the Apple TV box and connect the other end to your TV.
  4. Connect the Apple TV power cable
  5. Turn on your TV
  6. Change the TV input to the HDMI channel
  7. Follow any on-screen setup instructions. (Select Wi-Fi network and enter password)
  8. Now you have Apple TV as your smart TV. Stream media via Netflix on your TV or other streaming services.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

  1. Find the TV HDMI port.
  2. Plug the Fire Stick into your TV HDMI input. The Fire Stick plugs right into the TV HDMI port
  3. If the TV is flush against a wall, use the HDMI extension cable you get with your Fire Stick into the TV, then plug the Fire TV Stick into the end of the extension cable.
  4. Connect the power cable. Connect the USB cable to the power adapter and connect to the power outlet.
  5. Place batteries in the Fire Stick remote. Uses two AAA batteries (supplied)
  6. Turn on your TV.
  7. Change the TV input to the HDMI channel.
  8. Press the “Play/Pause” button when prompted.
  9. Select a wireless network and enter your password.
  10. Wait for any updates to install.
  11. Sign in with your Amazon Prime Video account before you enter the home screen. Enter your Amazon account email address and password, and also your Netflix account details.
  12. Use your Fire Stick TV as a smart TV.

Google Chromecast has similar installation instructions, yet you need to download the Google Home app for your mobile device from the relevant app store.

Run the app, and the Chromecast device will detect your device, and you can then use the pair as your Smart TV.

What Devices Can I Use to Watch Netflix on My TV?

Besides the above, there are lots of other streaming media devices you can use as a way to stream Netflix.

You can use many set-top boxes, Blu Ray media players, or streaming device to play on your TV; Netflix supports many devices. Here are the most common ways you can do this. (Learn How to Watch HBO Max Australia)

Connecting a Laptop to a TV via HDMI

  1. Download the Netflix app to your laptop or use a web browser.
  2. Use an HDMI cable to connect to your TV.
  3. Make sure you have an electric socket as you will run your battery down if you don’t.
  4. You can also do the same with a PC if you have one close enough to your TV. Make sure either computing device is connected to the internet.
  5. Change the HDMI input, and you should see your content on the TV screen rather than on your laptop.

Netflix on Roku

Stream Netflix via Roku

Using Netflix on Roku is simple. As you power on, the Netflix icon should be visible on the Roku home screen.

Watching Netflix on Gaming Console

All of the next-generation game consoles like PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, Wii U are all compatible with Netflix. If you have a game console, you can get the Netflix app and stream any available content.

On PlayStation, head to the home screen and select ‘TV & Video.’ Select the Netflix app, and it downloads to your console.

With Xbox, head to the Microsoft Store and select Apps. Locate the Netflix app and click ‘Install.’

Watch Netflix on Android or iPhone

Stream your favourite Netflix films and TV series on your smartphone device.

  1. Download the Netflix app from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.
  2. Install, and log in with your Netflix account and password.

Many homeowners forget to realize that no matter which free option they use to access Netflix, they are connected to the internet.

Your internet connection needs securing against hackers or anyone taking an interest in your viewing habits.

Besides this, you can use a VPN to change your IP address, and you can then access an overseas Netflix library and watch video content ordinarily unavailable to you.

VPN apps from a premium VPN provider are compatible with all the above devices, or they have a configuration file for devices where you can’t install a device. (Find the Best Australian VPN)

To make this easier, you can install some VPNs on routers, and by doing so, you secure your home and access Netflix from anywhere.

How To Watch Netflix Without A Smart TV