How to Watch Supergirl Online

The Supergirl TV Show is a spin-off from Superman and follows the familiar exploits he went through, although with a different character.

Kara was sent to earth as protector of Kal El (Superman) but, her craft was knocked off-course, and she stayed in the Phantom Zone for 24-years.

By which time, Superman was all grown up. Roll on eleven years, and Kara, now 24, is coming to grips with her powers.

With a couple of otherworldly sidekicks, she battles against a horde of criminals and extraterrestrials.

Supergirl CastSupergirl Cast and Characters

Before you get a chance to watch Supergirl Season 4, here’s a rundown of the cast and characters.

  • Melissa Benoist – plays Kara Danvers AKA Supergirl
  • Mehcad Brooks – James Olsen, the Daily Planet photographer and potential love interest of Supergirl
  • David Harewood – J’onn J’onzz Head of the DEO and steals Hank Henshaw’s likeness when killed (Martian Manhunter).
  • Katie McGrath – Lena Luthor, the arch-nemesis of Superman Lex Luthor’s mother.
  • Jeremy Jordan – Winn Schott is Kara’s best friend and tech expert.

There are more in the Supergirl cast. However, the important thing is how you can watch Supergirl episodes online with no restrictions.

Supergirl TV SeriesWays of Watching Supergirl Online

Like many other shows in the US, Supergirl can be viewed via the CW app. However, this is an awkward workaround and is expensive compared to the most accessible method.

For this reason, we won’t go that route and will focus on one which is guaranteed to work.

For all the past episodes and watching the series Supergirl when you want, the best option for Australian viewers is US Netflix.

As we all know, US Netflix is blocked for any viewer outside of the USA. But, there is a straightforward workaround to this problem.

First up, any user who signs up for Netflix does have a global account, and this method gives access to any of the Netflix regions you desire to watch. US Netflix does have the most extensive content library, but there are some UK shows which you can delve into when you have brought yourself up to speed with the latest season of Supergirl.

watch Supergirl with VPNWatching Supergirl Online with a VPN

A VPN does two things, and the market leaders do these two things very well. They bypass any geo-locked content from any country. How they do this is simple in practice from the side of the user. (Learn How to Watch The Protector Online in Australia)

When you wish to access US Netflix to watch Supergirl, you need to start the VPN client and then select a US-based server.

Once you have done this, you can log in to Netflix as if you were living in the USA. Simple, but behind the scenes, there is more that goes on.

Choosing the Right VPN to Access Supergirl

When you set up VPN services, the best ones make this very easy to do and the best VPN for Australian viewers of Supergirl. This is done right out of the box.

With this in mind, the VPN market is full of false advertising, or the service works better in some regions than others. On top of this, some just can’t access US Netflix because they have their IP addresses blocked.

PureVPN is a prime example of this who has not only been blocked from US and UK Netflix, but they only work on Windows and Mac with no support for TV, Smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Another option could be NordVPN which is ranked in the top few VPNs around the globe.

However, they suffer for speed in some far-off regions due to most of their servers being in highly populated countries. Australia can suffer.

One other area of concern is, the company is based in Panama. However, they are linked to a US-based company, which falls inside the 5-eyes jurisdiction.

This could make it possible for a governing agency to request handing over data logs, although the company states they are a zero-logging company aside from minor session logs.

Another market leader in the VP space is Cyberghost VPN, they are facing a continual battle with Netflix, and one day they can access the service, and the next they can’t.

To top this, it also appears they have stopped trying with UK Netflix. How long they can fend off the blocks on US Netflix remains to be seen, but for this reason, they can’t be recommended.

The best option which continually succeeds in accessing all Netflix regions is ExpressVPN, and even if a block error comes up, their 24/7 365 support staff will quickly help find a working server.
With this VPN, you can watch Supergirl online in all her glory on the vast number of devices this VPN supports.