How To Watch The Protector Online in Australia

The Protector is a hit show; it is a US Netflix exclusive and has received wide acclaim. Already season 2 has concluded, and viewers worldwide are keen to find out how they can watch full episodes of the unsuspecting hero in this classy fantasy action-packed drama.

This guide shows how you can quickly get US Netflix in Australia so you can watch full episodes of “The Protector” and follow the hero’s quest in his fight against the immortal.

Accessing US Netflix is much easier than you think. After a quick look at the show and why it has audiences hooked, you will see how easy it can be.

Watch The Protector Online using US Netflex in Australia

The Protector so Far

The Protector episodes begin with the tale of Hakan, the young man who works in the family business.

With aspirations of stepping out on his own, he takes inspiration from a fellow Turkish business person. Okan Yalabik plays Faysal Erdem.

The Protector Season 1 set the scene, with many turns of events; there were countless clues to find for Hakan of his history.

On top of this, the talismanic shirt begins to lead him to forces of great power. (Read Cost Of Netflix Subscription)

He struggles to believe he is The Protector through the first season; love begins to get in the way.

Halfway through, we see Zeynep as he follows a trail to find the stone. This leads him and Kemal toward the Princes’ Islands.

Close to the end of season one, Hakan spotted something of interest as he was being escorted from a crime scene.

The last episode leaves viewers hanging when Leyla learns more about the immortal and the secret power its blood contained.

The Protector Season 2 expanded even further, with another immortal taking control of Leyla’s mind. (Read Putlockers New Site Today)

Her fate is hanging by a thread. Zeynep and Azra learn that the powers are being lost from the talismanic objects.

The finale of season two leaves a vicious showdown where blood is shed. Therefore, viewers around the globe will be waiting keenly to watch The Protector Season 3.

watch full episodes of The Protector is US Netflix using VPN

Where to Watch the Protector

The only place to watch full episodes of The Protector is US Netflix. Because of this, we saw you need a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions, which are in place.

To save problems, you can have your VPN installed before you attempt to do anything with Netflix.

Signing up for a VPN

When you look at VPN reviews, Australian users need the best download speeds. This is because there can be instances of buffering due to long distances.

ExpressVPN is by far the best streaming VPN in the industry. It delivers the best speeds while offering full military-grade encryption.

The range of features goes way beyond just bypassing geo-restrictions, as you would expect from a world-leading VPN service.

Signing up is straightforward with these simple steps

  1. Go to the ExpressVPN website
  2. Select your plan
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Select your payment option
  5. Receive the confirmation email. Follow the instructions
  6. Download the app for your device.
  7. Install the app and copy-paste the supplied code
  8. In the drop-down menu, change the country to the USA

Sign up for Netflix

  1. Navigate to the Netflix website
  2. Click on the ‘Join Free for a Month’ button
  3. Select your plan from the basic, standard or premium
  4. Enter an email address and create your password
  5. Click on register
  6. On the next page, select your payment option: credit or debit cards, PayPal, or Netflix gift cards.
  7. Click ‘Start Membership’
  8. Select your Netflix devices
  9. Click continue

Both services are easy to sign up for. The VPN comes with a fully refundable 30-day money guarantee. You can use this like a free trial and test all the features before you commit.

Do this simultaneously as your Netflix subscription, and you will see how easy it is to watch “The Protector” online, free.

Both seasons are available, so you can watch the action repeatedly before there is any sign of season 3 airing.