How to Watch RTL Now from Australia

One of the most popular networks in Germany is offered by RTL Interactive GMBH. They, like many other large broadcasting networks, have a streaming service, and in their case it is

The great thing with this platform is the wealth of content is provides for all viewers, and not just ones in Germany.

Accessing any of the channels from the number one German TV company brings top live online TV shows as well as sports. One of the top is full coverage of F1.

TV Now service offers

This alone makes it worth the minimal cost.

Here, we look at what this service offers, and how you can bypass the restrictions to jetzt testen (test now) to see if it fits in with your viewing habits.

What is Watch TV Now?

Before looking at the service, a word of caution about clicking on links for “Watch TV Now.” This isn’t associated with RTL.

If you click on it, you will be after “hilfe kontakt” help, contact because it is a browser hijacker, and takes over popular browsers.

What is TV Now?

The real TV Now service offers a great channel lineup. There are many channels to choose from the following:

  • RTL
  • RTL Living
  • RTL II
  • RTLplus
  • RTLPassion
  • RTLCrime
  • SuperRTL
  • Now US, WatchBox
  • N-TV, Nitro
  • Vox, Toggo Plus

Some of the shows available after the excellent sporting action is Deutschland Sucht den Superstar (Germany looks for a superstar), Alarm für Cobra, CSI, Nikita, MacGyver, and many more.

You can (schau dir) search by category, or click on the unter uns or even the sendungen A-Z for separate categories or an A-Z search.

While there is a paid option for exclusive, originals, and live TV, if you missed the broadcast (sendung verpasst), you can watch for up to 7-days after. One downside is that it is ad-supported so you will see werben auf TVNow (ads in shows).

Device support is great, and you can easily watch mein packet (my plan) with a browser or with the app on Amazon Fire devices, Android TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast, among others.

There is more than enough free content auf TVNow, but to stream TVNow live does need the premium package. (Read The Bachelor Australia Watch Online)

With exchange rates, this works out at around $8.50 AUS to ansehen merken TVNow in all its glory.

Creating an account is straightforward, with a few necessary details.

  1. Email address and confirm the email address
  2. Password
  3. Date of birth
  4. Accept terms and conditions
  5. On the next page, you add a full name
  6. Country (leave as Deutschland)
  7. You then have the option carry on using free or progress to the payment page

Bypass TVNow Restrictions using VPN

How to Bypass TVNow Restrictions

To watch RTL streaming does require a VPN. While you may think any will suffice, the German TV channels now come with an added layer of restrictions.

Bei TVNow, they have begun using anti-VPN software to prevent viewers from around the world from accessing the platform and making full use of free German TV streaming.

Luckily, our options here are all suitable to bypass these added restrictions. Not only that, if there is an issue because there are numerous servers in this country, you can disconnect and change to another German VPN server to gain access. (Read BBC iPlayer Australia)

Here are the top three VPN services to watchTVNow without problems in order of preference.

Best VPN for TVNow

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN unblocks websites in over 94 countries and can access any platform besides TVNow such as iPlayer and Netflix.

It has several optimized streaming servers in Germany, which are fast and reliable for connections to any country (Australia included).

It comes with plenty of user-friendly apps and runs on the most devices and routers for unlimited device connections.

With industry leading security protocols, 24/7 live chat customer support, no user is left in a vulnerable position or looking for assistance.

2. IPVanish

IPVanish has lots of German servers but lacks on countries further afield. It does, however, cater for connections to Australia, and can successfully bypass the restrictions set by TVNow. Users have ten simultaneous connections, and it runs on a decent number of devices.

As above, it uses the top security protocols and keeps users safe with a kills switch and AES 256-bit encryption.

It is, unfortunately, a US-based company, but they do claim they retain no logs.

3. Private Internet Access

PIA is another US-based VPN. However, it is a crowd favourite for many and can bypass the restrictions to watch German TV. With no logs and a full implementation of security protocols, it keeps users safe.

Download speeds are not the fastest of the three, yet they do allow streaming from TVNow without too many stutters. It has a good number of servers, yet only over a small number of countries.

Users can connect up to ten devices, and there are plenty of native apps available. To test this VPN, you have seven days before the money-back guarantee finishes.


With the new restrictions in place on Germany’s TVNow, it can be harder to find any other VPN service that can reliably gain access.

However, to save too many failed attempts, you are better heading straight to the number one option, because this proves itself time and time again to be the premium streaming VPN service, especially in Australia.

To get a good idea of the military-grade security, and the download speeds from the optimized servers. The top VPN offers an industry leading 30-day money-back guarantee.

Any user can see how easy it is to access free content on TVNow, or any other streaming platform that offers free content, or even paid from any country around the globe.

How to Watch RTL Now from Australia