Watch The Bachelor Aus Online

The Bachelor Australia, known as The Bachelor, is an Australian romantic reality dating program based on the world-famous American show of the same name.

The entire show is based on elimination and revolving around one Bachelor, and the bachelorettes competing to be the Bachelor’s choice come to the end of each season.

In Australia, The Bachelor is must-watch TV, and we have already seen the climax of season 8, and season 9 in the series is ready to start.

In our guide, you can learn a bit more about the show, and by the end, you’ll find out how to stream TV shows and full episodes such as The Bachelor from anywhere.

Watch The Bachelor Australia Online

Where Can I Watch The Bachelor Australia Online?

Currently, you can watch “The Bachelor Australia” streaming on TenPlay for free. All you need to do is subscribe to an account, which is free. You can then watch the Bachelor Australia show and all about love at your leisure.

Where Can I Watch The Bachelor Australia?

Many viewers get confused at this stage as they search for The Bachelor, and it can throw up the Bachelor US. With this show, there are 24 seasons. It was in the last season’s finale where there were a lot of controversies.

It wasn’t the ending of love everyone expected from the final show of the latest season.

How Can I Watch Old Seasons of The Bachelor Australia?

If you want to look back on an old episode and you are connected to the internet, you can discover past seasons and full episodes.

When you want to watch Bachelor Australia online old seasons, head to From here, all you have to do is search for The Bachelor Australia.

Once you complete your search, it presents you with the top episodes on the page available to stream next from the reality show. (Learn How to Watch Bar Rescue)

You will discover that this page redirects you to the Bachelor Australia TV shows provider; thus, they don’t host any of the content. Once you hit play, then the page changes.

Should you be outside the country, you can still use the website, yet as the streaming platforms, it takes you to are geo-restricted to Australia.

You will get a “Geoblocked Access is not available in your area” error from the likes of 9Now or “10Play is available for Australian residents only” for 10 play.

If you wish to watch old episodes of the reality TV show ‘The Bachelor Australia’, you can access all seasons starting from season one of the shows. 10 Play provider has every one of the 50 episodes there are currently available of the Bachelor Australia. (Read CBS All Access Australia)

It is easy to access the show so long as you are inside the country. If you happen to be outside, it can take a little time, yet it’s not impossible to bypass the restrictions.

Where to watch The Bachelor online

Is there a way to watch The Bachelor online?

When you want to watch the Bachelor Australia online, it is much easier than you think.

  1. Head to and click the sign-up button
  2. Enter your email address and create a password. This has to have one lowercase and uppercase character, one special character and a number.
  3. Click the next button
  4. On the next page, you need to add your personal details such as first name, last name, gender, month and year of birth, favourite genre of TV shows and movies, and an Australian postcode. (Find one on the internet if you don’t have one)
  5. Once you do this, select the terms and conditions of 10 Play and the CBS Network, and you are good to go.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email, so you are taken to the Bachelor Australia page or other TV show you tried to watch before you signed up once you do that.

If you wonder how you can watch the Bachelor Australia online, you can use any browsers or the following devices:

  • iOS and Android
  • Telstra TV
  • Apple TV
  • Freeview Plus
  • Samsung TV
  • Android TV
  • Fetch TV

One thing you’ll need to do is check with your provider to make sure you have sufficient data on your plan when using the 10 Play service on mobile devices.

Each episode can eat into your data allowance, and you may find you run out as you try to watch many full episodes.

If you like to keep up with The Bachelor Australia, or any TV shows from your favourite channels, you can subscribe to a premium VPN service.

Using a VPN, you can get access to all the best shows without any restrictions. A VPN does this to take your IP address from your current location and then change it with a VPN server inside Australia.

The good thing with this is you are kept private and secure, and no one can see what you are doing as you go about your daily online activities.

Even if you are inside Australia, you can still gain many benefits from using a VPN. Security is the top one, and then you can bypass restrictions to the USA, UK or any other country and watch the best top content from any free provider there.

No longer can your ISP retain any personal information for two years, so you have no one keeping tabs on you as you try to keep out of sight.

Watching the Bachelor Australia while abroad is the smallest thing a VPN can help you achieve. You can test all this functionality using a risk-free money-back guarantee from the best streaming VPN that meets all your requirements.

Watch The Bachelor Aus Online