How To Watch Get Away With A Murderer Season 2

For the past few years, one of the top TV shows has been How to Get Away with Murder. It follows the story of a criminal defence attorney and law professor Annalise Keating.

Along with five of her top students, they become embroiled in a twisted murder case.

Having taken on many cases, there are many twists and turns for the cast of How to Get Away with Murder. Fans want to go back and search for old episodes.

After a quick look at episodes and cast of the show, you can learn how to watch How to Get Away With Murder Online.

Watch Get Away With A Murderer Season 2

Hot to Get Away With Murder Cast and Episodes

  • Viola Davis as Annalise Keating
  • Billy Brown as Nate Lahey
  • Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh
  • Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt
  • Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone
  • Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino
  • Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom
  • Conrad Ricamora as Oliver Hampton
  • Rome Flynn as Gabriel Maddox
  • Amirah Vann as Tegan Price

How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode Guide

  • Episode 1 – It’s Time to Move On: In season 2 episode 1 we saw the gang reeling from Rebecca’s disappearance. Annalise and Frank hid the truth about Rebecca and tried to find the culprit.
  • Episode 2 – She’s Dying: In Season 2 Episode 2 sees Annalise try to defend her sibling clients
  • Episode 3 – It’s Called the Octopus: Annalise defends an elite sex club owner, and sibling clients accused of murder.
  • Episode 4 – Skanks Get Shanked: Wes uncovers more about Rebecca’s disappearance. Connor suffers a crisis defending a girl accused of murder.
  • Episode 5 – Meet Bonnie: The team grows anxious about the arrest, meanwhile Wes probes something about Rebecca’s disappearance.
  • Episode 6 – Two Birds, One Millstone: In Two Birds One Millstone, Annalise defends a transgender professor client accused of killing her husband.
  • Episode 7 – I Want You to Die: In I Want You to Die, Eve defends Nate, and Annalise takes a client accused of causing suicide.
  • Episode 8 – Hi, I’m Philip: Philip blackmails Annalise, and new evidence shows secrets. Catherine and Caleb ponder a plea deal. Caleb is unsure.
  • Episode 9 – What Did We Do?: Sinclair’s feud with Annalise reaches a climax. Annalise pressures a Keating 5 member. Keating 5 are left on their own.
  • Episode 10 – What Happened to You, Annalise?: Annalise suffers hallucinations. Meanwhile, Wes wants to learn how Annalise knew his secret.
  • Episode 11 – She Hates Us: Wes languishes in a psych ward. Meanwhile, Annalise shares her past.
  • Episode 12 – It’s a Trap: Annalise’s gamble, meanwhile Wes hits the road to learn of his mother’s death.
  • Episode 13 – Something Bad Happened: Wes visits Eve about his mother’s death.
  • Episode 14 – There’s My Baby: New assistant DA questions the team about Emily Sinclair.
  • Episode 15 – Anna Mae: How to Get Away with Murder Season finale shows Annalise return to reveal the killer’s identity.

Best VPN to Watch How to Get Away With Murderer

Where to Watch How to Get Away With Murder

You can find one place with How to Get Away With Murder streaming for every episode of every season. US Netflix has all six seasons.

Here you can see how easy it is to watch How To Get Away with a Murderer online.

Creating a Netflix account is straightforward, and you can do this in Australia. However, the catalogue will be different than the US Netflix library. It is this reason why you can watch How to Get Away with Murder online episodes in their entirety.

A premium VPN lets you set the VPN server to one inside the USA, and then you can access the US Netflix. From here, you can watch How to Get Away With Murder from season 1 to season 6 with nothing missing.

Once you select the best streaming VPN, you can watch and follow all Annalise’s antics and how time is close for her and the team.

The top VPNs offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can watch How to Get Away With Murder season 2 as easy as any other, and cancel before you get charged. It is the closest you can get to watch How to Get Away With Murder season 2 free.

How To Watch Get Away With A Murderer Season 2