How to Watch TVB Hong Kong Drama Online Free

If you were a fan of the smash-hit Drama City from Korea, then there are many alternatives from Hong Kong in the same vein.

It is possible to find lots of HK drama that can satisfy anyone’s taste in different drama genres to watch online.

You can also find lots of drama movies to watch you may like, which are in Cantonese and often come with subtitles from Hong Kong.

Depending on where you check, you can find some sites are the real deal, and some do tread on the toes of copyright in Hong Kong.

Here, you can learn how to watch TVB drama online from Hong Kong. You can learn how to access a vast number of drama shows and Cantonese drama movie options to let you experience and watch a very different type of available TV from Hong Kong.

Best VPN to Watch TVB in Hong Kong

Watch TVB in Hong Kong

TVB is the largest TV broadcasting company in Hong Kong and is packed with lots of drama shows and movies. Besides this, you can use the TVBAnywhere+ app on Android and iOS, or the myTV Super app also available to watch a movie or watch drama on the go. (Learn How To Watch Premier League In Australia)

To get the best from this Hong Kong channel, you do need to subscribe. However, you do have alternatives to watch the best movies and shows for free.

Use VPN to Watch HK Drama

You can find many streaming sites to watch Hong Kong drama free, and you can access many quickly without signing up.

The issue is that, like many free streaming sites, you have the same old disclaimer message before you even get to a menu and search for anything.

“This site does not store any files on its server. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.”

Many of the movies and shows you find on the menu may be legitimate, yet it is hard to tell.

When you access or, you see they are both HTTPS sites, so you have some security.

Both of these online sites are very similar, right down to the movie media tiles of the drama, and they let you access these third-party movies with a single click.

You will also see that many of the movie sources you watch of your HK drama are the same online source for each site.

It is worth using a VPN to make sure you are safe accessing these Hong Kong TVB movies. Also, in a premium VPN app, it will let you select your TVB server. (Read Best VPN Providers)

You can select Hong Kong to get the fastest speeds to your HK drama movies from Hong Kong and the TVB drama movie or show you can choose. Your VPN will take your IP address and change it with a new one from the Hong Kong server.

As you stream any copyright TVB movie you like online, your ISP, governing body, or hacker may think you are in rather than a third of the world away in Australia.

How to Watch TVB Hong Kong Drama Online Free