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It does not take much of a decision to install one of the best ad blockers or privacy extensions for Firefox, even though it aims to be one of the safest browsers there is.

Online ads are often used to support the free content and to subsidise many popular websites or services such as social media.

However, poorly designed, annoying ads or intrusive pop-up ads slow down your browsing and can be dangerous when used by cybercriminals to trick unaware users.

Easy to use ad-blockers tackle these issues, by blocking ads and including anti-tracking to stop anyone watching what you get up to online.

The other benefits aside from blocking irritating ads, these ad-blockers save precious bandwidth, which is excellent when browsing on your mobile devices such as Android and iOS as they can make your internet connection faster.

One thing to note is some decent websites depend on ads and can break or restrict access to your content when ad-blockers are detected.

Here, you can learn more about these ads, and which is the best adblock for Firefox.

Does Firefox Have an Ad-Blocker

Firefox offers a suite of security features and the built in ad-blocker being the focus. Besides blocking ads, you can stop over 2,000 trackers and see how many the browser has itself blocked.

Besides this, you have a built in password manager, and also Firefox Monitor which will inform you if your information is a part of a data breach from another company.

How Do I Block Ads on Mozilla Firefox?

If you use the built in ad-blocker, this is set by default to the standard level. You can see it running as there is a small shield to the left of your address bar. Hover your mouse over this to see the number of trackers blocked.

Besides this, you can click on it to see more information or go to the settings page. If you wish to use a third-party adblock for Firefox, it is very straightforward.

  1. Click the three menu bars to the right of your browser
  2. Select add-ons
  3. Select Extensions on the left
  4. Type ad-blocker in the search box
  5. Select your ad-blocker from the list

To find which the best one for you is, you can see from our short reviews here.

What is the Best Ad-Blocker for Firefox?

Here we have some of the best ad-blockers you can install on Firefox to make your browser more secure and ad-free.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus (ABP) is one of the more popular ad-blockers for Firefox and other browsers. ABP offers quick setup and loading pre-set filters in list form so you can block most ads, including video ads with no effort.

It also has buttons for filtering malware and social media buttons which often get in the way.
You can select additional block lists, custom filters, or you can whitelist your favourite sites, so they still pass through some acceptable and “non-intrusive advertising.” You can also disable this if you wish.

If you are on mobiles like Android, the Firefox AdBlock Plus browser presents you with a Firefox-based browser. On iOS, the AdBlock Plus app will integrate with the Safari content blocker.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin

It is simple to install this ad-blocking extension into Firefox. Most of the time, there is not much you need to do to configure the ad-blocker. It does come with a host of filter lists, yet the defaults are sufficient to stop nearly every ad you can think of.

It allows you to whitelist sites, or you can select on separate elements of a web page to block that portion. You can also prevent significant media elements, cosmetic elements, remote fonts and javascript.

With uBlock Origin, you can improve your browsing experience as it is rare to see any pop-ups or annoying ads from regular sites you may visit.

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate, like many others, is a free browser-based ad-blocker, which takes excellent strides not buckle under pressure from any advertising company. It strictly stops all ads, not letting any acceptable ads or annoying ads through its detection.

Besides, AdBlocker Ultimate blocks malware and adware as well as the most common tracking domains. It makes a great addition to Firefox or any other browser you may decide to run it on.

Alternative Ways to Block Ads in Firefox

Here you have the best ways to block ads in Firefox. If you wish to stop tracking, you can select any other options to use besides such as Ghostery, Privacy Badger and Disconnect.

AdGuard was a close contender yet this is not strictly for Firefox and is a system-wide ad-blocker.

These three do a fantastic job of stopping trackers rather than intrusive ads. However, there is one way you can prevent most of these before they reach your browser.

Using a premium VPN is an ideal way to keep your device ad-free as it blocks ads before they reach your device. The NordVPN adblocker, for example, uses the CyberSec feature.

It can stop all manner of things such as sites hosting malware, ads, phishing scams and avoiding botnet control, and more. One thing it does not do, and this is at the request of Google is not to block ads in the NordVPN app you download from the Google Play Store. (Read our NordVPN Review)

If this is a concern, you can download the APK directly from the NordVPN website.

You can find this sort of thing from many premium VPN’s in one of their way of delivering the same kinds of features. Using the best VPN service does make a compelling argument to be the best Adblock for Firefox.

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