Where Does Utorrent Install

Many people install uTorrent because it is still the most popular peer-to-peer torrent client software on the Internet. Millions of users use it to download and exchange files, movies, audio, programs, and much more.

If you’ve recently installed uTorrent on a Windows device, you may have observed that you do not have a chance to pick an alternative installation directory. Instead, it will install uTorrent under the percent %AppData% uTorrent folder.

You completed the setup process properly and selected to create a desktop and startup menu shortcut so that uTorrent would not get lost among your other software programs. However, you cannot find the uTorrent icon on your startup menu or your desktop.

uTorrent Installation Folder

Other uTorrent users have also had problems finding the uTorrent icon on their systems, so this isn’t a one-off issue.

They can even open uTorrent and pin the application shortcut to the taskbar on Windows 10. The uTorrent shortcut vanishes from the Start menu, and the taskbar after users exit the uTorrent application. (Find the Best Torrents Websites That Actually Work)

Aside from that, the app is frequently scrutinized because it can introduce display ads. So, if you merely want to get your icons back, find the uTorrent installation folder, or get rid of the app, you can learn where to find the installation directory and all the files you need to get rid of, or the exe file so you can create a permanent quick launch icon.

Where Can I Find uTorrent Installation Folder?

If you wonder, where is uTorrent installed on Windows 10 after you install uTorrent because you can’t seem to locate its folder? You can discover this happens a lot as there are limited install options for the software. Much of this is so it can introduce ads without you being able to stop them.

Here is one way you can find your uTorrent installation

Open Task Manager: On a Windows 10 computer, you can search by pressing the key combo of Ctrl+Shift+Esc. This opens the Task Manager. You can also press ctrl+alt+del and select the task manner option from the bottom of the menu.

Head to ‘Details’ Tab

Examine the upper section of the opened window. Processes, Performance, and App History are just a few of the options available. The tab titled Details should be visible if you look further to the right. Select it by clicking on it. On Windows 10, the task manager’s details tab.

Find the Image Path Name

When you’re on the Details tab, right-click on any column header and choose Select Columns from the drop-down menu. These options should be available through a context menu. Then select Image Path Name from the drop-down menu. Then, on the next screen, click the OK button.

From both the Processes tab or the details tab, if you have uTorrent running on your Windows 10 computer, you can right-click on the listing, and from the context menu, you have the option to go to file location. (Read HarmonQuest Torrent Guide)

Where to Find uTorrent on Windows 10?

When you install uTorrent and want to locate the installation directory, you can’t use the above to locate the folder. The option is blocked if you are not signed in with an operating system administrator account. Here are the steps you can follow to locate the related folders manually.

Once you find this location, you can create your desktop icon from the program exe file.

Select the drive where your operating system is installed on. Windows is typically the C: Drive.

  1. Go to This PC and then click on C.
  2. Go to Users, navigate to your username, and then go to AppData.
  3. From there, head to Roaming.
  4. If you cannot see the AppData roaming folder, enable the “Show Hidden Folder” option and access the same location using an administrator account.

Note: Sometimes uTorrent looks to be running a process on your Task Manager, yet you can’t click on the options such as Properties and Open File Locations. You can also find the AppData/Folder may also be listed as a uTorrent folder.

If you didn’t change the default installation directory, you should find uTorrent installed in the user/AppData/roaming folder.

uTorrent Installation Guide


Installing uTorrent the Right Way

Once you have downloaded the installer, you would then have options when you run the related installer; however, when users skip through these, they struggle to locate the uTorrent install location as it doesn’t install in the Program Files directory.

If you want to know where uTorrent was installed, you can easily run through the installation and pay attention to your configuration preferences.

Rather than letting the installer automatically setting preferences, here is all you need to carry out a fresh install.

If you recently tried to install uTorrent on your Windows 10 computer, you may have seen the installer not offer the option to set or change an installation directory of the app.

Even the current latest version of the application in a fresh install, the app-only offers the following pages and program settings you can make rather than selecting an install directory.

Here are the uTorrent application installation pages you’ll encounter in order and the default settings as they are listed.

  1. Welcome page
  2. Warning page
  3. End-User License Agreement (EULA)
  4. Optional offer (ads, it appears a minor setting, yet decline this as it can leave your system vulnerable when you use it for downloads)
  5. Install options (Create Windows start menu entry, Create quick launch icon, Create desktop icon)
  6. Configuration (additional settings and the file types to be associated when you run uTorrent)
  7. Installation confirmation

By default, uTorrent will be installed and located in the AppData folder in your Windows partition drive. To access this folder, follow these steps:

Open the Run dialog by pressing Win + R.

Type the following and press Enter to go to the uTorrent installation folders: %AppData%\uTorrent

If you search the official uTorrent forum, you cannot install uTorrent in a custom directory any longer. They say the uTorrent app can be updated in the background without any User Account Control prompts.

Which country app is uTorrent?

Rainberry, Inc., originally established as BitTorrent, Inc., is an American corporation responsible for the oversight advancement of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol and even the ongoing development of uTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline, two clients for the protocol.

It was established on September 22, 2004, in San Francisco, California, United States.

Where are uTorrent Files Stored Mobile?

The uTorrent folder location on mobile is the downloads folder. However, if you cant locate this, you can follow these steps and search for the folder on your device.

  1. Head to Internal storage
  2. Open the file named “Android.”
  3. Open “data”
  4. Open “com.utorrent.client”
  5. Open “files”
  6. Open “downloads”

Here, you will find all the files you save and are located together.

Now you can see where uTorrent installed or make sure you know where it is; like with any version, you need protection when you make any downloads from the internet.

One of the key areas is your data being used for the targeted ads you see. Currently, so many online advertisers automatically grab user information each time you download.

Besides this, when you download using uTorrent, your IP address is part of a torrent swarm as you seed files to other users who will download the same file. (Read How to Remove uTorrent Ads)

A VPN is recommended for any user who does any torrenting, as these mask your location and hide your identity.

A premium VPN can stop trackers following you around the web and hide your location to stop hackers or copyright trolls from gaining access to your system or finding your location.

Where Does Utorrent Install