How To Disable Ads On Utorrent

uTorrent is among the most popular torrent clients and has been for many years.

It’s lightweight, reliable, and fast, however other torrent software options are closing the gap, and much of this is down to the complacency of BitTorrent Inc, which acquired uTorrent in 2006.

Additional bloatware and browser search bars were hijacking the user’s browser after installation at one stage.

Guide to Disable Ads On Utorrent

Nowadays, companies need revenue to survive, and after all the bloatware was removed, it left uTorrent an ad-supported torrent client.

You can stop these if you purchase the Pro uTorrent version. Apart from using the ad-free version, there isn’t much chance of disabling ads by any regular user. (Read our Guide to Torrent in Australia)

In our guide, you can learn how to stop uTorrent ads from ruining your downloading experience. You will also see how to mute uTorrent ads to make your system faster in operation.

How Do I Remove Ads from BitTorrent?

Here you can learn how to disable ads when downloading torrents on BitTorrent free version.

  1. Open the BitTorrent software on your PC
  2. From the main menu, navigate to options – preferences
  3. Select “advanced” in the “Preferences Window.”
  4. Search for the following parameters in the Filter box. Change values of the parameters to “false” by using the radio buttons
  • offers.left_rail_offer_enabled
  • gui.show_plus_upsell
  • offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled
  • bt.enable_pulse
  • gui.show_notorrents_node

If you can’t see them, you can use the filter field and search for them. Once done, click OK, and ads will have been removed from the software after you close and restart the app for an ad-free experience. (Learn How To Turn Off Seeding uTorrent)

How Do I Disable Ads?

Disabling ads in uTorrent isn’t the most helpful thing since the company uses these for funding operations. However, it can lead to problems such as bog down your computer.

Here’s how to start uTorrent, remove ads, and have a downloading experience that’s ad-free.

  1. Launch uTorrent (You’ll see the standard interface with ads showing at the top)
  2. Click on Options in the top menu bar and select “Preferences.”
  3. On the left menu bar, Click on ‘Advanced’ toward the bottom of the list
  4. On the right, you’ll have a host of commands or strings that are different. These will have one of these two values: true or false.

Here’s the list of commands to search for and change.

  • enable_pulse
  • show_notorrents_node
  • show_plus_upsell
  • content_offer_autoexec
  • left_rail_offer_enabled/left_rail_offer
  • sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled
  • sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled

Set all these to ‘False,’ and you will disable ads in uTorrent. You could find they still appear in certain areas, so it’s time to put on your advanced user cap and do the following:

Exit preferences, then hold down Shift + F2 as you click to select preferences again. (Read About Opera Free VPN)

Now, you can see a new list of additional commands. Merely change the value to false to remove ads from uTorrent.

  • show_gate_explaination
  • show_gate_notify
  • show_plus_av_upsell
  • show_plus_conv_upsell
  • show_plus_upsell_nodes
  • backup_left_rail_offer_enabled
  • backup_sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled
  • upgrade_panel
  • upgrade_toolbar

Should you not have these new commands showing, make sure your uTorrent is updated. So, make sure you’re using the latest version before you remove ads from uTorrent. (Learn How To Uninstall uTorrent Completely)

How Do I Disable uTorrent?

If you use the new uTorrent 2.0, you could see it starts automatically when you boot into Windows. It can do this, even if you disable it in the system configuration.

Here you can learn how to disable the free and ad-free versions of uTorrent starting automatically.

  1. Start uTorrent, and on the menu bar, navigate to Options \ Preferences
  2. Under the General section, uncheck the box at the side of “Start uTorrent on system startup.”
  3. Click “Ok” to save and close Preferences.

Reboot, and you will see you won’t restart uTorrent as your computer starts. (Learn How to Unblock Banned Torrent Sites in Australia)

Best uTorrent Settings

What Are the Best uTorrent Settings?

Before you think about upgrading to the pro version and spending so much per year, you can get rid of ads in uTorrent using the above, and you can so tweak uTorrent to offer you the best experience. (Read Watch Bellator Australia)

uTorrent is by default optimized to give maximum download speeds. You can find certain ways to increase download speed and optimize the uTorrent client.

Bandwidth settings are a great way to optimize uTorrent—Press CTRL+P and then preferences.

  1. Select bandwidth from here. You should know what your internet bandwidth is in Mbps for changing this setting.
  2. Enter your bandwidth in kB/s beneath the maximum download rate and set the bandwidth to deliver faster speeds.

Many users wish to stop seeding; however, upload speed and download speed are affected by each other. uTorrent uses an algorithm as it uploads a download.

Thus, if you limit the download, the upload speed can be affected. However, it is the other way where you stop any upload speed, as you’ll see your downloads suffer.

For the best results, reduce your upload speed by 25% if your download speed is limited.

Individual Torrent Bandwidth Allocation is used to prioritize a specific torrent. Right-click on it and allocate a higher number for better results.

Virus and Malware Protection

Make sure your device is safe from any torrent containing a virus. Many sites only have verified torrents, yet you shouldn’t presume they are all the same.

Protect your torrent from viruses and malware, and you will see that speeds stay as fast as possible as malware can affect speed severely.

There is a lot of antivirus software packages available to install and protect you against hackers. Depending on the types of ads you find on torrent sites, these can expose you to hackers.


Ads will affect torrent speed as they eat up bandwidth by sending and receiving data. Sponsored ads are unhealthy for your torrent.

Follow the above and disable ads in uTorrent. It is just the free versions of uTorrent, and the Paid versions are ads-free. You will find you can disable these ads in the advanced settings instead of spending for the privilege.


One of the better ways to protect yourself against any threats is something any user should do when using uTorrent. Installing a VPN will stop hackers from getting onto your system and increase your speeds as the connection can direct to countries servers rather than passing around many waypoints. (Find the Best Free VPN)

Some VPNs can also help remove uTorrent ads as they are unsure where to target now you have a unique IP address.

Either way, all your files will be encrypted, you can access blocked torrent sites in Australia, and nobody, including your ISP (internet service provider), will see what you are doing.

How To Disable Ads On Utorrent