How to Get a US iTunes Account in Australia

iTunes is available around the globe, and on many occasions, users need to create an Apple account.

The problem is, these are usually tied to your home country via your address. This might seem rational, but having a US iTunes account can bring many benefits.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks of how to create and maintain a balance on one.

Here we’ll look at how to create one, maintain a balance, and what the benefits are in having an iTunes USA account.

iTunes US Account in Australia

Benefits of USA iTunes

Setting up a US iTunes account can open the doors to cheaper music or movies which aren’t available in Australia or are more expensive.

This is down to apps defaulting to your home region and can include apps for Netflix, HBO, Hulu etc. because there are many as the Geo-blocked content.

All this is on top of the inflated prices it costs for some apps or music downloads in Australia or any other country outside of the USA.

US iTunes Features

How to Create a US iTunes Account in Australia

  1. Start Apple iTunes (if you already have an account), make sure you are logged out.
  2. Navigate to the Apple iTunes Store
  3. Scroll to the bottom of iTunes. There you’ll see an Australian flag (or the flag of the country you’re in).
  4. Click on the flag icon.
  5. Look for the United States flag, then click on it.
  6. Next, you find anything free inside iTunes. This might be an App, Audiobook, a TV Show episode, etc.
  7. For these instructions, we’ll search for a free TV show
  8. In the top left corner of iTunes, you’ll see a drop-down menu.
  9. Click it, then select TV Shows.
  10. Next, look for free TV Episodes in the menu on the right side of the screen and click on one. Click on any of the listed shows in the free TV episode section.
  11. Find any TV episode which has a “Get” button next to it. Click the “Get” button.
  12. Now, you will see the iTunes log inbox. Click on “Create New Apple ID”
  13. Enter an email address for your Apple ID. (Make sure it’s NOT associated with another iTunes account. Also, make sure it isn’t a ‘.com’, or a ‘’, ‘.co.Uk or anything similar.
  14. Create and verify your new password.
  15. Click the checkbox for the terms and conditions.
  16. Lastly, click on Continue.
  17. Now, you need to enter your personal information & create your security questions. Once done, click the ‘Continue’ button.
  18. Click on the ‘Payment Option’, which is labelled ‘None.’
  19. Enter a fake US address. (Use any US-based hotel address. For a phone number, you can use 000 0000000 because iTunes demands a number, although it might not verify the accuracy.)
  20. Next, you’ll be prompted to check the email sent from Apple, which includes the verification code. Go to your email inbox to retrieve the verification code.
  21. Copy your verification code, navigate back to iTunes, & paste or type the verification code in the box. Click on ‘Verify.’
  22. Your account is now created, and you can log into iTunes.

Funding Your US iTunes Account

As you can see from the above instructions, they created an iTunes account without a credit card.

The easiest way to fund your American iTunes is by using a US iTunes gift card. (Read How to Watch HBO In Australia)

These can be purchased on eBay, or you can buy iTunes cared online from internet stores easily, although if you have a code that doesn’t work, you have little security for getting a refund. If you have friends or family in the US, it is much easier, safer and quicker to ask them to purchase an iTunes voucher on your behalf.

American iTunesWhen you have your code, all you need to do is head back to the US iTunes Store & click the Redeem link.

Next, enter your Password for your US iTunes account login.

Now just type the iTunes card code in the box, then click Redeem. Your iTunes account is now funded.

Update: With the use of a US company like, you can purchase the US iTunes gift card yourself, and they will email you the code. They accept PayPal, so it is a straightforward solution.

iTunes Account Error in Australia

On occasion, you might find you are presented with the following error:

‘We could not complete your iTunes store request.’

This could be down to you being outside the US. Although you have signed up for a US account, it is nothing to worry about when using a VPN and is an easy fix.

Here are things to check to eliminate any other areas which cause the problem.

  • Check your connection.
  • Check the System Status – Aussie iTunes might be working, but this doesn’t mean the US iTunes is up and running.
  • Updated software – be sure all your software is up to date. On occasion, the date and time can fall out of synch. Make sure it is set accordingly or set it for automatic.

And Finally

All the steps are straightforward in creating a US iTunes Account in Australia. There you can see the full wealth of content that is available for purchasing, viewing or downloading.

Using a VPN changer can make the entire process more manageable, and they do this by masking your Australian IP address and changing it to an American one.

All the way from registration to browsing the iTunes store becomes much more accessible. The hardest part on your side is.

To be sure of is to open an iTunes account for America rather than your Australian account.

These VPN’s can make your connection safe for financial transactions and convince iTunes all your apps are American, but they can’t remind you to open the right account.

A little of the responsibility will still fall on your shoulders. Do that, and you can spend countless hours browsing the millions of available songs in the US store of iTunes.