How Safe Is Gmail

Millions upon millions of users have a free Gmail account as their go-to email provider. While it is handy and convenient, there are worries it may not be as safe as it appears. The built-in antivirus one key area in question, it’s good to have, but it appears it shouldn’t be relied on.

Google is well-known for data gathering, and this is something users accept to use the service, yet how safe is it from outside forces?

In our guide, we will look at if any third party can bypass security features and get access to your account without your knowledge and read your messages. You can also learn Gmail secure as an email service, or is there a better way of encryption to improve your privacy?

By the end, you should know more about your online privacy using Gmail and what steps you can take to increase online protection for your computer. (Learn How To Erase Online Presence)

Gmail Improve Privacy

What are the Disadvantages of Gmail?

Gmail is known to scan user messages and send this information to Google.

Such info is used to monitor purchases, flights and any bills. All information is gathered to bolster up Googles online profile of its users.

Besides this, you can find Gmail doesn’t work well with desktop software. It isn’t possible to download or backup your email box, and you can see Google AdWords in use. So, is Gmail secure?

How Can I tell if an Email From Google is Legitimate?

Is Gmail safe? Phishing emails appear so real; it’s hard to tell if an email is genuine or bogus. One of the main ways is that hackers insert a link for you to click and add personal details.

Such emails can come from anyone who gets payments from AdWords.

Other emails are often subjected to ‘Urgent or Security Alerts.’ Placing a sense of urgency can get users to react in a way that leads them to follow the links.

Google will never ask for

  • Usernames and passwords, including password changes on accounts
  • Social Security numbers
  • Numbers for bank accounts
  • PINs (Personal Identification Numbers)
  • Credit card numbers
  • Your mother’s maiden name
  • Your birthday

If Google sends emails, the ‘From’ address will contain ‘,’ and the ‘Return-Path’ should also include ‘’ Make sure the received and reply headers are correct.

Can My Gmail Get Hacked?

Anyone can wonder, is Gmail secure? It is a popular option, and because of this, it is rife for someone, namely hackers, to try and break into accounts and scour a message.

Here are areas you can see if Gmail is a great option as your primary email provider.


Phishing attacks are used to steal your data or take over your operating system and computer.

They’ll send an email with either links or attachments, and opening these gives them access to your computer. Gmail uses machine learning to help spot such emails.


Someone can listen to web traffic, especially when you’re using public WIFI such as a coffee shop.

Gmail forces all traffic to use HTTPS features to stop someone listening on your email while on insecure WIFI networks.

Check the lock in the browser address bar to see if you have HTTPS on, or HTTPS off.

Gmail Security Features

Password Guessing

Gmail uses security features to stop anyone guessing your password.

Two Factor Authentication, which, when turned on, requires you to use apps or a text message to sign in to your account. Using a new computer also asks for confirmation. You can receive codes via text message to get past 2-factor authentication.

Password guessing is when someone tries to log in over and over. If Google spots a brute force attack, it locks you out.

Activity on this account. Using one click, it’s easy to see exactly where your account is used. It is possible to lockout other sessions.

Mobile Security

Gmail comes with great apps for Android or iOS so you can sync email to your phone.

Connections from the phone app and Gmail uses SSL encryption. A hacker with sniffing software can’t access your email messages, even when using the app on public wifi.

While secure, do the following to make your phone more secure:

  • Protect it with strong passwords
  • Make sure mobile encryption is enabled for your Gmail account
  • Have a way to track your phone devices


Is Gmail secure against the Government? Should the FBI or police obtain approval form a judge, they can request to see someone’s email messages. Google keeps a level of transparency for this, and you can see details on their website. (Learn How to Delete Google Search History)

What is the Most Secure Email?

While so many use Gmail, there are other email providers offering a more secure experience.

You can find many free service providers such as Proton Mail, Mailfence and others that use secure storage, and end-to-end encryption of all messages. For many, the encryption is as high as you can get, and can prevent anyone from gaining access.

However, there is one way you can make email security even stronger, regardless of which email provider you use a VPN.

Such is the reliability of VPN security and encryption; they are the best way how to secure Gmail account from hackers. With military-grade encryption, it is the right software to improve security online.

You can use this encryption all the time, or you can turn it off for less sensitive data.

You can find the best VPNs are so good; they will increase the level of security to such a level that they will protect your communications from Google or anyone who want access or need to see your messages.

A VPN can be the first easy step you need to take to keep you safe online no matter what your activities.

How Safe Is Gmail