How to Speed Up Internet

No matter how fast an internet connection, many users are often searching how to speed up internet connection. It may not be as hard as you imagine, yet there are reasons your internet speeds are slow in the first place.

With router placement, for Wi Fi connections being a prime culprit. You can also find your ISP throttles or slow down your connection when using bandwidth-heavy applications such as streaming.

In our guide, you can learn how to check you are getting the speed you are paying for and how you can get the most from your internet connection. (Read What Is The Meaning Of Bandwidth In Network)

By the end, you will see every way how to speed up your internet and fix all your Wi Fi problems.

Speed Up My Internet Connection

How Can I Improve My Internet Speed?

Before looking at how to boost your internet speed, you need to know your speed compared to the speeds you pay for.

You will need to check your internet plan with your ISP (Internet service provider) as they will give you a speed and generally build in an allowance of possible speeds you can expect.

The words’ Up To’ a certain Mbps are often used to cover any slowdowns of service and connection speeds.

To check, you will need to carry out a speed test, but first, you need to make sure all data-intensive activities are closed, such as gaming and streaming apps.

It is also better to make sure no other users are on the network when you check your modem speeds. Furthermore, it would help if you run your tests during the hours you normally use your home network, and most often, this will be the morning and evening in the week and during the day at the weekends.

You can use any tests as long as you are consistent in their use and the times you carry out your tests. All these will show the speeds in Mbps.

If you have slow internet and everything else appears to be as it should, you might need to call your ISP and have them check to see why your internet speed is down so much.

How Can I Improve My Internet Speed at Home?

Once you begin searching how to boost your internet speed, you’ll find there isn’t just one way you can do this.

There are too many variables, and even your computer’s age can lead to slower or fasters speeds on the same connection.

You can run through all these tips and run another speed test to see if you gain faster speeds. Most will help speed increases, yet if the issue is outside your home, it will need an alternative solution.

1. Turn off any devices connected to your router.

The more devices you have, the slower your speeds as they all contend for a slice of the bandwidth.

2. Locate your router in a better area.

When you have your internet connection installed, your ISP often selects the easiest location for the workmen. You could find there are walls between you and your computer.

Wireless signals degrade when they pass through walls or around electrical devices. You will get faster speeds when your router or modem is in clear sight. (Read How To Boost Upload Speed)

3. Change the channel on your router.

Wireless routers broadcast on specific channels. You will find 14 channels, yet there is lots of overlap. Channel 1, 6, and 11 have far less overlap. You may think this is in your home, yet your neighbour’s Wi Fi signal can interfere with yours.

4. Use wired connections.

Following on with the above, your internet speeds will drop with more users connected as much as it will with poor signal strength. The best way to avoid this is by using an ethernet cable.

Using a network cable means you have access to the full bandwidth between your router and your computer. The other thing with an ethernet cable is, there won’t be any interference from other devices. Furthermore, you free up extra speed on the channel for your other devices.

5. Disable background processes.

Depending on your device, you won’t have too many background apps sucking your download speeds all the time. The worst is Windows Updates, yet you can set this to run in quiet times rather than gaming or streaming.

6. Check your software

You can find software issues that are causing your bandwidth issues. Perhaps you need to update your router firmware as it has been many years since your installation?

You can check this by logging into your router from your web browser, searching the system tab, and looking for new router updates.

Also, it is a good time to check you are using the latest browser. You may use one that is out of date or no longer the fastest on the block. Try one of the new web browsers, as there are many changes in use and performance.

After all this, you will want to try your speed testing and want to check your results again.

Best VPN to Speed Up Internet

How Can I Speed Up My Internet 2022?

You can make all the adjustments above and move your modem and router to a better location. You can have a brand-new computer, and it might not make any difference to your download speed results.

If this is the case. You either have an issue with your connection outside your home, or your ISP is throttling your connection, for your home being a heavy user.

One tip to prevent this from happening isn’t changing provider as many sources say, yet you can use a VPN service. As an aside, from a VPN encrypting your data when online.

It stops your ISP from seeing what you are doing.

If you like streaming a lot, they won’t throttle your connection because they can’t tell you are accessing US Netflix all evening.

Your ISP won’t even know if you like torrenting, as you will have full protection and privacy. A VPN could help at another time because you can connect to a server that may not be congested.

If you find your router is old, you can get one that is pre-configured with a VPN; this means every device in your home will have protection all the time.

How to Speed up Internet