Installing Exodus On Kodi Guide

The Exodus Kodi add-on is currently the most popular add-on you can get on Kodi for streaming movies and TV shows in HD quality.

You can install Exodus on Kodi add-ons in a few ways, although Exodus Kodi addon V8 does not work now, because the Kodi Bae repository is down.

The newer Exodus Redux release comes from a new developer, and with it comes many new high-quality streaming links. (Read What is Kodi?)

Installing Exodus On Kodi

You can find more Exodus titles from headings such as:

  • New Movies
  • Trending Shows
  • Oscar Winners
  • Popular and many more besides

Like with any Kodi Exodus user, it is essential to use a VPN for streaming from any third party add-ons such as if you install Exodus on Kodi.

Besides preventing dead streams because of any possible geo-restrictions, a VPN can mask your identity and your online activities.

Doing this will keep you out of sight of any copyright trolls, or prevent your ISP throttling your connection when using Kodi on Exodus for streaming.

Exodus Redux is the newer Kodi add-on and does look very much like the none-working Exodus V8 right down to the same logo.

The new version when you install Exodus brings a new set of scrapers to pull in all these high quality streaming links.

Here you can find how to install Exodus on Kodi 18.6 Leia and Kodi 17.6 Krypton as this tutorial works on both versions. It is advisable to upgrade to Kodi Leia because of the extra features it delivers. (Read Best Kodi Build)

What Does Exodus Redux Offer?

When you install Exodus on Kodi add-on has some very neat filtering functions, which allow you to pick movies and TV shows from the following genres.

  • Action, adventure, animation, anime
  • Biography
  • Comedy, crime
  • Documentary, drama, family
  • Fantasy, history, horror
  • Music, musical, mystery
  • Romance, science fiction, sports
  • Thriller, war and western.

Is Exodus Kodi Legal?

Whether Kodi Exodus is legal or not, has been questioned by many users. The Exodus add-on is a third-party add-on for Kodi and is banned in several countries including the UK, USA, Australia, France, Canada and Germany.

The use of such add-ons within these countries can land users in hot water. The primary reason being many of the streams this add-on and others deliver may be pirated.

Kodi itself is 100% legal, yet any user who makes use of any add-ons needs to protect themselves. Therefore, if you follow this guide and install Exodus on Kodi, make sure to use a Kodi VPN service to maintain anonymity and your privacy.

Preparing Kodi for Add-on Installation

Guide How to Install Exodus Redux on Kodi

The install Exodus steps are broken down into three to make it easier to follow. If you have used any other Kodi add-ons before, you can skip the first step of allowing unknown resources.

Step #1 Preparing Kodi for Add-on Installation

Exodus Redux Kodi add-on will not be available in the official Kodi Add-on repository.

For this reason, it is called a third-party add-on.

To install Exodus on Kodi or such an add-on, you have to enable Unknown Sources inside Kodi. By default, this is disabled for security reasons.

  1. Start Kodi
  2. Once on the main screen, select the ‘Settings’ option to the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Navigate to System Settings (This will be system if you use the latest Kodi 18 Leia)
  4. Click to highlight Add-ons, which you can see on the options list sitting on the left-hand sidebar.
  5. Navigate to the right inside this window and toggle Unknown Sources to enable
  6. In the warning message, click Yes to accept (If you are not installing any more add-ons, you can toggle this back to off after you install Exodus on Kodi)

Step #2 Installing the Exodus Redux Repo

  1. Navigate back to the Kodi home-screen. Open Settings again
  2. Inside the settings window, open File manager. (In Kodi 18, File Manager folder is on the top row)
  3. Click to Open Add source
  4. Click where it says on the following window
  5. Enter the following URL exactly:
  6. Click ok to proceed
  7. Place your cursor in media source box so you can name the source
  8. Name the source redux, then click ok button
  9. Navigate to the Kodi home screen, and then click Add-ons
  10. Open the Package Installer (click on the open-box icon) in the top left corner
  11. Select install from zip file
  12. Click on redux from your list
  13. Next, select the zip file with the name, which should be on your screen (the Version number may change if there are any updates)
  14. Wait a while until you see the pop-up box for the Exodus Kodi addon Repo installation successful in the upper right corner

Those were the steps to install Exodus on Kodi repository; now you can follow the last steps and install Exodus Kodi add-on itself.

Step #3 Install Exodus on Kodi Add-on

These instructions carry on from the previous set although the numbering here is reset.

  1. In the same window, click install from repository
  2. Open your Exodus Redux Repo
  3. Click to Open Video add-ons
  4. Select Exodus Redux
  5. Click on the Install button toward the bottom
  6. If using Kodi 18, you may see an extra window showing all the files the add-on will install on your system. Click ok
  7. Wait a while until you see the pop-up installation box confirming a successful installation in the upper right corner

Now, you have completed the install Exodus Redux Kodi add-on.

Bonus Install Exodus on Kodi from Kodil Repo

  1. Install Exodus on Kodi from the Kodil Repo
  2. Open Kodi and Click on the Settings icon (gear)
  3. Open File Manager – Double click on Add Source
  4. Where it says, ‘None’ add this URL exactly: then Click ok
  5. Name the media source as Kodil
  6. Click ok and then Click Ok again
  7. Navigate back to Kodi Home screen
  8. Click Add-ons and then Package installer (Open box icon)
  9. Select Install from Zip File option
  10. Select Kodil and select then wait for the notification box
  11. Select install from repository and go to Kodil Repository
  12. Open Video Add-ons then click on Exodus
  13. Click on install and wait for the confirmation

Once you have a successful Kodi with Exodus installation, you can find all the best movies and TV shows free. However, like all add-ons, you may find Exodus not working on some occasions. Here is all you need to make sure it runs, as it should.

Update Exodus Add-on

How to Update Exodus Add-on

You may already be using Exodus on Kodi as your favourite add-on. It is handy to know how to update it to prevent issues and get access to further free Movies and TV Shows with recently added streams.

An update is much simpler as you don’t have to install Exodus on Kodi via a zip file or repo.

  1. Navigate to the Kodi home page and select “Add-ons“, in the left sidebar menu.
  2. Click on “Video Add-ons” and then Right-Click on Exodus. Click on Information
  3. You should see an option to “Update” Exodus. Click on this to see if there are any feature updates.

Kodi Exodus Not Working?

On occasions, when you install Exodus on Kodi, you may find your Exodus add-on not working. Rather than panicking, there can be simple explanations for this. You can find repositories update, shut down, and become obsolete. Once this happens, you can find Kodi and the add-on you have installed cannot reach the repository.

While it may sound drastic, the best solution can be the following

  1. Reinstall your Kodi software
  2. Install Exodus on Kodi add-on from a repository and zip file you know is working.

Error Script Failed

You will find this error can happen with any add-on you have installed on Kodi. If you use multiple add-ons, you can find the error becomes worse.

The reason you can see such an error is that the cache inside Kodi becomes full of leftover bits of information and data. The best way to cure this is to clear your Kodi video add-ons cache.

Fix Exodus Error Script Failed

To fix this error, run through these easy to follow instructions

  1. Navigate to the Main Menu
  2. Click on Add-ons and then select Video Add-ons
  3. Open Exodus. You should now see several listed options, so click on where it says Tools
  4. Locate where it says Clear Cache
  5. Click Yes. You will see a notification pop-up saying “Process complete” once your cache has been cleared.

It is worth carrying out this operation on a routine basis as your Exodus Kodi addon app can run smoother. You can find some Kodi builds offer tools specifically for carrying out this maintenance and others besides.

Kodi No Stream Available Error

You can see the No streams available error occurring if there are no providers available for streaming the content you are trying to access. You will find this often happens when they are very new, or they are getting a bit old.

You will see these errors because Exodus Redux can’t grab the streams for the content you have selected.

You can find a few things that cause this issue. It can be there is a problem with Kodi Exodus add-on, your system, or Kodi itself. Luckily, there is an easy fix.

Fix No Stream Available

To be sure, you don’t see this error; you need to follow two different solutions. You need to keep your Exodus add-on up to date along with any other add-ons you may have installed.

A Kodi reset can help get rid of any add-ons that no longer work in Kodi builds.

The second option comes back to the use of a VPN service.

If the add-on faces any government restrictions, they show in Kodi as dead streams, even if they work for other users in locations, there are no bans.

A premium streaming VPN can bypass these restrictions, and stop anyone such as your ISP, or copyright trolls seeing you are streaming free movies. Besides this, all the streams that used to be dead can magically come back to life.

Installing Exodus On Kodi Guide