How to Watch Showtime in Australia

The world of streaming never offers a dull moment, and one of the most significant players is Showtime.

Showtime streaming in the USA is huge as they deliver some of the best available movies and TV shows you can think of.

Showtime now has favourites such as Billions, Shameless, Boxing PPV events, and lots more. Besides this, new subscribers get a 30-day free trial, and the service costs $10.99 per month.

However, no matter how many new showtime series there are, they are available inside the USA, and the services are not directly available anywhere else.

Watch Showtime in Australia

For fans of these shows, these leave them wondering how to access the Showtime TV shows or use the Showtime app in Australia.

It wasn’t so long ago in history; there was a deal with Stan to provide Showtime streaming; however, things change.

Here, you can learn all you need about this streaming service and how you can be part of Showtime Australia.

Is Showtime a TV Channel?

Showtime is a US premium entertainment TV network owned by Viacom CBS Domestic Media Networks.

Showtime’s programming includes mainly feature films and original television series, boxing and MMA fights occasional stand-up comedy specials, and films made for television.

It now offers the Showtime Anytime streaming service, which is currently their live and on-demand streaming platform, including great TV shows Showtime is famous for like shows like Dexter and Billions.

You can see you get many features like offline-viewing on the website, add new episodes and play shifting where you can watch on a device from where you ended on another.

You can stream on FireTV, Android TV, AppleTV, Roku games consoles, and more. Mobile devices such as Android and iOS also have support.

Is Showtime Available in Australia?

Of you begin to search for Showtime in Australia, you quickly find there was a movie channel years ago in history with the same name. However, this closed its back on the next stage of streaming in the market back in 2009.

The official American ‘international’ Showtime isn’t directly available in Australia as a standalone channel from one company.

You may also find another Showtime that is a tribute company and offers the history of Michael Jackson shows, yet is in no way related.

Is Showtime on Foxtel

There are no Showtime offerings on Foxtel as it was Stan who had the rights.

Best VPN to watch Showtime

How Can I Get Showtime?

The way companies swap and change can be confusing for many users. While Stan has a wealth of Showtime content, the American TV giant announced that they will only share the shows until the rights reserved distribution runs out.

Recently, Viacom CBS, the owner of Network Ten, announced plans to distribute Showtime content on its own Australian streaming platform.

Already Stan had suffered around a few hundred hours of content from its services when Disney Plus was released, and it also lost much of the HBO content at the same time.

10 All Access is the current name, although companies change names, and it appears that there is to be another rebranding to reflect the launch of the new streaming service in early 2021. (Read How to Watch CBS Online in Australia)

At the moment, 10 All Access has rights reserved show and movie content, yet there is mention there is insufficient exclusive content to tempt users to sign up and watch on the platform at this time.

If you want to watch Showtime now and wait until you see what happens with the launch in the New year, you can use a VPN and go directly to the American version of Show Time instead of seeing how to get Stan for a short period.

A VPN will take your IP address and change it from an Australian IP with a new one from the USA’s VPN server.

This will make the Show Time website think you are inside the USA and won’t enforce any geo-restrictions.

Once you have your VPN running and the server has been changed, you should clear your cookies on your browser and restart your device. (Find the Top VPN for Australians)

You can then navigate to the Show time website or download the Show time Now app and complete your registration. New Subscribers get a 30-day free trial where they can watch all the full episodes with no ads.

Alternatives to Show Time App

Heading directly to the Show Time site first may be the first place you head, although there are two deal options you can select to access exclusive content from the USA Show Time catalogue.

The first is Amazon Prime. You can add Show Time as one of your channels, yet doing it this way; you still need a VPN to make Prime Video think you are inside the USA. Also, you will only receive a 7-day free trial for Show Time using this option.

The second option you can search for is Hulu, and as Michael would say, you can’t Beat It! Again, you need to set your VPN to the USA before you can sign up and watch any of the channels available.

Showtime is one of the add-ons you need to select, and while the same price, you also only get a one-week trial here as well. That said, Hulu offers a vast range of channels and content along with its Hulu Originals. (Can I Watch Hulu in Australia?)

All the above options are ideal for any Australian to access Show Time. However, the choice of a VPN can be more of a challenge. If you pick one of the premium VPN’s that support Australia and offer the best speeds, you can watch any show without buffering.

All they require are an email address and the payment option. However, you can try the service in Australia using the 30-day money-back guarantee that almost every premium streaming VPN offers.

Once you have this, the next move is down to Show Time and the rebranding of 10 All Access in the next couple of months. (Find out what is ExpressVPN)

How to Watch Showtime in Australia