How to Watch The Big Bang Theory Online Free Full Episodes

One of the most-loved shows ended in 2019. While it was available on CBS All Access, things change, and what was once an exclusive has moved to a new location for the time being.

The Big Bang Theory was one of the most-watched comedy romance shows on the channel that brought the spin-off series, Young Sheldon.

The show lives on the biggest streaming service of any, Netflix. This may sound awkward to watch full episodes, but it is easier than you think to access the US Netflix library to watch The Big Bang Theory online.

Watch The Big Bang Theory Online on CBS All Access

Here, we will show how you can watch every Big Bang Theory season, free. To do this, it means you need to use a VPN to bypass restrictions that US Netflix has in place. Luckily, it is straightforward to do thanks to Netflix.

After a quick look at the cast and show, we will get down to the details of how to watch your favourite Big Bang Theory episodes.

Big Bang Theory Recap

While CBS still holds the rights for The Big Bang Theory, they lost one of their biggest draws to their service. They still have Star Trek, so there are still plenty of fans going their way.

Season 1, Episode 0 was unaired, although it set the footing for what was to be The Big Bang Theory.

Leonard and Sheldon bumped into a drunk girl who they invited to stay at their apartment. It was in the real pilot episode, the format was set, and the two awkward scientists met their new neighbour in the form of Penny. (Read Stream Archer Online)

Throughout the shows life, it is the task of Leonard (Johnny Galecki) to make Penny (Kaley Cuoco) his girlfriend.

Along with Sheldon played by Jim Parsons, and their other friends from Cal tech, Rajesh Koothrappali, and Howard Wolowitz. They spend their free time on personal projects, video games and comics.

Spending time in the comic book store, as one of their pastimes, there are many escapades the group go through in their search for love and companionship.

In season 11 of The Big Bang Theory, things were taking a turn. Even though Sheldon and Amy were facing a struggle to choose their wedding date.

Penny and Bernadette could still improvise the bachelorette party for Amy after they too her shopping for her wedding dress.

Season 12 was still full of laughs, but things were winding down as Penny and Leonard began talking about starting a family.

Howard Wolowitz dressed up as Sheldon at Leonard and Penny’s Halloween party, and Penny admits, she can’t remember the first kiss with Leonard.

With some special guests, stars such as Wil Wheaton as himself hosting a Dungeons and Dragons game on TV. There is deception and deceit going on.

One famous face was Bon Newhart as Arthur Jeffries, a.ka Professor Proton. Before fans knew it, it was the end of 281 episodes.

Now, we will see how to watch Big Bang Theory online.

Where to Watch Big Bang Theory

As we saw, US Netflix is now home to The Big Bang Theory. While you need a VPN service to access this, you can create an account from anywhere.

  1. Open the web page
  2. Enter an email address
  3. Click the red ‘Try 30 Days Free.’
  4. On the next page, Select ‘See the Plans.’
  5. Enter a password
  6. Click on ‘Continue’
  7. Make your payment. You can pay by gift cards, PayPal and credit cards.
  8. Click ‘Start Membership’
  9. Select your devices and then click on ‘Continue’

You notice that new subscribers get one month free once they sign up.

Best VPN to Watch Big Bang Theory

How to Watch Big Bang Theory with a VPN

Because the show is on the US Netflix library, it is geo-restricted to fans, which are outside the USA.

Luckily, because a Netflix account is global, it will default to any library, for any country you are in at that moment. This means, once you have a VPN, it is a matter of changing the country to the USA, and then you can access the service.

However, not every VPN is suitable for streaming to Australia. For this reason, there is only a handful of the best VPN’s, which can be a recommendation.

The way a VPN works is to mask your IP address and change it with one from a US-based server. It is this, which makes you appear to be inside America, and thus you can access US Netflix.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of VPN’s unable to access Netflix, or they gave up and don’t offer the feature in their package.

One other thing with many VPN providers is how they cope with streaming to remote regions.

They locate many around Europe, or in the USA, so covering the Asian region and stretching down to Australia and New Zealand can leave users with a slow connection.

For a Big Bang Theory online stream, you need the best connection to prevent buffering. Therefore, the recommendation is ExpressVPN. It holds the best record for accessing any Netflix library, from any country.

The network spans 94 countries with over 3,000 streaming optimised servers, and it does all this while delivering the best security protocols.

To test all the performance, you can make use of the industry leading 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use this like a free trial and watch online as many full episodes as you can.

It is super easy to sign up for, and you can do so spending nothing. By the end of the month, you will find out, it is the best VPN for Australians, and for watching Big Bang Theory online

How to Watch The Big Bang Theory Online Free Full Episodes

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