How to Watch Here Comes The Habibs Online

The release of Here Come the Habibs was one of the first comedy TV shows for Channel 9 for over a decade. It was funny and full of satire as we saw the Australian Lebanese catapulted from Sydney’s West side to the East and the upper market glamorous side.

As funny as the high rating show was, it only ran for 2 seasons, and trying to watch “Here Comes the Habibs” online for a reminder of how funny the show was isn’t as easy as you may expect.

In our guide, you can find the listing of episodes and then how you can stream every episode of this hilarious TV series.

Watch Here Comes The Habibs Online

The Habibs Are Coming Season 1 Episodes

  • S1, Ep1: Here Come the Habibs. After winning $22 million on the lottery, the Habib family move into Sydney’s richest suburb and try to live the Australian dream. Still, their next-door neighbours aren’t too happy about it.
  • S1, Ep2: Members Only. Mariam Habib Joins the yacht club, and Olivia O’Neill puts the lottery winners in the papers.
  • S1, Ep3: Civil War
  • S1, Ep4: The Anzaclava. In Here Come the Habibs ep 4, Touffic gets threatened by the local kebab mafia over his new business idea.
  • S1, Ep5: Party Habibs Style. Layla and Touffic hijack their neighbour’s family 21st birthday party.
  • S1, Ep6: The Brangelina of Bayview Road. Mariam is shocked to discover who is behind the O’Neill’s financial woes.

Here Come the Habibs Full Episodes Season 2

  • S2, Ep1: Lockdown. The O’Neills and the Habibs are trapped in the same house for a host of comedy action.
  • S2, Ep2: Go Back to Where You Came From. Fou Fou and Olivia join forces to drive out their unwelcome new neighbour.
  • S2, Ep3: The Fundertakers. Fou Fou bribes the O’Neills into hosting a Lebanese funeral next door.
  • S2, Ep4: Middle East Side Story. Mariam and Jack risk their marriages to perform in the multicultural musical ‘Middle East Side Story’.
  • S2, Ep5: The Kidney. Maddie’s talented new Australian boyfriend, Kanye, runs rings around Elias.
  • S2, Ep6: The Beach. A beach picnic turns into a riot in this episode.
  • S2, Ep7: The Girl from Lebanon. Elias falls in love with a girl from another country.
  • S2, Ep8: Leb Wedding. It’s a Lebanese wedding war.

Here Come The Habibs Cast

  • Helen Dallimore as Olivia O’Neill
  • Darren Gilshenan as Jack O’Neill
  • Georgia Flood as Madison O’Neill
  • Michael Denkha as Fou Fou Habib
  • Camilla Ah Kin as Mariam Habib
  • Sam Alhaje as Toufic Habib
  • Tyler De Nawi as Elias Habib
  • Kat Hoyos as Layla Habib

Guide Where to Watch Here Come the Habibs

Where to Watch Here Come the Habibs Online?

If you were a fan of the Habibs, Here Come the Habibs, unfortunately, can’t be found where it was first shown. (Read Quick Guide to Watching Channel 9 Online)

Channel 9 no longer has the TV series to stream any longer. Because of this, it makes streaming the highly rated IMDB show harder to get.

If you want to see the show, there are no legal options available in any country. TVCatchupAustralia has the shows listed, yet on this streaming platform, they are not available as it redirects you to 9Now.

Two options people use to stream Here Come the Habibs are:


Unfortunately, neither of these sites are legal streaming services, so to avoid any complications, you will need a VPN to hide your online activities inside this country or any country that frowns on these services being used. (Learn How To Watch BBC iPlayer)

There is so much attention to sites of this nature that you can watch all the latest movies and TV series free. Many of which are on IMDB and new releases or protected by copyright.

A VPN stops you from being seen by your ISP and other people who take an interest in people watching copyright-protected content. (Find the Best VPN Australia)

A premium VPN can enable you to watch the Here Come the Habibs TV show or any movies free and doing so while being safe. You have a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

Thus, you have plenty of time to watch Here Come the Habibs online as much as you like without anyone looking over your shoulder.

How to Watch Here Comes The Habibs Online