Quick Guide to Watching Channel 9 Online

Australia has some great TV that shouldn’t be missed. Maybe not being close to a TV at the right time is good enough reason not to catch the latest episodes from Love Island or other reality TV shows that have the nation hooked.

You have a wide range of video categories to choose from, such as Drama, Chicago, Comedy, Doco’s, Entertainment, Family, Guilty Pleasure, Channel 9 live streaming News, and best of all, the large amount of live sport.

To access any stream, just hit the media tile icon and then click the large blue and white play button that emerges as you hover your mouse icon over the title.

Watch Channel 9 Online

One issue is, if you don’t live inside Australia, you get the message “This page is temporarily unavailable. Please try again soon. Stay entertained while you wait.”

This means that you need a VPN service to access the 9Now streaming platform from outside Australia.

Here you can find out how to access this free 9Now service for live TV or on-demand video from anywhere.

Can I Watch Channel 9 Online?

It is easy to access the very best of Channel 9 with the 9Now streaming platform. It is a free service for anyone inside Australia to watch.

Access favourite news, current affairs, sport, drama, comedy, lifestyle, and reality TV programs from Channel 9, 9Gem, 9Go! and 9Life. Live stream Channel 9 and catch up on Channel 9, with exclusive on-demand viewing.

Tune in on a phone, tablet, computer, or TV. To get started, create your Nine account.

How Can I Watch 9Now on My Smart TV?

There is nothing better than watching 9Now on large screen TV’s. Here’s the steps on how to access the free service on a Smart TV.

  1. Press the Samsung remote Home button.
  2. Use the remotes directional pad and navigate to and select APPS.
  3. Locate the Video section.
  4. Scroll to find 9Now and select Install.

Can You Watch Origin Live on 9Now?

As the Channel 9Now website claims. Nine is the home of ‘State of the Origin.’ Watch and stream every game live and free on Nine and 9Now.

You can watch the very best action on either service once the date for the kick-off is here.

Best VPN to Watch Channel 9

How Can I Watch Channel 9 Overseas?

If you were to try and stream the 9Now service from overseas, you would get the “This page is temporarily…. Stay entertained while you wait” error. However, using a VPN makes access very simple.

  1. Begin by selecting the best streaming VPN for Australia (Not all VPN’s offer a great Aussie experience)
  2. Sign-up and receive your confirmation email.
  3. Download and install the VPN app. (You have several versions that will cover most devices you have).
  4. When outside the country, select a server-based inside Australia. (This will change your IP address to a local Aussie one).
  5. Head to the 9Now website. It should load right away, though if not, clear your browser cache and cookies. (9Now stores location data).

If you wish to access live TV, try these steps before the program airs. If you have access issues, the best streaming VPN’s for Australia offers 24/7 customer service on live chat.

Signing Up for 9Now

You will need your VPN in place if you wish to sign up for 9Now when outside the country.

  1. All you need to do is navigate to the website and select sign-up.
  2. Add an email address and create a password
  3. Enter your given name, family name, birth month, birth year, and gender.
  4. Enter an Australian postcode. If you have one from back home, add this, or if you are not from Australia, find one on the internet and add.
  5. Click on Continue, and you are good to go.

Once you sign up and have the right VPN in place, you can easily get your quota of The Today Show Live. Just be sure to allow for any difference in hours, depending on where you are.

Besides this, you can easily access some of the best TV shows there is. On top of this, you will also find a VPN does much more. They will keep all your online activities, private and confidential. (Read Is Streaming Illegal In Australia)

Even inside Australia, it can stop your ISP from retaining data from your activities. Now you can stream, download, or carry out your online banking without anyone being able to watch what you are doing.

Quick Guide To Watching Channel 9 Online