How To Titans Season 2 (Netflix Australia)

Titans season one hit the small screen and gave a unique take on the superhero genre. However, the action was still there, and there are many new heroes and characters from DC Comics who accompany Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) sidekick of Batman.

Teagan Croft (Rachel Roth), Esai Morales (Deathstroke), Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie) and Chelsea Zhang (Rose Wilson) among others make up the team who fight together against any new enemies.

Titans Season 1 was a smash and quickly followed by Titans season 2, with Trigon the new episode.

The show was loosely based on Teen Titans heroes, the animated TV series. Teen Titans was hugely popular, so it is easy to see why so many fans love to get a glimpse of Dick (Robin) and Garfield (Ryan Potter) as they battle against evil.

In the USA, the show has pride of place on DC Universe/ HBO Max, so here, you can learn more about the show and how you can watch Titans season 2 in Australia and other countries. (Learn How to Watch US Netflix in Australia)

Titans Season 2 in Netflix Australia

Is There a Season 3 of Titans on Netflix?

The release of Titans season 1 on DC Universe, and now moved to HBO Max, was well before there was any sign of an international Netflix release. All fans had was the trailer, and as we know, a trailer doesn’t show much about the sidekick of Batman.

Season 1 was an international release on Netflix on Friday 10th January 2019 with 11 episodes coming available in the first season. Titans season 2 came and went, and season 3 Titans are scheduled for 2021.

Is Season 2 of Titans on Netflix?

If you see the trailer, you’ll be excited for season 2 of Titans. In the USA, there are no episodes of season 2 on Netflix.

The cast of season one and some recurring cast in Titans season 2 are:

  • Brenton Thwaites – Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson – Nightwing (Robin)
  • Teagan Croft – Teagan Croft – Rachel Roth
  • Anna Diop – Kory Anders
  • Ryan Potter – Gar Logan ‘Garfield’
  • Minka Kelly – Dawn Granger – Dove
  • Alan Ritchson – Hank Hall – Hawk
  • Conor Leslie – Donna Troy – Wonder Girl
  • Curran Walters – Jason Todd – Robin – Red Hood
  • Esai Morales – Slade Wilson – Deathstroke
  • Chelsea Zhang – Rose Wilson
  • Tomaso Sanelli – Young Dick Grayson
  • Natalie Gumede – Mercy Graves
  • Joshua Orpin – Connor

Where Can I Watch Titans Season 2 in Canada?

You can find the release date for season 1 and the release date for the second season 2 (Friday 10, January 2020) has already been and gone in Canada.

Both the first and second season is available on Netflix Canada and new season 3, most likely to drop January 2021. As of yet, there is no trailer or further details. You will need to follow the release date information closely.

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Titans

With episodes from season 1 so popular, here are the episodes from season two.

  • Episode 1 – Trigon
  • Episode 2 – Rose
  • Episode 3 – Ghosts
  • Episode 4 – Aqualad
  • Episode 5 – Deathstroke – Dick (Brenton Thwaites) and the others vow to save Jason’s life.
  • Episode 6 – Conner
  • Episode 7 – Bruce Wayne
  • Episode 8 – Jericho
  • Episode 9 – Atonement – Gar attempts to help Conner (Joshua Orpin) adjust
  • Episode 10 – Fallen
  • Episode 11 – E.L._.O.
  • Episode 12 – Faux Hawk
  • Episode 13 – Nightwing

Watch Titans Season 2 Online

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Titans?

If you need to watch season one and season two inside the USA, then you will need a DC Universe subscription; however, all seasons are moving to HBO Max.

However, if you use a VPN, you can play all seasons of Titans in Canada. A VPN will change your IP address so you can access the Canada Netflix.

Other countries (Netflix) also Titans season one and season two on Netflix. Following the history, season 3 Titans series may be available like season two on a Friday in January 2021.

Coming information on the series from Netflix will clarify this.

While you don’t yet need a VPN to watch the available two Titans season on Netflix, you may need one once the show airs. (Find the Best VPN for Australia)

It may be available on Netflix right away, or there could be a delay, and you need to head to HBO Max.

As it stands, you can find Season two, watch Titans online on Australian Netflix.

How To Titans Season 2 (Netflix Australia)