Best Ad Blocker In Internet Explorer

Ads can be infuriating to anyone as they browse the internet. There is a massive debate about blocking ads. Much of this because many individuals make a living from such advertisements.

Some users are okay with letting some ads show if it is of interest. However, there are occasions it may not be as straight forward.

Internet Explorer doesn’t have the same plugins like you can install on Chrome or Firefox. Even Microsoft Edge is far ahead in this department.

While it seems you are going backward using Internet Explorer, it comes with fewer security issues, and it has snappy performance while not consuming battery as fast on devices it can run on.

Here you can find out the best ways to block ads in Internet Explorer, be it directly from inside the browser, or by using the best ad-blocker in Internet Explorer.

How Do I Block Ads on Internet Explorer 11

Blocking ads directly inside IE11 is straightforward, and all it takes is for you to follow these simple instructions.

Block ads in Windows 8

  1. Open IE11 in either Modern or Desktop mode on Windows 8
  2. Swipe from the right to bring up your Charms bar
  3. Tap on the Settings option
  4. Select ‘Privacy’
  5. Select ‘Add tracking protection lists’
  6. Doing the above will open the Microsoft IE11 gallery. Here you can find IE11 add-ons. Tracking protection lists are another term for ad blocking

It is possible to add one or more of these lists into IE11. Stop Google Tracking being a popular addition. EasyList Standard another, which is similar to lists in other ad-blockers.

Block ads in IE

  1. Update IE11 to the latest version
  2. Select Tools and then Internet options. Select the Privacy tab
  3. Enable the ‘Turn on Pop-up blocker’ and click ‘Settings’
  4. Select ‘Medium’ this is sufficient. If you select High, you can find some websites break, and you need to keep allowing access for site content.
  5. Click ‘Close’ and then ‘OK’

While both of these are through IE, you can use a third-party ad-blocker.

What is the Best Ad-Blocker for Internet Explorer?

You can still find decent ad-blockers for IE, although there are some that you might not recognise the names.

Here are some of the best ad-blockers for IE you can still use.


1. Ad-Fender

Runs with the browser and can speed up your browsing by eliminating ads. It can run on 32 or 64-bit versions of Windows. Besides IE, you can find this add-on does work with Chrome-based browsers and Mozilla Firefox. You may need to run as administrator and allow it access through your firewall.


2. Ad-Muncher

You can find this free, although it began life as Shareware. Instead of setting up, it works automatically to deliver faster ad-free browsing.

Del Ad

3. Del Ad

Being a fast and efficient adblocker for IE, although it is a paid-for option. Del Ad does something different by stopping ads being downloaded rather than waiting until they reach your device.

Adblock Plus for IE 11

4. Adblock Plus for IE 11

Pop-ups and blocking banners are history when using this ad-blocker.

It offers privacy and security protection and can stop malware and tracking software along with disabling social media buttons.

It will allow some ads through by default and does this to encourage better ads. You can, though, set it to allow zero ads just as easy.

How Do I Turn on AdBlock on Internet Explorer?

Here is all you need to know about turning on AdBlock on Internet Explorer.

  1. Head to and select Internet Explorer under the heading ‘Block ads on any desktop browser.’
  2. Run the installation wizard with administrator privileges once the file downloads
  3. After installation, restart Internet Explorer to activate the add-on
  4. On the restart, it will ask you to enable the add-on select to enable to use it
  5. To see how does Adblock work, you need to run through the configuration.
  6. Enable the status bar that shows inside IE. It is, however, hidden by default.
  7. To enable, right-click at the top of the IE window and select the status bar option.
  8. You will now see the status bar at the bottom of the window and to the right the Adblock Plus button.

By clicking and tapping on it, you will have a few options.

Disable on (the website you are on): Turns off Adblock on that particular site where you would like to see ads.

Disable Everywhere: Allows ads on all websites and turns off AdBlock

Settings: Opens a new IE window that enables you to change and AdBlock Plus list for blocking ads or pop-ups, and managing sites where you have disabled AdBlock

Check for updates: Allows you to check manually for updates

How Do I Block Ads on YouTube Internet Explorer?

You can find many viewers of YouTube videos wondering if blocking ads is illegal.

It isn’t illegal to use Internet Explorer AdBlock for blocking ads on YouTube, although many content creators rely on the ads for supporting their channels and making a living.

If you wish to support specific channels, you can sign up to Patreon and donate a small amount each month while using Internet Explorer AdBlock to stop all ads.

Adblock Plus is the best way to prevent ads on YouTube for the IE browser. It is easy to use, and it does not interfere with any websites you like unless you tell it to do so.

Alternative Ways to Secure Internet Explorer

One other way you can help secure Internet Explorer is by using a VPN. It can make light work of encrypting your internet connection and making it safe.

When used with an updated ad-blocker, you have one of the most secure connections you can imagine. With the addition of support for most versions of Windows, you can secure IE or IE11 by using a premium VPN.

You will also find many other benefits from using a VPN when surfing the web, and security just being one aspect. You can bypass many restrictions that are in place. You can now enjoy lots more global content otherwise unavailable.

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Best Ad Blocker In Internet Explorer