6 Best Kodi Skins to Give Your Installation a Great New Look

We all know of Kodi and how it can be a great way to watch TV shows and movies from around the globe.

It has been a trend leader in the home theatre group for years and shows no signs of reducing its stature.

As Kodi is open source, many developers are working on different aspects of its future development. Many are related to the various Kodi-add-ons you can download, which provide access to this content.

What are Kodi Skins?

One other area where developers work is designing the skins you can install, personalising your Kodi experience and help you set up your Kodi installation. If you are new to the Kodi experience, you might wonder what a Kodi Skin is?

In simple terms, a Kodi skin is a replacement shell of the Kodi software. They don’t affect how the program runs, but they alter all the Kodi themes and Kodi backgrounds to make your Kodi look different. Depending on the designer, they can also make your Kodi easier to navigate and use.

Although it is hard to say which is the best skin for Kodi, it depends on personal preference. Here are 6 of the best Kodi skin add-ons you can install to transform its appearance and also how it performs:


Mimic Kodi SkinsThis skin was designed to offer you numerous colours you can use for your Kodi installation. It was designed to customise what your Kodi home screen looks like easily.

It also works on multiple devices, so no matter where you have Kodi installed, the Mimic skin can be used on all of these.

Mimic also has added artwork created by fans, so you can quickly change your Kodi wallpaper to one of these.


Amber Kodi SkinsThis skin does away with all the bells and whistles and focuses on usability. It presents you with an easy to read interface and being lighter in weight. Your system won’t come to a crawl.

Amber can be used on older devices, and if you do so, you will see menus still feel snappy to display. It isn’t the most sophisticated skin globally, but what it offers it does so very well.


titan Kodi SkinsIf you are looking at how to install Kodi skins, then not many come easier than Titan. This skin is designed to be used while remaining simple. It looks pretty to use but also makes navigation a breeze.

It doesn’t matter the size of your device; Titan can run on these, and choose your next movie or TV show is easy no matter how old your device is.


ReFocus Kodi SkinsMany skins can be over the top in how they function or look. Refocus goes for the simple and effective look rather than being all sci-fi in its appearance.

It might not appear overly exciting, but it comes with clean menus and sharp text and runs pretty quickly without being too processor intensive.

Xperience 1080

Xperience 1080 Kodi SkinsThis skin builds on the default skin and offers a slightly better user experience. If you have or have seen an Xbox One, this skin will look pretty similar with the same panel-based approach.

This makes it easy to navigate and understand. Once you leave the homepage, you will see the theme continues all the way through the skin. (Learn How to Install Kodi on Xbox)

Back Row

Back Row Kodi SkinsIf you’re a keen moviegoer, then this Kodi skin could suit you. The design might have been borrowed from iOS and OS X, but this could be what makes it so unique. The cinema feeling will be brought to your home all the way to a movie theatres red curtains. (Read How To Uninstall Kodi)

Finally, you can tailor Kodi to your tastes.

The popularity of Kodi is increasing, and this does have a downside to it. With current Australian data retention at two years.

This means whatever you watch on Kodi, your ISP can see. Because most of the content is accessed through various third-party add-ons, you leave yourself in a vulnerable position. You could be facing a hefty fine or worse if you are found to be watching illegal streaming content.

To safeguard your family and your Kodi experience, installing and using a VPN for all your Kodi movie marathons is highly advisable.

This brings with it another vast topic of which VPN service to use because of our geo-location; not all VPN’s offer enough to provide us with the best experience. Content can still be geo-locked even using Kodi.

ExpressVPN Kodi and a whole load of other areas where this VPN can protect your data while giving enough speed to watch HD content without buffering.

Using a VPN can make your experience shine now you have your new Kodi skin installed.