How to Delete Tinder

It may be you are lucky and found that special person. Alternatively, maybe you have had enough of online dating.

It could indicate the time to take a break, or that Tinder isn’t the app for you. This would be the time you decide to delete Tinder account and have a fresh start.

The problem is, unlike many mobile apps, Tinder won’t let you go just by deleting the app from your device, because it means you can’t just tap delete and delete Tinder. Your account will still be active.

Tips on Deleting your Tinder Account

Profiles remain active until you permanently delete your Tinder, and here are all your pictures, matches, and messages.

It can be a good thing if you wish only to take a break, and you can get back in the game later. All you’d have to do is download the app and sign in to continue.

Nevertheless, if you want to start deleting your Tinder account, you need to get rid of your profile to avoid any issues. It could be easy for a partner to ask why you happen to have a Tinder account.

Here you can learn how to delete your account the correct way so you don’t leave any traces lying around.

Reasons to Delete Tinder

Online date apps have more than people searching for partners. They are prime hunting grounds for hackers and scammers too. Threats on Tinder are no different from any other online service and lurk around every corner:


You can find users who try to fool you to think they are someone they’re not. They may steal other users’ pictures and personal information in a means to create fake accounts.

If someone’s profile and communication look too good to be true, it probably is, and you could be a target for a scammer. Such people may try to convince you to hand over money, buy them gifts, or to click on a suspicious link, which leads to malware.

They may ask for some risqué photos they can potentially use for blackmail. Worse is, they steal your identity if they learn too much.

Tinder Bots

Hackers use fake profiles in dating apps to set up a Tinder bot. A bot takes less maintenance and tricks many individuals at the same time.

Bots have a perfect profile, fast response time, and poses random answers, which often are not related to a question.

Hackers try to lure individuals into clicking suspicious links, sending money, or sending provocative pictures like the above.


Hackers use Tinder for phishing. They can get the user’s contact information and email asking for account confirmation or again, click on malicious links. You could even be asked to verify payment details.

Note, if you subscribe via Android or using your credit card when you deactivate Tinder, your account automatically cancels your subscription. Here you can find what else you may need to do.

Cancel Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold on iOS

Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscriptions need cancelling before deleting the account and preventing further charges.

  1. Navigate to the iOS App Store on your device
  2. Scroll down and select your Apple ID or login
  3. Head to Subscriptions – Manage – Tinder
  4. Select Unsubscribe and then swipe the toggle to Off

Cancelling Plus or Tinder Gold on Android with Play Store

Here are the instructions for cancelling Plus or Gold before you deactivate Tinder account to stop further charges.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. Locate the Tinder app.
  3. Select Tinder and then select Cancel or Unsubscribe
  4. Confirm your decision

Delete or Cancel Tinder Account

How to Delete Tinder Account

You need to sign in to your Tinder account in the app to cancel your subscription for security reasons. To delete your account:

  1. Select your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen
  2. After you tap the profile icon, select Settings, scroll to the bottom.
  3. Select Delete Account
  4. After you tap delete account, it asks why you are deleting your account. Select the reason, answer any further questions, and confirm your action
  5. After you permanently delete your account, it redirects you to Tinder’s homepage. You can then start deleting the Tinder app.

How Do I Delete Tinder in a Browser?

You can access Tinder through Therefore, if you log into Tinder using a browser, log in with your Facebook account if you signed up that way. If you signed up with a phone number, enter your number, and wait for code in a text.

  1. Enter the code to log in.
  2. Log in to Tinder and tap the profile icon for access
  3. Scroll to select Delete My Account
  4. Confirm you want to delete the dating app
  5. After you confirm, it takes you to the Tinder homepage

What Happens When I Learn How to Deactivate Tinder?

Once you know how to delete Tinder profile, it will delete matches, messages, and other account settings because you won’t have access

However, it doesn’t mean they will erase all your personal information

Tinder stores your data for further 3-months (in their privacy policy)

You can request a copy of it, yet it does delay your account closure until you download the report.

  1. Navigate to this link:
  2. Log in to your Tinder account
  3. Provide an email address where you want the information sent
  4. Tinder doesn’t offer a fixed time when they will; they’ll send the link to download your data report.
  5. Check your email frequently as the link remains live for 24 hours.

It does not take much to delete your Tinder account, yet there are a few things to consider and to avoid paying more than you have to.

How to Delete Tinder