How to Delete Skype Account

For unknown reasons, it appears Microsoft has made the task of deleting your Skype account harder than it should be.

Besides this, you still need to wait for 30-days before they delete your Skype account permanently. While this can be a pain if you are looking for quick closure, it does offer you the chance to change your mind if you make a mistake,

However, here you can learn how to delete a Skype account and a few other things you ought to know before you get to the 30-day limit.

Deleting your Skype Account

How to Delete Your Skype Account

1. Unlink Microsoft Account from Skype

Skype is one of the popular Microsoft services for keeping in touch. Nowadays, you can only create Skype subscriptions if you a Microsoft account. It used to be a thing where you could sign up for Skype independently, but no more.

If you created your Skype subscription before Microsoft accounts became a big thing? It is possible to delete a Skype account without having too much impact.

If you have one of the newer ones, things are a bit different if you wish to delete Skype account.

Anyone who signed up with an account from Microsoft should see the following in their Skype interface.

  • Live :{ email address with no domain}
  • Outlook :{ email address without domain}

To unlink a Microsoft account and Skype account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your chosen Skype account that you want for account closure
  3. Scroll to Account details and select Account settings under the Settings and preferences
  4. Find the listing associated to your Microsoft account and select Unlink
  5. You will see a message asking if you wish to unlink your Microsoft and Skype account
  6. Click Continue to confirm

2. Cancelling Subscriptions

It may appear a lot to need to unlink one account from the other, but there is a good reason. If you delete a Skype account linked to windows, you can lose access to lots more besides Skype. You may find you lose the ability to use Windows, log in to, or even use Xbox Live. Besides, there can be many other services you use.

One other thing needs doing after you separate your two-accounts from each other. You must make sure you cancel any subscriptions before deleting Skype account.

If you have, auto-recharge enabled, you will find yourself charged again during the 30-days it takes for deleting a Skype account.

Here are the steps you need to follow to make sure you do not receive any additional charges.

  1. Go to and sign into the account for closure
  2. All subscriptions are listed to the right; select any you wish to cancel
  3. Select and click the Cancel Subscription button
  4. When you see, ‘Thanks but no thanks, I still want to cancel’ click to confirm
  5. If you have multiple subscriptions, repeat the process for each

3. Applying for Account Deletion

  1. Sign in to the Skype ‘My Account’ page for account deletion
  2. Navigate to the Skype’ Accounts closure page.’ If prompted to sign in or verify your password, do as it says.
  3. Select a reason drop-down menu. Choose the reason you want to delete your account
  4. Select ‘Mark account for closure’
  5. Most of the account deletion process ends here, yet you still need to wait for closing your Skype account altogether

Deleting Account Details from Skypes Database

Because you may not be deleting your Microsoft account, you are safer removing your account details from the Skype database.

  1. On the My Account screen of Skype profile, scroll then click on Edit Profile
  2. In the Personal Information section, select the Edit button.
  3. Go through and delete Skype information you see that you wish to remove. Do the same for the section underneath that contains Contact Details
  4. When you close your Skype account, there is some information you can’t delete, such as your email address.
  5. Navigate to Profile settings; remove the checkmark alongside
  6. Appear in search results and suggestions
  7. Click Save to finish

Closing Skype Account on Android or iOS

How to Close Skype Account on Android or iOS

Most of the time, when you look at how to delete Skype, you find the instructions are for closing your account on PC’s with windows.

However, because the app is widely used, you may have a Smartphone, and you may no longer need your account, how to delete on phones becomes the question. (Learn How To Delete Instagram Post Fast)

Luckily, it is no harder than any other method. Therefore, with Skype, how to delete is as easy as following these instructions.

  1. Launch Skype on your mobile device
  2. Tap on your Skype Name
  3. Navigate to Settings with tapping on the Gear icon to the top-right
  4. Tap Account & Profile.
  5. Then tap on Close your account
  6. Verify your id and your password to move on
  7. Proceed through the list and select Next
  8. Mark all the checkboxes and then give your reason to delete your account
  9. Finally, tap to Mark the account for closure
  10. Again, all you need to do is wait for the 30-days

It does not need to be complicated, and with these steps, it is much easier to understand than trying to work your way through it alone.

The one good thing with the waiting time is that you have time to reconsider. If you think you have made a mistake, or you find you have lost access to some of your Xbox features, all you need to do is sign into your account to regain access.

If you do this, and you found you do want to get rid of Skype, you need to run through the whole process again.

How to Delete Skype Accounts