Best Facebook Downloader For PC

You may be scrolling down your Facebook feed, and a new video catches your attention. While you can quickly share it with friends on your iPhone/ iPad or Android device, you may wish to download Facebook videos you like to your computer.

To enable you to carry out this task, you need a Facebook video downloader.

You can have numerous reasons for this, and it can range from video marketing to you want to share it on another social media platform.
You may want several video downloads to watch on your mobile, iPhone, iPad, or you want to watch them later date without using your mobile data internet connection.

No matter what your reason, the best way to do this is with a video downloader for Facebook to save the videos.

While there are many options of Windows video downloader, which one do you pick? Do they do the job, and are they safe to use?

Here you can find a list of the best downloader for Facebook videos you can find.

Is There a Facebook App for PC?

Yes, there is now a Facebook app to download on PC. All it takes is a click or two to download. You can also find the Facebook Messenger app you may want to click to download at the same time if you like.

How Do I Download Facebook to My Computer?

While you may have the Facebook app on your iPhone/ iPad or another phone, you can install the Facebook software app on Windows. Doing so makes it much easier to download Facebook videos.

Here are the simple steps to download Facebook to your computer.

  1. Head to the Microsoft Store in Windows 10
  2. Search for the Free Facebook software
  3. Download and install the software to your computer
  4. Run the Facebook app and log in

How Do I Download Facebook Videos to My Computer?

If you want to download videos or video you like, it can be straightforward when you use a Facebook video downloader.

Here we have a handful of the best Facebook video downloader apps you can find.

fbdownloader Facebook Video Downloader

1. fbdownloader Facebook Video Downloader

One of the most accessible and most popular Facebook video downloader apps to download Facebook videos. fbdownloader is easy to use and a reliable Facebook downloader app to download any Facebook videos you like. The good thing is you don’t need to install it to Windows as it runs in a browser.

Copy and paste the Facebook video URL into the box, and hit the ‘GO’ button. It will send your Facebook videos down in MP4 format. You can also save them in either SD or HD format. The free app can also download private videos shared with you. Video Downloader

2. Video Downloader

Here is another simple online app to video download on Facebook. Aside from Windows, you can run it on any computer with a browser, or you can use the Chrome extension to make things easier.

Add the Facebook video URL to video download on Facebook. Although, if you don’t use Chrome, you may need to hit the download button and then click ‘save as’ from the dialogue box and save to your download folder.

BitDownloader’s Free Facebook Video Downloader

3. BitDownloader’s Free Facebook Video Downloader

Once you look at this Facebook video downloader, you see it has more to offer than many others do. It supports multiple websites to download videos, which include Vimeo, YouTube, and Instagram, among others. While it operates like other apps to download videos from Facebook, it offers a highly intuitive interface.


4. KeepVid

Using this Facebook video downloader on a Windows 10 browser, you can see the list of features it has. You can use the Facebook video downloader on over 1,000 sites such as Instagram, Dailymotion, and YouTube, among many others.

You have no limits on the number of videos from Facebook you can download to Windows free. Besides, unlike others, the Facebook video website has SSL protection. If you wish to use the Windows desktop version, then you can use the free trial.

How Do I Download Facebook Videos on Windows 10?

  1. In your Chrome-based browser, head to the post where the video you want is located
  2. Right-click on the video and select “Copy video URL at current time”
  3. Paste the URL in your browsers address bar. (Example:…/videos/12345…9/)
  4. Change the “www.” in the URL to “m.” (Example:…/videos/12345…9/)
  5. Hit enter
  6. Play the video
  7. Here, you need to open the Developer Console (Press F12)
  8. Inspect the video using the icon in the upper left of the developer console
  9. Click the video, and you can see a box on the developer console
  10. Copy this video URL and paste it inside another tab, and then hit enter
  11. From here, right-click on the video and hit “Save video as”
  12. Give the video a name and again hit the Enter button, and save it to your downloads folder

It is possible to use this method for Facebook video downloads, yet all the other Facebook video downloader options are much more comfortable and quicker to use.

However, if you download a Facebook video using this method, it offers one advantage over the other Facebook video download options, and that is it could be more secure.

Many free tools, no matter what they are, make money from selling on user data. In the case of when you download videos from Facebook, you can potentially be giving away highly sensitive information.

It can be easy to use any Facebook video downloader, yet it makes sense to do so by using a VPN. With these, your video will be encrypted, so even if it is a private video, no one can see the content.

One other area a VPN offers you protection is if any video content is copyright protected. Because there is so much online surveillance, you never know which ISP, government or copyright trolls are watching.

Once you use a VPN with any of the Facebook video downloader, you can hide your identity and IP address. Doing so will allow you to make as many video download you wish, without any of the video coming back to cause you problems.
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Best Facebook Downloader For PC