How To Hide Ip Address

Your IP address serves as your public identification number while you are on the internet.

Whatever you are doing, your IP address instructs servers about where to direct information to respond to your search.

There is an ever-increasing amount of sites recording such IP addresses. Consequently, these sites and much more are snooping on you every time you are connected to the internet.

Best Way to Hide Your IP Address

This may appear to be harmless, however, and one of the most harmless sides of this is you are bombarded with targeted ads.

The intrusion of privacy can go much deeper than this annoyance, yet you won’t see the effects. On the plus side, you can easily prevent anyone, including your Internet Service Provider, from establishing a fingerprint of your online activity.

Here you can learn why hiding your IP is a necessity, and the best ways you can do this quickly and get back your privacy and anonymity.

Why Do You Need to Hide Your IP address?

As you go about your business, your IP address is visible to every website you visit, and every server it passes through to get there. This faces you to plenty of exposure.

Just as anything can highlight your location, like a home address, landline, your IP leaves a trail to your physical location.

Mapping apps on your smartphone or iPhone take your IP address, my location is highlighted and show where you are.

One of the primary reasons users want to hide IP address is bypass either geo-restrictions imposed by overseas streaming services, governments blocking or censoring sites, and either a workplace or school setting restrictions on access.

Besides this, third-party websites and marketing firms use IPs to target personalised ads of what you search for. As you search, the IP is then linked to that particular content, and ads are geared around this.

You can find many areas where your IP is used in a more annoying method such as this, yet it is the data retention from governments or from hackers that makes things more worrying.

How Do I Hide My Email IP Address?

One of the simplest ways to do this is to configure your browser’s settings to connect to an anonymous free proxy server.

Once you do this, log into your webmail service as usual, and then write your email. Once you send, your email header will show the IP of the Proxy servers rather than your real IP address.

Rather than dive into your browser settings, you can use a VPN extension that will do all this automatically. Enable the extension you get from the Chrome Store and select a country. Now, as you send, the extension will hide this IP, and your email header will show an IP header from a different country or location.

How Do You Hide Your IP Address for Free?

Many users may wonder how to hide IP address on iPhone because much of the talk is about Android and computers. Luckily, most of the methods work for any device, and it can be how you reach a particular location, which differs.

When trying to hide my IP free, there are a couple of ways to hide my IP address. Hide they do, but they don’t offer security.

Public Wi-Fi can be a quick way to take my IP, hide for a while before moving on. The Wi-Fi router’s IP will show in all your data connections; however, these in themselves are not secure.

Another way is to use the TOR browser to hide IP address. With this, your connections pass through multiple servers hosted by volunteers. As this happens, your IP may change several times, and all the destination sees, will be the last connection point in the path.

A downside to this is that it is slow compared to regular connections because of multiple transfers.

What is the Best Way to Hide Your IP Address?

You may think all the above include lots of messing around when you look at how to hide your IP address.

However, the best solution makes the entire process much more comfortable, and you can use it with all the above.

Hiding your IP address by using one of the best VPN providers is the ultimate way to mask your IP, hide your location, and stop anyone from building an online profile of your activities.

You saw a VPN proxy server can be used as a browser extension to hide your location, and it does this effectively.

The full VPN service client secures your connection right from your device and stops anyone from seeing where you are. IP addresses may often be shared from a pool, and tracing it back to your device is near enough impossible.

It is for these reasons that premium VPN’s are in sue so much to access overseas streaming platforms from the US, UK, or many other countries. Streaming platforms see the IP of the exiting VPN server, so they think you reside in the country that has access.

While you may think any VPN provider can do this, it doesn’t work that way as many find they face blocks from the likes of US Netflix and BBC iPlayer. There are a handful of VPN’s, which access all services, and can circumvent geo-restrictions without any effort.

Once using a VPN, you quickly find many other benefits, as well as the best ways to hide my hide IP.

Security is the top reason, yet through VPN use, you can stop your ISP slowing your connection when streaming or torrenting large amounts of data. You can also use a proxy, use TOR for your internet connection, and make it even harder to trace you when you need secure communications.

The best VPN in Australia does all this and much more. It hides your digital footprint from Google, governments, hackers, ISP’s, and anyone else who has an interest.

You can be browsing, and all your internet traffic will show a different IP that is unique, no matter what device you use the VPN services.

How To Hide Ip Address