How to Watch Harlots Online in Australia

Harlots is a gritty period drama that looks at life in Georgian London through the eyes of the women in an 18th-century brothel.

With Harlots season 3 almost at an end, there are viewers around the globe who are wondering how to watch the Harlot TV show.

This guide looks at how you can bypass all the geo-restrictions and can access Hulu to watch every episode of Harlots.

Harlots Hulu Original Series

However, things are changing, and it is not as easy to sign up for Hulu as it used to be. After looking at the cast and crew of Harlots, we will look at all you need to know.

What Has Happened in Harlots So Far?

Harlots brings together a world-class cast with the likes of Liv Tyler (Lady Isabella Fitzwilliam) who have graced the screen in many movies and TV shows.

Adding to this is award-winning actress Samantha Morton playing Margaret Wells, who is a brothel owner, and who the show focuses on.

She is struggling to make a better future for her daughters amid the turbulent life of London.

Another award-winning actress is Lesley Manville as Lydia Quigley, a canny and determined businesswoman who runs another brothel.

The show was under co-development between the ITV in the UK and Hulu where it now finds its home as a Hulu Original.

The first season was aired back in 2017, and season 2 Harlots in 2018. Season 3 began showing on July 29, 2019, so it is close to the end.

Without giving away too many spoilers, episode one season two saw an unyielding new justice arrive on the scene.

This new justice makes a surprise arrest; Margaret and Nancy (Kate Fleetwood) find themselves busy.

With the surprise arrest, Margaret, with the help of Nancy, struggle to find witnesses. It doesn’t sound possible, but could this finally be their chance, and just what they were looking for an opportunity to get Lydia to finally pay for her crimes?

All through the second season, was getting Lydia to pay enough, or will she get way with what she has done?
Charlotte (Jessica Brown Findlay) takes us a commanding role in the latter part of season two. Charlotte desperately implores the help of a powerful ally.

Her sister in the show Eloise Smyth as Lucy also takes a slice of the action. Lucy, in a difficult situation, falls under Fallon’s spell.

Is Fallon leaving Lucy, or is he taking control? Things march toward a climax, which sees Margaret’s family reel as they discover how dire her situation is.

Charlotte implores allies and enemies to help her, and in the last episode of season 2, we see the women take action against Fallon, leaving Lucy in a predicament.

This leaves viewers gagging for season three, so now we will look how you can get access to the show.

Harlots on Hulu

Hulu has the rights for Harlots, so this is the only streaming service you can find it with every episode.

Hulu comes with three base plans and is affordable.

  • Hulu with ads: $5.99 per month
  • Hulu without ads: $11.99 per month
  • Hulu with live TV: $44.99 per month

There are lots of channels you can choose from in all plans, yet it is only the Hulu with Live TV where you get the chance to watch live TV.

The other two plans offer on-demand of shows the day after they air on their respective channels. Hulu Originals are a little different as it is their content.

Each plan comes with a Free Trial. Hulu with ads and Hulu without ads come with one month free. Hulu + Live TV comes with one week Free Trial.

Device support that includes iOS and Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV/ Stick, Roku, desktops, iPad’s, and game consoles.

Signing up is very easy, but you will need a VPN service to bypass all the geo-restrictions. Here is all it takes to complete the first part of signing up for Hulu.

  1. Head to the Hulu website
  2. Select from either plan
  3. Enter email address and a password
  4. Type in your name and date of birth
  5. Select your gender
  6. Click on the continue button

Once you fill this in, you then come to the payment options page. This is the area, which causes some users issues, and leads us onto the next question.

Does Hulu Work in Australia?

A few things have changed when it comes to paying for Hulu. A VPN, when set to the USA easily bypasses the Hulu restrictions, but paying is not as easy.

Hulu does work in Australia as long as you can pay in one of the ways show. Some of what used to be available are no longer accepted, or there are restrictions.

Hulu Gift Cards

Hulu Gift cards can be used for new subscribers or for existing customers. These can be purchased easily online, yet they still lead to a problem.

You can only use a gift card to sign up when another form of payment will be used after the value has been depleted.

If you sign up with another method, you can repeatedly use gift cards. These are available in denominations of $25 and $50.

Virtual Credit, Debit Cards

These are available online, yet Hulu has ceased accepting some of these as a means of payment.

Payment Options for Hulu

The ideal situation for paying for Hulu is with an American Credit Card or an American PayPal account.

Unless you know someone in the USA who will create an account on your behalf, or who already has a Hulu account who is willing to share, then you will either need to find prepaid cards, which are accepted or try the following.

Australian credit cards fail during the confirmation part of the payment process, as will address confirmation. However, there is a trick you can use that will fool Hulu into thinking you are in the USA.

This will need your VPN service running and set to a VPN server, which is inside the USA.

  1. Connect your VPN to a city in the USA
  2. Check you have a US IP address – will show IP address and location
  3. Head to the PayPal website and create a new account. Use an email address that is not linked to any other account
  4. Enter a valid US address and telephone number. The address doesn’t have to match your Australian credit card number. To get a US phone number, you can go to For the address, you can sign up for free at
  5. Once you have these details, add your credit card number.
  6. Add your Australian street name. For the city and state, use the one from “”
  7. Convert your real Aussie postcode to a US Zipcode. Add “01” on the end after deleting the last number. Example 2899 would be 28901. Use to check if it exists.
  8. Enter these details into your new PayPal account in appropriate fields city, state, and zip code.
  9. Now, submit your billing details.
  10. You should now be signed up for Hulu and can use your Australian credit card.

This can be a lot of hard work, and it may appear to be easier to use a gift card for Harlots, watch online for 6 months and cancel your subscription before the balance runs out.

Best VPN to watch Harlots Online

Watch Harlots with a VPN

Luckily, this is the easiest part of accessing streaming services from the USA. It takes a few simple steps to sign up for the best streaming VPN service.

ExpressVPN is the best streaming VPN for Australian users, or for any other country. It has a larger VPN server network with over 3,000 servers in 94 countries.

As well as bypassing any geo-restrictions, it delivers military-grade encryption to keep your online activities private.

This comes in handy because ISP’s retain user data and throttle connections of streamers.

You can change servers inside the US at city level, so there are many options for selecting the best city for your connection requirements.

Adding to this and to fully test all the features it offers. You can find out it is the best cheap VPN with 3 months free, and you can use the 30-day money-back guarantee.

This you can do with an Australian credit card or PayPal, and if you cancel before the month is up, you will not pay a penny.

This means you can sign up for Hulu and use their month trial and sit back to watch Harlots online free from the comfort of your own home.