How Much Data Does Foxtel Go Use

Foxtel Go is a great little app from one of the top streaming services, which delivers plenty of features. It makes it easy for families to log in on multiple devices and use two of these to watch at once.

Parents can set controls for when kids are watching; it will only play ‘G’ and ‘PG’ rated material. You can stream on-demand or Foxtel live streaming in full HD if you are on a Wi-Fi connection.

Besides, once you head off, the Foxtel app will automatically switch from high definition video quality to low data mode and standard definition.

The question is, how much of a difference does this make. Here you can find out more about the Foxtel Go app and how much data you consume while streaming on the internet; and if data charges may apply.

Foxtel Go App Data Consumption

How Much Data Does Foxtel Use

When you look at the data requirements for Foxtel, you will find a difference between using the apps on the go or when at home.

If you connect via Foxtel broadband from home, then Foxtel Go will be unmetered if you are on an unlimited data plan. In addition, you can only stream high definition content when the internet connection is fast enough and data usage settings inside the app are set to ‘Auto.’

When connected to 3G/4G, the app will only stream standard definition. It is worth noting when using a public hotspot; the app sees this as Wi-Fi; and will stream HD.

  • Data use for standard definition is 1.4GB per hour
  • Data use for HD definition is 3.2GB per hour

Data use, however, can vary between network carriers.

Is Foxtel Go Data Free with Telstra

While the Foxtel Go app is free for use, any data consumed is metered on every network, including Telstra.

Here, you can find the app uses 877 MB per hour, and it reduces to 290 MB per hour when streaming at the SD definition on 3G and 4G connections.

How Much Data Will Streaming TV Use?

Because we are consuming more content than ever before on our mobile devices, data use has increased.

With the number of TV service providers offering TV shows lives online as shown on the TV, we are not held to being at home to keep up to date.

Here you can see the rough estimates for data use as you watch Foxtel Go channels for TV.

  • Low quality of around 240p or 320p. The low quality uses about 300MB per hour.
  • SD quality of around 480p video. SD-quality TV uses about 700MB per hour.
  • HD quality in the range of 720p and 2K (apps adjust the streams). HD-quality video uses around 900MB for 720p, 1,500 MB for 1080p and 3GB for 2K per hour.
  • UHD quality video consumes much more data and streaming 4K; TV uses about 7.2GB per hour.

Here you can see the amount of TV you can stream for each of the three plans.

  • 2GB Plan = 2.8 hours of SD video
  • 5GB Plan = 7 hours of SD video
  •  0GB Plan = 14 hours of SD video

How Much Extra is Foxtel Go?

If you are keen to watch Foxtel on the Go, then you may be thinking about a Foxtel Go sign up.

If you ask, is Foxtel Go free? Then the answer is yes, yet only to Foxtel or Foxtel Now subscribers. It is an additional offering to these two services. Foxtel Now is the cheapest way and costs around $25 per month. (Read Is SBS On Demand Free)

Users think they can watch outside Australia; however, this isn’t possible unless you use a VPN.

If you use a premium streaming VPN, you can be outside the country and set the server to one in Australia, and the Foxtel to Go app will think you are in the country. Besides this, there is an additional benefit to using a premium VPN.

Your ISP can’t see as you watch Foxtel online, and your VPN can stop your internet provider from throttling or slowing your connection. In addition, you will be safe and secure at all times with military-grade encryption.

How Much Data Does Foxtel Go use