How To Get Refund From eBay Through Paypal

Irrespective of the bad stories, most eBay transactions are relatively simple. You go through the buying process, you pay, and you’ll receive your delivery.

Having a PayPal account makes eBay easier to use as well as sending and receiving money. Furthermore, there is PayPal Buyer Security while shopping.

Although, what if you bought something off eBay and need a refund when you issue a return and get your money back.

Here you can learn what you need about refunding on eBay, and how you get your money-back as the buyer of an item you need to return because of an issue.

PayPal Refund

Can You Get a Refund If You Use PayPal?

A refund of a completed payment can be requested by sending the seller an email. Ask your eBay seller to go to your transaction page and select Issue a Refund.

Up to 180 days after you pay for your order, you can request a refund. If you sent payment, but there was no delivery, and it is still pending, you can issue a cancel eBay order if you see a “Cancel” button beside it.

It will be automatically issued a refund if the payment is not claimed within 30 days.

Here’s how to find contact information for the seller to ask for a refund:

  1. Pick the transaction that you want to cancel on the Summary tab.
  2. To send the seller an email, use the contact details.
  3. Suppose the seller will not agree to refund your money. In that case, if the item not received, or you received something that does not match the description, or the payment wasn’t authorized, you might be able to open a dispute with customer service in the Resolution Center.
  4. It normally takes 7 days before you can raise a dispute and ask for help from either eBay or PayPal to step in and help.

If you happen to be a seller and you issue a refund to a user, you can ask the buyer to return the item back to you, using the original shipping information and address.

How Do I Get a Refund Through eBay?

If they didn’t ship the item, it doesn’t arrive, or it’s not what you expected based on the description.

You can apply for a refund on tangible goods through the PayPal Buyers Protection plan. They buyers protection is a good solution as long as the system isn’t abused.

  1. Head to your ‘My eBay Purchase history’
  2. In the drop-down menu next to the item in question, select Return or Item not received (within 30 days of delivery)
  3. Check it is the item in question
  4. Click on ‘Resolve a Problem’
  5. Answer any questions on the next page, and you’ll receive a link to report your case.
  6. You can negotiate with the seller, yet if the case isn’t resolved, and eBay agrees you’re right, you’ll receive your refund.

Refund From eBay

How Long Does it Take To Get a Refund From eBay?

It is possible to get refunds on eBay, and you can then withdraw this money back to your bank account.

The question often asked is the time period for this to happen. Much of the time can come from the means you paid in the first place.

In some instances, it can take up to 30 days. (Learn How To Cancel ExpressVPN)

Checking Status Of Refunds

If you’re expecting a PayPal refund, make sure you check your account to see the progress.

  1. Log into your PayPal account and following these steps
  2. Click Activity to the top of your account page
  3. Select Advanced search – and in the menu ‘Click Refunds’
  4. If there are multiple pending refunds, highlight the one you’re checking its status.
  5. PayPal will have already processed your refund if you see Refunded or eBay Partial Refund.
  6. The money should now be returned back in your account, or even back on your debit card.
  7. However, you could see the refund is on Temporary hold. If you see this, then the sellers issued a refund before the original item’s payment cleared. If so, it can take extra days before you get your refund.

Note, this is not the sellers’ fault as they reacted quickly to react to their customer request.

When Will Refunds Come Through?

If your refund claim is still Pending, it could be because of the way you paid. If you used a credit card or debit card to pay funds through PayPal, your refund might take 30 days to process.

  • If you were using your PayPal balance to purchase your order in full, the refund could go through on the same day.
  • If you were using your PayPal balance, yet didn’t have sufficient funds, PayPal could have taken the remainder from your card.
  • PayPal will be able to issue a refund for the value of the item that was taken from your PayPal, and the remaining amount may take longer.
  • If you used your bank account via PayPal, the refund would take 3 business days up to 5 business days from the date of the full refund request to process.

It doesn’t matter if you are a user or a seller; you need to be cautious when dealing with refunds. It is here when many scams take place. (Is Using Paypal Safe)

A buyer can ask for refunds of items, with no intention of paying or returning the items back to your shipping address.

Any time you deal with payments, it is wise to use a VPN. These encrypt all your data and keep you secure when dealing with your finances.

How to Get Refund from eBay Through Paypal