How To Install Stream Hub On Kodi

StreamHub Kodi addon allows you to stream movies, TV shows, over 200+ radio stations, etc. Each genre has been subdivided into multiple sections on StreamHub for Kodi to give a vast amount of media.

You can install Stream Hub addon to watch sports videos, such as football, rugby, MLB replays, NBA, NFL, NHL, etc. It offers several options for streaming live TV channels worldwide to countless Kodi users.

Stream Hub’s categories are Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Kids Corner, Music, Sports, documentaries, Anime, Maintenance, and lots more. In our guide, you can learn more about how to install the StreamHub addon. By the end, you’ll know enough to use the Streamhub Kodi addon and also know why your Kodi Stream hub not working. (Learn How To Install Latino Total On Kodi)

Guide To Install Stream Hub On Kodi

How To Install Stream Hub Kodi Addon?

The Stream Hub Kodi addon is one you can’t download to watch movies from the official Kodi addon repo.

To download the Stream Hub Kodi addon like other addons from third-party sources, you need to change a setting to bypass the security inside Kodi.

  • To enable unknown source feature on Kodi, just run through these steps.
  • Navigate to Settings – System – Addons – Enable Unknown sources – Tap Yes to accept.

Doing this, you can now install the Stream Hub Kodi addon.

Steps to Install StreamHub Repository and Stream Hub Kodi Addon:

  1. Click the Settings icon on your user interface.
  2. Click File Manager.
  3. Double-click Add Source
  4. On the add source page, click “None.”
  5. Enter the source URL exactly:
  6. Click OK
  7. Name your source as “Kodil” and click OK.
  8. Navigate to the home screen.
  9. Click Addons
  10. Click the carton icon on top of the screen.
  11. Click Install from Zip File
  12. Select the Kodil media source you added.
  13. Click the zip file (X.X is the version number).
  14. Wait for the pop-up showing “Kodil Repository (Streamhub repository) Addon Installed” on the top right side of the screen.
  15. Click Install from Repository.
  16. Select the Kodil repo that you installed.
  17. Scroll down and select Video addons.
  18. Scroll and click the Stream Hub Kodi addon.
  19. Click Install to download the Stream Hub Kodi addon.
  20. Click OK to download the additional dependencies of the Stream Hub addon.
  21. Wait until you receive a confirmation box to say the Stream Hub Kodi addon installed successfully.

To use this Kodi addon, click on the Streamhub icon on your Kodi home screen to access your favorite sports.

Alternative Way to Install Stream Hub Kodi Addon

StreamHub is a Movie Kodi addon that allows you to stream Movies, Kids Corner, Anime Movies, Live TV, and more.

Each category has several means to deliver. For example, it has resources to stream television channels that are diverse, as well as an impressive documentary section.

Links for movies and videos work fine. In addition, the transmission speed of the video is also very fast.

It has many streaming links for a single specific movie. So, if the link doesn’t work, you can always choose a different one.

The Stream Hub Kodi addon has earned the trust of many Kodi users to provide reliable and working streaming links. (Learn How To Set Time On Kodi)

to Install Stream Hub Kodi Addon

Method 2# How to Install Stream Hub Kodi Addon

  1. Launch Kodi on your Firestick, PC, or any other Kodi-compatible device.
  2. Select the gear icon in the upper left corner and enter the settings menu on your user interface.
  3. Select “File Manager.”
  4. Select “Add Source” on the left panel.
  5. A pop-up appears on the screen titled “Add File Source.”
  6. Select “None” in the empty box.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Enter a name for the source “Stream Hub.”
  9. Click “OK”
  10. Navigate to the Kodi home menu.
  11. Select “Add-ons” on the Kodi home screen.
  12. Select the “Package Installer” icon in the upper left corner of your screen.
  13. Select “Install from zip file.”
  14. A new window opens. Look for the “Stream Hub Kodi addon listing.”
  15. Select “”
  16. Wait for a pop-up notification saying Stream Hub has been enabled.
  17. Select “Install from repository,” and select “Stream Hub Repository.”
  18. Choose “Video Plugins” and then select “StreamHub.”
  19. Finally, select “Install.”

Now, you have access to the Streamhub Kodi addon once you do this. Installing add-ons on the Kodi app can turn out disastrous if not done right.

Media Hub was the previous name for StreamHub. It allows you access to a movie collection, movies, live sports, and television shows.

You must first enable unknown sources on the Kodi app before proceeding with the installation process. Otherwise, you will be unable to add StreamHub or any other add-on.

Open Kodi and head to Settings > Add-on. You need to toggle Unknown sources on.

Install StreamHub Kodi Add-on On All Versions

This solution works with all versions of Kodi Krypton. The following is a step-by-step instruction for installing the StreamHub add-on on your Kodi app:

  1. Go to Settings – File manager – Add source in Kodi
  2. Click on the text field and type in in the source URL field.
  3. Select OK, and then add the source a unique name. Make sure it’s simple to recall.
  4. Return to Kodi’s home screen and select Add-ons.
  5. To access the package browser screen, tap the open box symbol.
  6. Install from a zip file is an option.
  7. The newly-added StreamHub Kodi addon source is at the top of the screen; click on it and select the file.
  8. Wait for the process to finish or for Kodi to notify you.
  9. Return to the package browser and select Install from repository from the drop-down menu.
  10. Select StreamHub Repository – Video Add-ons from the drop-down menu. You’ll have the option of using StreamHub.
  11. View information by tapping on it.
  12. Select Install once you’ve agreed. You can now access the StreamHub Kodi addon.

Third-party Kodi add-ons are constantly updated. The Stream Hub Kodi addon will always need to be updated to the latest version to function correctly and maintain working streaming links.

If your Stream Hub Kodi addon stops working, consider removing it and the accompanying official repository if one exists.

Install from the repository by going to Settings – Add-ons. Then, as shown above, repeat the installation process. (Learn How To Get Thumbnails on Kodi)

Besides this, some streams could be blocked by your ISP. It is best to use a streaming VPN service to stay safe and invisible when using the Stream Hub Kodi addon or any Kodi addon.

ISPs can see you are using the Stream Hub Kodi addon and may throttle your connections. To avoid this and bypass any blocked streams, picking a VPN is advisable.

How To Install Stream Hub On Kodi