How To Install Latino Total On Kodi

Alfa is a Kodi video add-on primarily aimed at Spanish or Spanish-speaking users. It provides access to an extensive library of Spanish-language video content divided into movies, TV shows, Movies 4K, Horror movies, Kids, TV series episodes, Anime Episodes, Castellan, Latin, Torrent, and Documentaries.

To make your viewing experience more accessible, all sources are hosted on numerous channels, servers, and torrents. The best Alfa addons Latino Kodi are found in the Alfa-Addon Repository.

Coming up, you’ll find how to install the Alfa addon from a legitimate repo. In our guide, you can learn how to install a Latino build. Kodi has its latest stable version, so updating is recommended.

Kodi guide for Installion of Latino Total

You’ll have the best addons to start streaming on your Android boxes by the end of our Kodi guide. You’ll also see why you need VPN protection to avoid government surveillance, and ISP throttling, and prevent any legal trouble. (Learn How To Install Metalkettle On Kodi)

How to Install Alfa Addon Repo From File Source?

Here are the steps to install the Alfa addon on your media center. The steps for Spanish builds for Kodi are very similar, so you do one, you can do the other.

Step 1. Start Kodi app from the power icon
Step 2. Click the gear icon to the top left corner of your home screen main menu.
Step 3. Head to the “File manager” category.
Step 4. Double click “Add source” and click on None.
Step 5. Enter this URL exactly:” on the keyboard. You can also copy and paste the URL into the location box to avoid “Unable to connect” errors because of a typo.
Step 6. Click OK.
Step 7. Now you need to name the source. Type in “Alfa” and hit OK.
Step 8. Navigate to the Settings Kodi screen and select the “System” category.
Step 9. Head to the “Add-ons” tab, and toggle “Unknown sources” to the right. Now, you can install a third-party add-on or repository.
Step 10. Click OK on the pop-up warning message dialog box.
Step 11. Go back to the Settings interface and the “Add-ons” category.
Step 12. Select “Install from zip file” option.
Step 13. Open “Alfa addon” media source and select “” to download and install the repo.
Step 14. Wait until the repo installed successfully notification appears at the top-right corner.
Step 15. Select “Install from repository.” Then, go to “Alfa-Addon Repository” – “Video add-ons”; now, you can download and install the Alfa Kodi add-on.
Step 16. After the installation is finished. Hed to the main menu and select “Add-ons” – “Video add-ons.” Run the Alfa Kodi addon and configure Kodi scrapers for movies and TV series.

Now you can explore and browse the Alfa Kodi addon to try all the features on your streaming devices. (Learn How To Install Kodi On Wii)

How To Install Alfa Addon Repo With Git Browser?

Because the entire Alfa Kodi addon project is hosted on GitHub, installing the Alfa Kodi addon is quite simple if you already have the Git Browser installed on your Kodi.

Because it was installed successfully at the source, you don’t have to worry that the file Alfa addon source/URL will not operate unexpectedly.

  1. Launch Kodi app
  2. From the Kodi home screen, Navigate to “Add-ons” – “Program add-ons” – open Git Browser.
  3. Select “Search by GitHub Username,” or select “Search by GitHub Repository Title, or by ID for Addon on Kodi,” based on your preference.
  4. Start a new search and enter the GitHub username “alfa-addon.”
  5. Click OK.
  6. Here, it lists all the add-ons and repositories associated with the developer. For example, you can install Alfa Addon Repository and the Alfa Kodi addon later.

The Alfa Kodi addon includes several cloud hosting services and channels, giving you a variety of playback options when watching a video.

It features built-in torrent clients, allowing you to download or play magnet links or torrent files.

It is a fantastic addon, yet you need to take precautions when using Kodi add-ons. Video add-ons get lots of attention from copyright trolls and, more importantly, ISPS and governing bodies for anyone downloading or streaming copyrighted content.

It is strongly advised before you install add-ons to access free movies, you use a secure VPN.

Paid VPN services offer a VPN server in many countries, so accessing the best Spanish content with Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV should be simple.

Video add-ons can come from torrent files, or the Kodi addon media source isn’t legitimate. VPNs ensure you can stay safe as you use the best Kodi addons.

Best Latino Addons for Kodi

Besides the above addon, here are some of the best add-on alternatives you can find.

Adryanlist Latino Addons for Kodi

1. Adryanlist Add-on

In Adryanlist, there are hundreds of beloved Spanish live TV channels and Latino live TV channels.

At the moment, Adryanlist is one of the best kodi addons. The Adryanlist kodi addons allow you to watch hundreds of popular Latino TV channels and are constantly updated with new Latin IPTV channels. This addon offers US and UK television channels to enjoy full screen on your Fire TV

Adryanlist add-ons display a list of excellent Latino television channels, such as Series de tv, Espana, México, Latin Television, etc.

Install Adryanlist addons

  1. Click the Systems icon in Kodi, then File Manager.
  2. Select None from the Add Source drop-down menu.
  3. In the address box, type exactly this link: you must go to this page to get the most recent guide on how to install AdryanList addons for Kodi.
  4. As Adryanlist, type a name for the media box and click Ok.
  5. Return to Kodi’s main menu and select Add-ons > select the Box icon
  6. Select Adryanlist and click Install from Zip File.
  7. Wait a few seconds for to be installed in your Kodi.
  8. After that, receive a notification that says Adryanlist add-ons are enabled.

You can access the addon now by going to Add-ons > Video add-ons and clicking the Adryanlist button.

2. K-911 Latino Addon On Kodi

It is possible to watch live TV from Spain and other Latin American countries with K-911 addons. K911 Latino Pr is a popular Latino addon that many kodi users appreciate.

The K911 addon allows you to search and watch hundreds of Latino IPTV channels worldwide. K-911 addons also support US, German, French, and UK TV networks. (Learn How Much Data Does Kodi Use)

Install K-911 Latino Pr Add-on

  1. Enable Unknown Sources from the Home Screen > Add-ons > Settings button.
  2. Add-ons > Settings button > File manager > Add source > Home Screen > Add-ons > Settings button > File manager > Add source
  3. Copy and paste the following address URL into the box: you’ll need to visit this page for an updated guide on installing K-911 addons on Kodi.
  4. In the media location box, type K911latinopr and then click OK.
  5. Return to the Kodi main screen and select Add-ons. Icon of a box
  6. Select K911latinopr and click Install from Zip File.
  7. Wait for to be downloaded and installed.
  8. Click Install from repository > K911 Latino Pr repository from the drop-down menu.
  9. Click Video Add-ons > K-911 > Install from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: We do not encourage the breaking of any copyright laws. However, if you unintentionally start streaming content from an illegitimate source unintentionally, you need to be safe using a streaming VPN.

You can find the best VPN for your needs as the top ones come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you get a full refund.

When you access any addons, be it Alfa addons or addons from another source, it’s difficult to tell a legit and illegal source when you want to watch movies from Kodi addons.

How To Install Latino Total On Kodi