How To Report An Email Scam

Email scammers are in most cases based overseas. However, for them, it doesn’t matter, and once they get your personal information, they can attack quickly and get into an account regardless of where the account holder comes from.

Scams and fraud can come in all forms, and the level of email phishing is on the rise with the skills of the email scammers increasing to get personal information.

It can be harder to detect any suspicious phishing email, but if you think you have one, make sure, and you should report a scam email as soon as possible.

Here, you can see how to report scam emails and how to protect yourself.

Email Scam

How to Report a Scam Email

One of the best ways to report a Scam Email is through the ACCC. Here, they have a detailed form you can fill in. Using this can be ideal for general scams which make contact with you.

The scams they cater to, are Identity theft if anyone if after your social security number.

Phishing scams or remote access scams.

You can find help here:

How to Report Scam Emails from Certain Companies?

Individual institutions will take on-board any fraud and are interested in stamping out phishing email.

For email scams, PayPal is among the frontrunners in this, and if you check their site, you will find this to help.

When you think you have suspicious emails (“phishing”) which wants to get your private, and sensitive data, you can report fraud on PayPal by doing this:

  1. Forward the entire email to
  2. Do not alter the subject line or forward the message as an attachment
  3. Delete the suspicious email from your inbox

PayPal also advises you to contact any credit card company or your bank account that may be linked to your PayPal account and stop these to prevent charges.

How to Report a Scam Website

You have a couple of options on how to report a fraud website depending on where you reside. However, there are some great resources you can search to help protect internet users against these scams.

In NSW, you can head directly to, which has several links that may help.

A site that goes into more detail is the WA ScamNet site here:

This covers much more than merely reporting a scam website and how to report a scammer.

How Do I Report a Suspicious Email

All the above are great ways to report scams and illegal activities… However, you do need to protect yourself, and even social media can leave you open to such scams.

As you learn how to report email scams, you ought to search and check VPN reviews to find the best VPN provider, which can help stamp out these scam emails from reaching your device.

These VPN providers can secure your connection so that you can access your bank accounts and any other sensitive services with no worry your persona; information will leak onto the internet.

How To Report An Email Scam