How Watch Video Mediaset Premium from Australia

Mediaset Italia is one of the most notable names in Italian digital terrestrial broadcasting. With the introduction of their free-to-view streaming platform, Mediaset Play, they are a major streaming platform in Europe.

The service is packed full of content, from great TV shows to the latest movies, especially football fans. With top channels comprising Iris and TGCom24 news, viewers have around the clock TV right at their fingertips.

The problem for viewers outside Italy is, the service offered by commercial broadcaster Mediaset faces geo-restrictions.

Mediaset live streaming

This means any access to Mediaset extra is restricted. However, using a VPN, it is easy to bypass these restrictions for this streaming service, and you can access Canali Mediaset from anywhere.

After a look at what’s on offer, we will see which are the best VPN’s to access Mediaset diretta (Mediaset live to stream).

What is On Mediaset Premium?

In the beginning, it was a tough time between Mediaset commercial broadcaster and Sky Italia, who were having an intense debate about how to bring their white papers to fruition.

However, after this was resolved, the joint venture had a green light, and Mediaset Premium, which is now the Play streaming app, is making waves in Europe.

Some of the popular channels in Italy are Top Crime, Iris and TGCom24. Here is a quick rundown of the ‘Gli Altri canale’ you can find on the platform.

  • Iris: Focuses on top-quality films
  • Extra: Delivers a selection of the best video Mediaset from the previous day at different times.
  • Italia Mediaset: The main group of viewers is younger males. Cartoons, sitcoms, music, soccer, including Champions League and much more.
  • TGCOM24: All news 24 hours per day.
  • Top Crime: Network that is dedicated to police drama and investigation.

Altri Canali (other channels) include Canale 5 Italia, Canale 20 live soccer, Boing, LA 5, and many other channels Canale 5 Italia that (canale che) is suitable for live streaming or on-demand.

Devices to Watch Mediaset

Broadcaster Mediaset has delivered a great platform, and it is easy to watch on various devices. You can install the mobile apps on iOS and Android, Smart TV and PC’s.

You can stream live for Focus, Top Crime, Iris, or restart the already in progress programs. Most of the channels (del canale) are standard, although the quality is still impressive.

You may face some ads, but these are minimal prices to pay for free TV Italiano che.

Watching Mediaset Play

To watch Mediaset is simple once you have your VPN in place. Because you don’t need registration, you can take advantage of all the premium content that is free to watch.

To get the show on the road, open your VPN client and change the server to Italy. From here, head to the website. (Read HBO Streaming Australia)

Find the show or content you wish to watch, and all you need to do is cliccare sul (click on) the play button. Videos take a second or two to start, but then you can watch high-quality content.

Best VPN to watch Mediaset Play

Best VPNs for Mediaset IT?

If you live around Europe, then the choice of VPN may not be as crucial as living further away in a remote region. But, because most of the VPN services around lack support outside of these built-up areas, the choice of VPN will matter.

You do need a VPN because the platform checks your IP address, and if this isn’t an Italian one, you do face a block on accessing any of the channels like Extra, Focus Top Crime.

Here are three offerings that are ideal for accessing Mediaset IT and delivering a great experience.

1. ExpressVPN

It isn’t based around Europe, and it isn’t found in any governing jurisdiction. The number one streaming VPN makes sure all users are given the best security and privacy. With over 3,000 servers covering 94 countries, it means you have the best download speeds possible.

Using this VPN in Australia makes it possible for live streaming without any buffering or hiccups.

Get ExpressVPN and SAVE 49%

It is easy to sign up for, and users can check all the features and performance using the 30-day money-back guarantee. It runs on most devices, and you can have five simultaneous connections.

2. Surfshark

A newcomer to the world of VPN’s and the small network they offer shows this. With just over 1,000 servers in 61 countries, it may be small, but it still manages to deliver decent speeds for Mediaset streaming.

It offers the same security protocols as the number one and comes with an ad-blocker and other features.

Get Surfshark and SAVE 83%

Users can have unlimited connections for one account, and Surfshark also comes with a one-month refund window.

3. Avast Secureline VPN

Avast is a significant player in Antivirus and now have a VPN. With one of the smallest networks, comprising 55 servers in 34 countries, they do well to offer suitable streaming speeds.

With one server in Italy and only one in Australia, the link is as direct as you can get, although they manage to deliver.

It does a decent job of bypassing censorship and geo-restrictions, and Mediaset streaming is more than suitable for viewing.

Get ExpressVPN and SAVE 46%

Users who wish to test can use the 7-day free trial, although signing up does have limitations for the one-month money-back offering.


Play by Mediaset is another great platform to find unique content not available anywhere else. With loads of free content, it is worthy of use in the same way as you can access the iPlayer from the UK.

VPN choice does differ because although the above three VPN’s do support Australia, two of them have issues with various other streaming platforms.

It is easy to see why the list runs in order of preference and why the number one in the list continually ranks as the best performing streaming VPN for access and speed.

How Watch Video Mediaset Premium from Australia


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