7 Best NYAA Alternatives

One of the best torrent hubs ever for delivering mainstream anime NYAA.se was shut down due to copyright infringement issues.

This befalls many great sites that deliver torrents of all kinds to the masses.

Ever since this sad day, anime lovers have been searching for a good alternative that can serve the best anime shows and where they can watch anime online.

After all this time, users are still searching for their beloved site, and even the sub-domains have gone. Both NYAA.eu and NYAA.org are blocked.

Here, we will take a quick look at what NYAA torrents was, what it offered, and then we will look at the seven best anime websites you can use to fill the void.

Because of all the copyright trolls that scour the internet, we will show you how to keep your identity private using a VPN.

What is NYAA?

For fans of anime who like to download anime episodes and shows, then you probably heard of NYAA. NYAA was the most famous anime torrent site.

Millions of users download popular anime shows such as Dragon Ball, Death Note and many more used it daily.

NYAA was a public torrent tracker that offered viewers TV shows from Japan, Korean dramas, and vast amounts of animated content.

Because there was so much East-Asian content, it made it easy to download anime content, no matter where lovers of the genre were from.

They took the incredible torrent site down to the shock of anime lovers in 2017 because of copyright infringement. It fought a good fight for 7-years with Japanese copyright holders, but it failed to come out on top.

No other site can be an NYAA replacement because of what it offered. However, these alternatives do a good job.

It should be noted that these sites also deliver copyright-protected content. Again, we will advise the use of a good VPN before considering using any of these sites to get your anime torrent fix

7 Anime Torrent Sites (NYAA Alternatives)

Shana Project – Great Anime Torrent Site

This new torrent site offers users an experience similar to that of NYAA.

The Shana Project has a wide variety of popular anime available in several languages. This means there is plenty of English dub anime’s, along with subtitles.

The search function is both practical and comes in handy to locate your show with little effort.

This site has a unique feature where you can automate your anime downloads. This means if you are watching the latest anime shows, you can set it and forget it.

With the help of an RSS feed, you can set your torrent client to download the latest episode automatically.

The site can be found with this link: https://www.shanaproject.com

Anime Sharing – Quality Anime Torrent Site

Anime Sharing is a media sharing that ranks pretty close to NYAA.se. With an easy navigate the informative homepage and an elegant interface. Anime Sharing, in a way, looks like The Pirate Bay.

The search engine allows users to explore and find anime torrents instantly. It attracts millions of users each day and comes with many other features.

There is a FAQ page, a calendar, quick links, and a vibrant anime-loving community that backs all this up.

While Anime-Sharing isn’t a direct substitute for NYAA, it offers excellent alternatives for finding anime sources.

The moderators upload new episodes in a single thread; this allows followers to glance and see which popular anime shows are trending.

Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan is a minimalist-looking torrent site. They pack it full of classic anime videos, the latest releases, games, manga and more.

However, the website is incomplete, and only downloads torrent hash files or links to other sites.

The appearance of the webpage is cluttered and messy, and a lot of the text isn’t in English. Navigation can be difficult, and it may put some users off.

This should not detract from the masses of content it accesses. There is a search function, so finding your shows can be easier.

There is also a list of trending anime shows, and each of the torrent links has relevant stats at the side.

Although it takes some getting used to, it has most of the content found on NYAA and is, in fact, one of the more powerful free anime sites.

It also has user forums and a large community. You will need to follow this link to the site https://www.tokyotosho.info.

Crunchyroll – The Best for HD Anime Torrent

This is a little different from all the other NYAA alternatives on the list because it is legitimate. It is actually the top of the anime streaming sites in the USA that requires a subscription.

It has in its library over 900 anime shows, 200 Asian dramas and over 50 manga titles.

There are titles such as Attack on Titan, Naruto Next Generations, Amazing Stranger and Monster Strike, among many others.

While you have to subscribe, users can find a Crunchyroll guest pass to use, but you need to find where they are available.

Cost-wise, it is $7.99 per month with taxes, and you can cancel at any time. For new subscribers, there is a 14-day free trial.

The great thing with this is that everything is ad-free, content is in HD, and simulcasts are in as quick as 1-hour after they air in Japan.

It is very different from NYAA, but; it is a great alternative if you wish to go the legitimate route.

One thing to note is this still requires a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions that are in place.


Masterani is the first site to watch anime without having to download anything via torrents. You can head straight to the website, find your favourite anime episode, and click to play.

The interface is much like many other streaming sites, and it is all clearly laid out.

There are four subcategories such as popular, top view today, top view weekly and top rating. It also offers a large range of genres for anime content.

This ranges from adventure all the way to sci-fi and fantasy.

Subtitles are included with each show, and you have a choice of 480, 720p and 1080p.

One other cool feature that makes it different from the others on the list so far is one of the top Kodi anime add-ons, so there is no need to watch it through your browser.


This is another site that you can install on Kodi as an add-on. It is hugely popular and delivers a vast wealth of content.

When you first access the site, it looks unlike any other because it is black and white, and the only time you see colour is when you select one of the titles to watch.

9anime has been around for a few years and has proven itself as an alternative to NYAA. The anime streaming website has both subbed and dubbed for each title you choose.

Users who visit the site and click their selection have mirrors to choose from if one stream doesn’t work, and a lot of the content is provided by movies123. One other thing when you go to stream anime is the link is dead.

It may appear to be a better choice to use with Kodi than using the site.

Pantsu NYAA

NYAA has gone, but it has never been forgotten. Pantsu NYAA may be the best alternative, and as a testament to this, it keeps the name.

Not only that but Pantsu was set up by the admin and users of the original NYAA site.

Unlike many other torrent sites where you have your torrent file or your magnet link, Pantsu offers a third option.

This option may make it the best site to watch anime on the list. You have the option for direct streaming.

Though this doesn’t work for every option, it delivers playback almost instantly when it does.

The interface is well laid out, and all torrent information is right there, as you would expect from one of the top-rated torrent sites. Some torrent links are dead, but the majority of the magnet links work just fine.

NYAA Alternatives with a VPN

All the above need a VPN. You can risk it and download torrents with your IP address visible to everyone, or you can make full use of the best VPN for anime torrenting and streaming.

You can do this anonymously, and no one will be knocking at your door with a copyright infringement notice.

Not only that, but your ISP won’t slow down your connection, but the best of all is they won’t see what any of your online activity entails.

With the best encryption, a VPN will keep all your connections private and out of sight.

Because of this, there is only one recommendation of VPN, which delivers in every area. You can bypass geo-restrictions, you can download torrents, or you can stream to your heart’s content.

ExpressVPN delivers in all areas, and you can test out the service free for one month using their 30-day no argument money-back guarantee.

However, once you use the best VPN, Australia-based anime lovers will not want to give it up and settle for anything else.

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