How to Watch Red Dwarf Streaming Anytime

Red Dwarf was a classic space comedy series from the BBC. It set trends and has had fans in stitches since its first airing in 1988.

With a cast containing Lister, a hologram called Rimmer, Kryten, the ever-serving android, and a humanoid cat that results from three million years of evolution.

Add in the hysterical computers Holly and Hilly, and you can see why fans are keen to go back over the 74 episodes that ended with the 2020 release of the movie of Red Dwarf, Red Dwarf: The Promised Land.

In our quick guide, you can learn where to catch the best information on how to stream Red Dwarf. (Learn How to Watch BBC iPlayer Australia)

Watch Red Dwarf Streaming

What streaming service has Red Dwarf?

Stan has every episode from all series of Red Dwarf besides the Red Dwarf Movie The Promised Land.

If you sign up for Stan, you get a 30-day free trial. There is no lock-in period, and the streaming service starts at $10 per month. You can stream in HD and 4K or watch offline with no ads. It is also possible to get available shows on 4 screens.

Is Red Dwarf on Amazon Prime?

The Red Dwarf comedy series isn’t available directly from Amazon Prime. You need to use one of the channel add-ons to watch Red Dwarf. If you add BritBox, you can’t use the BritBox app, and you have to watch through the Amazon app. (Learn How To Watch Rai TV Online From Australia)

Is Red Dwarf on Netflix UK?

Seasons 1 to 8 of the smash hit space comedy series about a huge red mining ship are on UK Netflix.

Streaming Red Dwarf Movie The Promised Land

Is Red Dwarf on BritBox?

BritBox is a joint project between ITV and the BBC. It is available in select countries now. It started first for the USA, yet you can now access the service in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and later this year, it will be available in South Africa. (Learn How to Watch ITV Live Stream)

BritBox offers the best of these two channels, and there are TV shows here, that is not available anywhere else. The service’s cost is $6.99 per month, or you can save a little by an annual subscription.

The service is ad-free, and you get a 7-day free trial to see if you like the service before you carry on with your subscription.

The BritBox app is available in the US & Canada for most FireTV devices, including the FireTV Stick, the FireTV Cube, and Fire TVs. You can use browsers and many other mobile devices. The best thing about BritBox is it brings all the best classic British TV under one roof. (Read Watching 4od Catch Up)

Shows come and go, and you can see this with the ‘Last Chance’ tag on the screen.

If you happen to be outside of the country, it is available; you can quickly sign up for a VPN and also take advantage of the BritBox free trial. Change the VPN server to Australia, UK or Canada, and the USA, and you can watch Red Dwarf online free. (Find the Best VPN for Australia)

How to Watch Red Dwarf Streaming Anytime