The Top 10 VPN Services for Australians in 2017

Before we discuss the services which contend for the best VPN for Australia, let’s gain a little insight into what a VPN actually does. This will provide context as to why you need to find the best

A VPN Service for any device.

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks, are network connections which let you make a secured connection over public internet to private networks at a far-off place. Using a VPN, all of your network traffic (video, voice and data) travels through a secure virtual tunnel, encrypted, between you (the host or client) and the servers of the VPN provider.



express-vpn-logo5 Star Rating$8.32 / monthgreen-button


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They use a mixture of features like tunneling protocols, certified connections, data encapsulation and encryption to give you a safe connection to personal networks and to mask your identity from prying eyes.

VPNs have transformed to provide identical level of secure communication between all internet enabled devices. VPN usage is becoming increasingly popular as consumers look for ways to protect their online identity, secure their browsing, and gain unfiltered and unrestricted access to censored / geo-locked content.

These days, you’ll find many marketing terms used by paid VPN services such as ‘cheap VPN’ and ‘best VPN for torrenting’, but it is crucial that you do your own research into VPNs instead of falling for typical marketing jargon. There are plenty of VPN reviews by quality websites, as well as by existing users that paint a much better picture of what a VPN service has to offer.

This article will provide a VPN review for some of the most prominent services in Australia:

ExpressVPN is the best VPN in Australia

Express VPN is well-known for its security and simplicity. With an abundance of servers, remarkable speeds and clean interfaces across the board, it is, without a doubt, the top VPN service provider for Australia.
express vpn for hulu

Likable features include the ease of setting up and flawless operation of its VPN clients, its dedicated iOS and Android apps, lucid instructions for configuring on other devices, the simple process of registration and the thirty day money back guarantee, as well as the OpenVPN standard.

The pricing, though, isn’t the cheapest in the market, and you’ve to use separate codes for logging in through each device. There isn’t anything particularly dislikable about this VPN service.

It isn’t hard to get why ExpressVPN is renowned as one of the most reliable VPN providers in the world. Though it is costlier than some of the other solutions out there, it has excellent service, with a comprehensive app suite and amazing speeds especially if you want to access American Netflix in Australia.

Combine it with the month long money back guarantee, and it is hard to find a better all-round solution for protecting your online activity. 

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a private service which is simple to use, conceals your online habits from anyone snooping around and lets you fake your IP address so you’re able to view content which restricted to a particular country / part of the world.
CyberGhost VPN Review

Even though there are many other VPN providers in the market which have both free and paid versions of their software e.g. Hotspot Shield and VPN Direct, this VPN provider is the only one I’ve found with a free versions that perfectly fits the bill – you don’t even have to buy the paid version. This alone is enough to make it a strong contender for the best free VPN service out there!

Its performance is reliable, its interface easy to use, its account security strong and the list of servers in Europe is extensive. It is also free.

On the downside, it is restricted to 3 hours for each session and doesn’t have servers in Latin America and Asia. In order to get mobile, multi-device or Mac support, you’ll need to buy the paid version. The help page won’t always open and it might behave erratically when you try to connect to it automatically.

This VPN is centered in Europe, with only a few US servers, but it works effectively with minimal ads, and doesn’t have a strong impact on performance. The interface is slick and professional, and the server selection is pretty decent, making it one of the best Australian vpns which are free.


unblockus vpnUnblock-Us is a well-known VPN provider which lets you browse the ‘net with anonymity. They’ve got an 81% satisfaction rating from their customers and share customer ratings and reviews constantly, so you’ve got an idea of exactly what their customers think about them.

This is a VPN provider which provides its services not just for computers, but also for TVs and streaming boxes. A very small part of your traffic is captured by their servers and none of it is logged / analyzed.

Besides the usual private internet access VPN features such as the ability to access geo-restricted sites and content and hiding your IP to prevent tracking, Unblock-Us uses fast servers to provide you with optimum connection speed.

These servers are reliable and let you stream media, perform internet searches, as well as other tasks without a hitch.

Unblock-Us works with Mac / Windows computers as well as iOS, Android, Apple TV, Boxee, Roku and other streaming devices / televisions.


strong vpnStrong VPN is another top-notch VPN service provider.

Established in 1994, it has expanded into an international company with users around the world. It supports OpenVPN SSL, SSTP, PPTP and L2TP, so it is compatible with many platforms and devices. It runs on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

With 300 servers in more than 19 countries, it lets you have a fixed IP address, something that most others don’t provide. The flexible packages and pricing start at $7 a month, and there are six others you can choose from. They don’t retain your internet activity permanently, keeping only temporary records which can’t be used against you.
The customer support is great, with help offered through email, Skype, 24/7 live chat and even Teamviewer.

Some users have had problems with reduced internet speed while using Strong VPN, but this isn’t a common issue since the provider doesn’t restrict its servers. They have several suggestions for you to follow if you come across such an issue, and, of course, they’re amazing support.


hidemyass vpnHide My Ass is, without a doubt, the biggest VPN service provider in the world. With more than 770 servers in 151 countries worldwide, there isn’t any other service which can beat them in the numbers game. They’ve got their headquarters in the United Kingdom, and have expanded more than any other British export, with the exception of football!

Users report positive experience with this VPN client, with their vast network ensuring that users are able to connect to almost any country they want. It is both easy to use, and advanced enough to attract seasoned VPN users.

Talking in terms of just size, HMA pro VPN is a major force in the VPN industry. The scope of their network, when combined with their advanced features and competitive pricing, it is difficult to beat HMA VPN.

The slower support may be slow for some people, but the reliability of their service when combined with their FAQ resources, mean that you won’t have to call support all that frequently.


purevpn reviewAs a private VPN service, Pure VPN secures your online activity so you’re safe from prying eyes. It is simple to use, hides your internet presence from eavesdroppers and lets you spoof your IP address to gain access to geo-locked content. It has some unique features which make its stand out from the rest.

It has a tool to select the optimum server based on a number of factors. The split tunneling feature is also unique. Pure VPN android has an impressive server selection.

However, it has a longer installation time, with more steps than the competition. There isn’t any OpenVPN support, in spite of the protocol having become a standard.

The encryption configuration can be a bit confusing. It is restricted to just two logins per each account.

This PureVPN review concludes that it is a solid performer with a combination of new-friendly and advanced features. It may not have all the features of advanced VPNs, but its uniqueness is sufficient to make it stand out. This provide can also be great if you are interested in getting American Netflix in Australia or even watching HBO online.


Astrill VPNAstrill VPN utilises latest military-grade encryption technology to secure all data requests which makes it very hard for hackers to eavesdrop on your activities and learn your details.
Astrill VPN, besides offering the standard VPN features, has a number of add-ons such as WebCache, IP filtering, video accelerator, among others. With servers in 49 countries, it is definitely a great deal.

It also has the ability to access P2P and VOIP applications like Skype without any restrictions. Many VPNs won’t allow torrent downloading due to legal issues.

However, the service lags behind in reliability to some of the other VPN services, such as Hide My Ass, which offer better reliability at comparable prices.
All in all, if you’re looking for a service to protect you against cyber fraud, or to secure your online activities / transactions, this service is worth of your consideration.


switch vpnSwitchVPN is a popular VPN service provider which is another strong contender for best VPN service Australia. It has servers in 22 countries that include the UK, USA and Canada, and so on. Based out of Mumbai, India, their website was launched in 2010 originally, and has now expanded to several servers around the globe.

They’ve got a commendable encryption level, as well as prompt and friendly customer support. There are some downsides e.g. you’re limited to just one server when sharing files via P2P.

The encryption is exceptionally strong, using 1024-2048 bit, instead of the standard 256-bit strength. The platform compatibility is great, with Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux supported. The software can also run on DD-WRT as well as Tomato Routers, and works with most mobile devices.

Supported protocols include L2TP, PPTP, SSTP and OpenVPN. They don’t log any traffic, only the standard username, the VPN server you’ve logged into, your IP address for the session and the amount of bandwidth you used during the session – all this is spelt out in their privacy policy, but you’ll need to provide a lot of information while signing up. P2P is restricted to Netherlands servers only.

Hotspot Shield

hotspot shield VPNHotspot Shield is a simple to use VPN which is particularly appealing to casual users, thanks to its lightweight clients which focus on always-on protection for geo-unblocking and open networks.

On the downside, the simplicity comes at the price of hiding possibly important technical information from the user. There is a free version of the VPN unlimited by time, which is a welcome feature, but other restrictions limit its usefulness.

Its likable features include its clean and simple interface, ease of use, reliable connections and mostly good speeds, focus on always enabled protection, a decent selection of countries to pick from, and its low price.

The lack of technical information and live support, some hiccups with the servers, lack of secure payment and absence of P2P protection are all questionable though. The lack of proper information about the encryption and protocols, as well as the sluggish support response, in particular, are two nagging drawbacks.

All in all, Hotspot Shield VPN fits a specific niche nicely. Those who want a fast, inexpensive means of accessing their favorite streaming service or want to free of security concerns while surfing from public WiFi hotspots, will appreciate this VPN – it connects swiftly, the interface is simple and the service reliable. The lack of technical information and poor customer support means that those users who are more concerned about their security will stay clear of it.


Now called Comodo Unite (free), the Easy VPN service lets you effortlessly create a VPN for multiple computers to share applications and files over an encrypted link. The user can make private, secured networks with their family, friends and colleagues, and share their desktops, apps and files.They can also chat and collaborate over secure instant messaging sessions.

The pros of this service are its easy setup and management features. On the downside, it isn’t clear when your connection isn’t P2P and some of the settings are hard to find.
Comodo Unite can be thought of as the Swiss Army knife of networking software – it lets you create secured VPNs, do desktop sharing, remote working, secure chat, and app and file sharing. This particular set can be great for Hulu Plus Australia as it makes it easy to unblock the American entertainment giant.


Having gone through this summation of top-notch VPN services for Australia, you will definitely be all the wiser about picking out a service which suits you best. There were others which couldn’t make it to the list of ten best VPNs – these include Nord VPN, Air VPN, IPVanish VPN, Viscosity VPN and hide me VPN reviews.

And if you are looking for a Smart DNS provider you cannot go past Unlocator.