How to Watch Formula 1 Online in Australia

With the new Formula 1 season already on air, you must be wondering, “Where can I watch Formula 1 on TV?” Well, the coverage is available on Sky Sports and Channel 4 in the UK.

Although Channel 4 has the right to broadcast only some of the races, it would show the highlights of important ones. So you can stream those selected races and watch F1 free on iPad or your mobile.

But if you would like to stream all races live, you need a Sky Go account. Those with a subscription to Sky TV can access Go for free. But the rest of the users need to buy monthly packages to use their service and watch F1 live on mobile or any other device.

Watch Formula 1 Online in Australia

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Watch F1 in Australia

The F1 fans here in Australia need to head over to a VPN service and watch Formula 1 live stream online. You can either choose the premium service from Sky or pay to use beIN Sports. BeIN CONNECT is the internet streaming service of beIN Sports, and the service is available once you log in and buy a subscription.

CONNECT is available in France, Spain, United States, Canada, and the MENA region. BeIN Sports also has exclusive broadcasting rights to many other sports events worldwide, allowing you to access streaming online free.

If you plan to watch Formula 1 live free online, you can go to Channel 4’s selected streaming or watch them all on ORF, the national broadcaster of Austria. ORF would be live streaming all the races, including the Grand Prix.

Although free, ORF live streams many popular Hollywood movies and also some TV series. It also has rights for Champions League matches and highlights, along with many other tournaments.

Selecting the right VPN

So you have got choices. Instead of choosing different VPN service providers for each location, choose one with a server in the UK, Austria, and in one of the locations supported by beIN CONNECT. (Read Live TV Racing)

This way, if one of the streams fails, you can switch to another by connecting to a different server without logging out from the VPN client. The VPN provider would successfully mask your Australian IP address with an address of the country you choose.

watch Formula 1 live stream online

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ExpressVPN is one of the best service providers to choose from. Although the price is high for budget users, they give faster speeds and high quality of service. There are free providers, too, by the way. But you can’t be sure of their quality and service. (Read Sky Sports Cricket Live Streaming)

When you want to see some live streaming, it’s better to consider the paid services. They would be safer and more reliable.

The advantage of using a good VPN is that if you feel the need to unblock content from other countries, you can do it by switching to a server there, and nothing else needs to be done.

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