How To Change Spotify Country

Spotify is the biggest name in music and for podcasts. Many users find that some of the music they want is not available, or they wish to change Spotify countries because of relocation or travel.

While there are two versions of Spotify, the free one and the Premium, they offer much the same to a certain point, and then there is a difference to how you can use them when you change your country.

If you want to learn how to use Spotify, change country, then here, you can see the easiest ways to accomplish this. In addition, you will not have the same restrictions usually associated with doing so.

If you have a Spotify free account, then you have 14 days to sort out your country settings or the rights reserved kick in, and you cannot do anything else.


Spotify Basics

Spotify is available in a large number of countries. Therefore, no matter what device you have with you, be it Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, you stand a good chance of accessing the digital music service unless there are rights reserved, and some music is restricted.

You can also find if you are new to Spotify and about to sign up; you can get one month free with a Premium subscription. Advantages of Premium of the Free Spotify are downloading your music, no interruptions from ads, and you have unlimited numbers of skips as you play any song. You can also do this from any country on Spotify.

Besides this, you can have multiple family members who can use Spotify at the same time from one account.

Can I use my Spotify Account in Another Country?

Here are the steps to change your Spotify account to that of another country.

  1. Head to and open the Spotify website in your browser. (You can use either desktop or mobile browsers for this operation.
  2. Log in with your username and password or your Facebook details
  3. After logging in, select, or tap on your profile picture. You find this in the upper-right corner of the screen
  4. Select “Account” from the dropdown menu
  5. Once in the account overview, you will see your username, email, date of birth, and the current country (country you are in).
  6. Select “Edit profile” to make any changes.
  7. Scroll down, and you will come to the country section. (If you are in another country, you can open a dropdown menu by selecting or tapping on tapping it)

One thing to note is that as you make this change, your new country only shows when you are there. It isn’t possible by the conventional means of changing to one country from another.

How Do I Change the look of Spotify?

If you fancy jazzing up your Spotify app, you can do this and make it feel more personal. It is possible to alter your profile, the colour, and make a page that is unique to you.

On Android and iOS devices:

  1. Open the Spotify app
  2. Tap “Home” then “Settings” (small gear icon)
  3. Tap on “View Profile”
  4. Tap on “Edit Profile”
  5. Select “Change Photo”
  6. Choose any picture you like that is a JPEG or PNG. (iOS users have a file size limit of 10 MB)

On desktop computers:

  1. Click your Spotify username in the top right-hand corner of the desktop Spotify app
  2. Hover your cursor above your profile picture and click on “Change.”
  3. Select any picture you wish to use. Images must be JPEG or PNG and have a max file size of 4 MB.
  4. If you wish to delete your profile picture, you can complete the steps above, yet rather than replace the picture tap on “Remove Current Photo.”
  5. On desktops, after you click “Change,” you can remove the picture.

If there are no options to remove the picture, then you may have linked the Spotify account to Facebook. Doing this will make your Facebook profile the default Spotify icon.

To separate these two, you have to use the desktop app and then carry out these steps.

  1. In the top right-hand corner, click on the down arrow for the menu and click on “Settings.”
  2. Scroll until you come to “Social” (You can find “Disconnect from Facebook”)
  3. Click that option, and the two accounts are broken apart. (Learn how to delete your Facebook account)

Change Spotify Country using VPN

How Do I Log into Spotify from a Different Country

Here, you can see how the two types of Spotify work when related to different countries, and after that, you can see the best way to change countries without you needing to travel.

Spotify Premium

It is possible to travel anywhere when you have a Premium Spotify account. However, if you are moving to another country, then you will need to update your payment method for the new country you are in.

Here are the instructions on how you accomplish this task.

  1. Open Spotify in a browser and log in to your account
  2. In your profile, head to “Your Plan” and select ‘Update’ (you will find this next to your payment method)
  3. Change the payment details to one from your new country, such as a new card or bank account
  4. Once you reach the next date of billing, then your payment details and method will change.

Spotify Free

We have already seen this, and you have 14 days where you can use Spotify free. However, if you wish to continue listening after these 14 days, you will need to change your country settings, as we have seen.

However, many individuals may wish to change countries for other reasons as we first saw. You can do this without travelling, changing country settings by using a VPN service.

A VPN will mask your connection and make you appear to be inside a new country. By doing this, you can easily pick different countries where you find the music you wish to listen to without restrictions.

The good thing using a VPN is, you will not have to change your payment method as you can keep your original country as the one where you pay.

Most of the Premium streaming VPN’s allow multiple users (around five simultaneous connections per account). Using Spotify for various family members can take place, and it’s possible to change your country for each while all being in the same place.

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How To Change Spotify Country